NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 5 Maths in Hindi 

Mathematics is a crucial subject that helps students develop logical reasoning and mental discipline. This subject also holds importance in understanding other subjects like science and finance. Do you know mathematics can make you a pro in handling finances and help you cook better? Such is the versatility of the subject that once students fall in love with it, they get to excel at multiple roles in their lives. Also, the career opportunities that Mathematics offers are both exciting and high-paying.

The NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi contain all the chapters in mathematics in simple Hindi so that students can have a solid understanding of the concepts and acquire a liking for the subject. Students need to understand the chapters discussed in this book as it will help them comprehend more complex concepts introduced in higher classes. The Class 5 mathematics book in Hindi is the perfect companion for students as it can help them form a strong base in mathematics and score well in the examination.

CBSE Class 5 NCERT Books for Maths Hindi Medium

All NCERT books are continuously updated to adhere to the latest academic syllabus and guidelines as prescribed by CBSE. Students can download the NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi PDF from Extramarks website for free.

This aids them in beginning their lessons before the classes start in their school. The best part of the PDFs is that they are segregated as per the chapters, meaning students do not have to download the whole book. They can download the individual chapter they plan to study at a specific point in time. This helps them avoid anxiety, focus better, and learn the formulas easily. Besides, PDFs help students save money as they are free. You only need access to the internet to start your education.

NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter wise Solutions: 

On the Extramarks website, students can find solutions to the individual chapters of the NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi PDF for free. All the NCERT solutions have been designed to offer students a helping hand as they work hard to score good marks in the examination. Below is a list of the chapters and their solutions:

Chapter 1 – The Fish Table

Students learn about various shapes in geometry and to draw a fish by using squares and triangles. This chapter also teaches them how to calculate distance when time is given and the total time when distance is known. Students find 28 questions in the exercise at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 2 – Shapes and Angles

This chapter is all about geometric shapes and angles. In this chapter, students learn to draw them. They are also taught to calculate the degrees of angles. They have to solve 12 main questions and some sub-questions here.

Chapter 3 – How Many Squares

Students learn everything about squares in this chapter of NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi. They learn to measure a square’s side on a dotted sheet, draw rectangles using squares, find the area of a shape and the perimeter of a rectangle made of squares, etc. There are eight main questions and many sub-questions in the exercise of this chapter.

Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes

Chapter 4 deals with fractions. Students understand the concepts of wholes, parts and their relation. The exercise has ten questions and an interesting ‘guess and check’ section that has questions too.

Chapter 5 – Does It Look the Same?

This chapter introduces the students to the symmetry of objects in an easy-to-understand way. The exact mathematical terms are not used; instead, simple problems are used to lay the foundation of this concept. Students learn about mirror symmetry. You get solutions for 12 questions.

Chapter 6 – Be My Multiple, I’ll Be Your Factor

As the name suggests, this chapter deals with the concepts of multiples and factors. All the sums in this exercise have talked about cats, mice, dice, tamarind seeds, etc., to help students relate to them better. You will find 11 questions in this chapter’s exercise.

Chapter 7 – Can You See The Pattern?

This chapter introduces students to clockwise and anticlockwise directions, magic squares, reversal of numbers to get special numbers, rotations, angles, etc. The exercise contains multiple fun-to-solve questions.

Chapter 8 – Mapping Your Way

This chapter sets the foundation of geometrical concepts among students. This chapter helps them learn about scaling ratios, angles, and theorems related to circles, triangles, etc., in future. The solutions cover the exercise that has both short and descriptive questions.

Chapter 9 – Boxes and Sketches

This chapter introduces students to 3D shapes and various sketched figures. Students learn to construct some shapes and identify a variety of them with examples of objects they see in their real lives with the help of solutions.

Chapter 10 – Tenths and Hundredths

This chapter helps students understand decimal numbers, their use and decimal places. They also learn to measure the length of objects using rulers, do divisions that will have answers in decimals, convert amounts to foreign currencies, and vice-versa. The solutions give them a step-by-step explanation and help them solve sums better.

Chapter 11 – Area and Its Boundary

Students gain in-depth knowledge of the concept of area. The chapter contains several diagrams to explain the questions better. The solutions of this chapter provide a detailed explanation of the exercise. This chapter is crucial as it helps students understand advanced and complex problems in senior classes.

Chapter 12 – Smart Charts

This chapter explains strategