NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu

NCERT Class 2 Urdu Book 

According to the NEP’s three-language policy, all NCERT books are available in three primary languages – Hindi, English and Urdu. Urdu is an interesting subject which also has historical significance. Many ancient literary works of the Indian subcontinent were written in Urdu. Learning this language can enhance students’ communicative skills and help them to understand the concepts well and even boost their scores considerably especially if it happens to be their first language. It not only enhances their knowledge base and also prepares them for better job prospects in foreign countries later.  While the majority of the schools subscribe to NCERT Books for all classes, students have NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu in their syllabus. This book has been drafted keeping the students’ age and grasping abilities in mind. Also, it helps students form their logic and understanding of each concept in the chapter and helps them score high grades in the examination; NCERT updates all their books as per the latest CBSE Syllabus.

However, if you cannot get hold of a hard copy of the book, do not worry, as the PDF of the book is readily available. PDFs help students save money and also make learning more accessible. Students do not have to wait for their schools to start the academic session; they can now read the chapters themselves. As the subject experts have used easily understandable language and explained the chapters in detail, students find it easy to learn the new ideas and the main concepts raised by the chapter. However, if required, they can take help from the NCERT solutions and even the teachers are there to guide them.

CBSE Class 2 NCERT Urdu Books

Students of Class 2 have an open mind and are always curious to know new things. By now, they are accustomed to schooling and classes and can differentiate between languages and subjects. They are beginning to acquire a basic understanding of the various subjects in the previous classes and will continue further in the current academic year. This is the perfect time to inspire them to enhance their knowledge and grasp new concepts. By this time, they are also introduced to critical and practical thinking.

This makes it necessary to expose students to  Urdu books that are error-free so that they enhance their reading skills and the new vocabulary provided in the textbook. In class 2, the students have to read 20 chapters in their Urdu book. Each chapter is short and simple and aimed at helping students learn the rudimentary knowledge of the subject and take it to the next level in subsequent classes.

NCERT publishes its Urdu books after thorough research and proofreading. The NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu PDF can help students access their Urdu chapters anytime at any place not only to encourage them but to provide access to all the students irrespective of their economic background. They can download individual chapters. Extramarks offers links to the 20 chapters of the Urdu book – Ibtedai Urdu-II – for free and start learning without any further delay they need to go through the hassle of purchasing books from the store.

NCERT Books for Class 2 

Besides NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu, there are other  NCERT books in Class 2 – Mathematics, Hindi, and English.

In Mathematics, there are 15 chapters, introducing the children to various concepts like counting, patterns, lines, shapes, addition, etc., with the help of eye-catching illustrations. For example, they are taught addition by introducing them to a group of birds, which keeps on accepting new members. Students also find out that the weight of objects varies; while some are easy to carry, a few others are impossible. Each exercise has vivid, colourful illustrations, fun and engaging activities to help them grasp the concepts and remain curious to learn more.

In Hindi, 15 exciting chapters help students know their surroundings and learn new things through fables, stories, and poems. This book relies heavily on excellent illustrations to help students imagine, relate and engage themselves better to learn joyfully. Solving the exercises becomes fun, thanks to how the chapters are explained and how students learn to frame answers in their own words.

English has two books  – Marigold comprises ten chapters, whereas  Raindrops has 15 chapters. Each chapter offers students new information and introduces them to new words, animals, things, places, events, etc., with the help of poems and stories. The books are perfect for helping students form a strong foundational base to help students express themselves freely, explain concepts in their own words and improvise their language gradually.

The Class 2 NCERT Books have been designed with the sole purpose of engaging the students and helping them learn new things through exciting activities, stories, pictures, illustrations, etc.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 

Students can access the NCERT solutions for all subjects to better prepare for the examinations and clear their doubts. Subject experts have prepared the solutions with lucid explanations to help them brush up on their concepts and realise how they must write answers during the examinations.

The best part is students can now have chapter-wise solutions in Mathematics, Hindi, English and Urdu. They need to register and enter the correct information, like the class, subject, and book title, to land on the page containing the links. Once there, they can download the NCERT solutions in PDF format for free. Extramarks provides solutions free of cost so that students can learn from home at their own convenience.

Students should develop the habit of self-study at an early age. They may refer to these solutions to prepare themselves better for the examinations; if you are confident in solving the questions yourself, you can refer to the solutions to verify and even improvise your answers. This way, you can learn to study independently without any further help.

NCERT Books for Class 2 Urdu PDF

The internet has made life relatively easy and comfortable. . Not only does it entertain people, but it also helps them to develop general awareness and knowledge within the comforts of their home. Students can take online classes and access their books online. Those studying in CBSE schools can now download PDFs of their textbooks, including NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu PDF, for free. Being one of the leading e-Education platforms, Extramarks believes in the equal right to education and offers all the NCERT Books for free. Students also have the option to download the chapters one by one as per their requirement or the entire book, the choice is entirely theirs. . They need not scroll down the book to reach the 12th or 18th chapter. The chapters are just a click away, it’s pretty quick and easy.

Students just need to log in to the Extramarks website or mobile application, they have to search for CBSE. Next, they have to select their class, subject, and book title, and they get directed to a page containing the chapter-wise links to  Urdu books. Extramarks ensure study materials are authentic, and up to date and provide accurate information to its students. It has all the study materials for students to learn and get excellent scores in the examination.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can students of Class 2 study the Urdu language?

While the books are there to help them develop an understanding of the language, the best way is to make them fall in love with it.  Make the classes or interactions in Urdu fun so that students look forward to such sessions. They would love to read and learn on their own. Also, use the Urdu songs to help them expand their knowledge of Urdu vocabulary and comprehension.  This will definitely yield better results than forcing them to do worksheets and burdening them with high expectations.

2. How can NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu help students improve their reading habits?

The NCERT Books Class 2 Urdu has a total of 20 chapters. If the students read each chapter and answer end-text questions, it can help improve their reading habits. Also, reading stories or poems in Urdu will help them develop their communication, literacy, and social skills. Children can dream big; reading in Urdu helps them expand their knowledge about discovering new places, people, cultures and other things and gradually they become comfortable with Urdu.

3. How can Extramarks help students score maximum marks in the examination?

Extramarks’ credibility lies in helping students learn their chapters well and score good marks in examinations. That is why it has prepared CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Extra Questions, etc., for all subjects of all classes from 1 through 12. You may also find CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on this site. Teachers and parents can use them to familiarise students with test papers and the pattern of questions usually expected in the exams in adherence with the CBSE guidelines and curriculum.