NCERT Books Class 5 English

NCERT Class 5 English Books

NCERT Books Class 5 English has been designed and developed by a team of professionals and is available on the Extramarks website for free download. The PDF is completely free for anyone who suits better to enrich their knowledge about the various chapters prescribed by the CBSE guidelines. The NCERT Book has been designed with the latest syllabus and guidelines as pushed by the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE and most of the other prominent state boards across India. It is a must-download for all the students, teachers, and parents for Class 5. 

NCERT Class 5 English Books

NCERT Books Class 5 English is the best book available for students if they want to learn all the different types of learning as required by the CBSE curriculum. Expert educationists have designed the book so that it is easy to understand the students and help them gain more knowledge and practice in English. The entire syllabus has been tailored to suit the needs of growing children for standard 5. Extramarks provides PDF versions of the official book by NCERT for added flexibility for the students, their teachers, and parents. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

NCERT Books Class 5 English is the main book prescribed in all the schools based on the CBSE board and most state boards around the country. The physical book is available very easily on the retail counters. Students who require soft copies can download the same from the Extramarks website for free. Moreover, the solutions PDF for NCERT Books Class 5 English is also available on the Extramarks website for the students. The PDF files are also free, and a bifurcated manner is there for each chapter. 

The solutions are developed by a team of experts at Extramarks, which guarantees you the best possible answer writing pattern and framing guidelines. Students must download and go through the Solutions PDF  if they have difficulties answering the chapter-end questions asked in the NCERT Books Class 5 English. The students can learn the correct way to answer all the questions, which will help them better prepare for their examinations. 

Students can download the NCERT solutions for Class 5 English as per their requirements as the PDF  is divided into chapters. Any media device can be used to access the file; only a stable internet connection is required to download the PDF. 

NCERT Books for Class 5

NCERT is a government-led organisation that designs and develops books for all schools around the country. The NCERT Books are based on the latest patterns, syllabus, and guidelines as laid by the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, New Delhi. Subsequent revisions have been done recently in the entire CBSE syllabus, and now the new edition of NCERT books for all subjects for Class 5 has been launched. The books are easily available at retail bookstores. These books follow strict guidelines from CBSE and are considered the best available option for students of all standards. NCERT Books for Class 5 is very important for the students as it is their main course book. All the stories, poems, and activities contained in it are specially curated to suit the need for development in students of Class 5. If the students want to develop a comprehensive knowledge pool, then they must study from the NCERT Books Class 5. 

The e-book version of all the subjects for Class 5 is now available on Extramarks’ website for free. Students can download and use the PDF, the same as the physical version. It improves the overall usability of the book and can be easily accessed from multiple devices. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 5

NCERT Books Class 5 is an all-in-one stop for all the students’ needs. It contains clearly and concisely written chapters and well-drafted questions at the end of each chapter. Students are recommended to try and answer all the questions by themselves based on their understanding of the chapter. After that, if a problem exists, Extramarks has got you on that front with its NCERT solutions PDF, which is available for all the subjects and all the classes. Students can head over to the website and download the chapter-wise PDF  provided. 

The solutions are written and compiled by an Extramarks expert team that has years of experience in the particular subject. The solutions will provide complete knowledge and understanding of how to frame the answers correctly per the questions’ requirements. The solutions PDF  is a great help, especially in preparation for the board-based examinations and many other competitive examinations held all over the country. It is suggested that students analyse the solutions PDF  and then draft their final answer based on their understanding, which should be presented to their teachers or parents soon after. 

NCERT Books for Class 5 English 

NCERT Books Class 5 English is one of the most well-researched educational books for students who want to improve their knowledge and gain some proficiency in English literature overall. The physical book is available in local bookstores at a very reasonable price and must be available to every student. It is preferred in most CBSE schools, and even the examination question papers are based on the syllabus included in these books. That is why the students need to study this book. However, having a physical book is not always possible. E-learning platforms like online classes and others require a more viable solution. 

That is why Extramarks has come up with an e-book version of the NCERT Books Class 5 English which is available on the Extramarks website for free. Students can download and save the e-book on their handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. They can be accessed by any PDF  viewer available on app stores and are compatible across all software platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. A separate chapter-wise solution PDF  for NCERT Books Class 5 English is available for download, too

The chapter-wise details of the Class 5 English NCERT Book have been mentioned below for student’s ease:

Unit 1: Ice Cream Man:

Students will learn a fascinating poem about ice cream here. Since ice cream is something that everyone enjoys eating on a hot summer day, students will find it very interesting to learn. By the conclusion of the chapter, students will have completed various engaging exercises and learned a few new words. 

Wonderful Waste:

In this chapter, the Maharaja of Travancore prepares a lavish feast for his palace. As the monarch checks on the feast’s preparation in the kitchen and orders the cook not to throw away vegetable leftovers, the students will learn ways to prevent food wastage. Ultimately, he pays attention to the monarch and turns those vegetable scraps into a delectable feast.

Unit 2: Teamwork:

We all understand the value of teamwork since it allows us to achieve our goals together. Students will gain teamwork skills by reading this poem. They will remember this lovely message for the rest of their lives. The end of this chapter includes a variety of practice questions for students.

Flying Together:

Students in Class 5 English will read this chapter of NCERT Books, which tells the tale of a flock of wild geese that lived in a large tree’s densely covered branches. An elderly bird warned the young birds to destroy the creepers, but because of their indifference, the geese were eventually captured by hunters. They were assisted in flying out of the trap by the wise bird. This unique tale will teach young people to respect their elders.

Unit 3: My Shadow:

This poem sheds light on the subject of shadow. This age group of students is always interested in learning new things. They will discover about their shadow through this poem, including why it regularly follows them and imitates their actions. It will also explain why their shadows simply disappear in the absence of the sun.

Robinson Crusoe:

This chapter tells the tale of Robinson Crusoe, a man who spent considerable time isolated on an island after the sea scuttled his ship. He was feeling lonely and yearned for some companionship when he came across a man’s footprint and became alarmed. With the idea of his footprint, he returned to his cave. This story will teach students about various aspects of handling situations all by themselves.

Unit 4: Crying:

This English poem from the NCERT Textbook for Class 5 is wonderful. It discusses sobbing and explains why a little crying is important. Students will discover how to experience joy after overcoming their unhappiness by crying. According to the poetry, the first tear signals the beginning of a new phase of bliss.

My Elder Brother:

The tale of Munna and Bhaiya, two brothers, is told in this chapter. Due to the two brothers’ ages, students will be aware of their differences. Even though Bhaiya was older, he was still concerned about Munna’s education and studied for hours on end, yet he failed twice. Bhaiya urged him to keep a rigid schedule and avoid wasting time while stressing the value of studying because their parents are illiterate. Students will discover the value of education.

Unit 5: The Lazy Frog:

Students will read this poem to learn about Fred, a lazy frog who refuses to work despite his mother’s requests. Every time the mother frog approaches him for any work, she finds him sleeping.

Rip van Winkle:

This chapter tells the intriguing tale of a kind-hearted guy named Rip Van Winkle. Although he was well-liked by those around him, he was a lazy man. A short, elderly man he encountered while wandering the hills once gave him something to consume. He drank it before drifting off to sleep. When he wakes up, he discovers that no one is nearby and begins going down the hill searching for strangers. He is recognised by an elderly woman, who inquires about his whereabouts after twenty years.

Unit 6:  Class Discussion:

In this poem, students will read about a reserved girl named Jane who stays out of the class discussion. She sits quietly and gazes around while the other students and their teacher are conversing. When the teacher inquires why she isn’t speaking, she replies that not everyone enjoys speaking and that some people are naturally quiet.

Talkative Barber:

The narrative in this chapter centres on a chatty barber who worked in Cashgar. He was asked to shave the Sultan’s head one day, but instead of doing it, he continued to talk. The Sultan became enraged as a result of this. The barber finished his work and swiftly began washing his head. 

Unit 7: Topsy Turvy Land:

This poem is about a weird place where everything is turned around. The sea is full of sand, students attend classes at night, individuals pay for items they don’t receive, and hats are worn on the feet rather than the head, all of which are opposites of the real world. It’s an intriguing and enjoyable piece of poetry.

Gulliver’s Travels:

In this chapter, students will read about Gulliver’s journey to an island with his associates. A gigantic creature pursues his companions, but they all manage to flee. He notices that everything on the island is enormous in comparison to him when he is by himself. He then unexpectedly encounters large monsters who treat him nicely. Students will learn several crucial lessons from this tale, like commitment to something greater than oneself, humbleness and respect for others, and personal responsibilities. 

Unit 8: Nobody’s Friend:

Students will learn about some students who don’t share their belongings with others and how they struggle to make friends here. However, it also demonstrates the abundance of a kind and generous kids who share their possessions and make a lot of excellent friends. Students will discover the value of sharing and making new friends.

The Little Bully:

A naughty young boy named Hari is the subject of this chapter. Although he was little, he was incredibly muscular and enjoyed making fun of other kids. He nips them and plays tricks on them, which makes all of the kids hate him fiercely. Hari had a similar circumstance when they went on a school picnic and learned his lesson to never tease others again. 

Unit 9:  Sing a Song of People:

This poem describes our fast-paced way of life. People can be observed going hurriedly on the train as they rush to get somewhere or do something. Certain folks are silent when they move through throngs of people. Some people speak out loud, while others speak gently. When someone is rushing, they may smile and laugh, but they don’t have time to stare at others because they are constantly rushing. 

Around the World:

This chapter tells the tale of Mr Phileas Fogg and his buddy as they travel the globe. They started by rail from San Francisco to New York. Students will also learn about the challenges they had along the way but also how they managed to finish.

Unit 10: Malu Bhalu:

This poem tells the tale of Malu Bhalu, a polar bear that kept his home in a cold cave. The way she resided with her family and what she did to survive will be understood by the students. She obeyed her mother’s instructions and learnt to swim. They will also be aware of how bold and brave she was, and they will be inspired to emulate her.

Who will be Ningthou:

In this chapter, students will discover what characteristics constitute an excellent ruler. It is the tale of a king and queen who, out of a desire to see their subjects happy, have always been fair and good to them. All of the King’s sons are put to the test when he decides to select an heir, but none of them passes. However, because her daughter could relate to the populace and feel their suffering, she is now the heir.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to download NCERT Books Class 5 English PDF?

Students can download the NCERT Books Class 5 English PDF from the Extramarks website for free. Just go to the class 5 option in the ‘learning material’ tab and choose English. Upon opening the page, scroll down a little till you locate the “Download PDF ” button.

2. Why is NCERT Books Class 5 English important to study?

NCERT Books Class 5 English is important to study because it is recommended by CBSE. The NCERT books are precisely designed to introduce students to the concepts of English grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary.

3. How to download NCERT Books Class 5 English solutions PDF?

Extramarks provides chapter-wise solutions PDF  for Class 5 English. Students must navigate to the NCERT Books solutions section and then choose their Class 5 from the available list. Upon opening the respective Class webpage, they will find the download link for each chapter one by one.

4. How to prepare for CBSE Class 5 English examination?

Students are suggested to read NCERT Books Class 5 English first to clear their concepts and understand all the chapters. Then, they should try to answer the questions provided and take help from the NCERT Books Class 5 English solutions PDF  provided at Extramarks. Finally, Extramarks also provides sample papers with numerous practice sets which are suggested for practising to perfection.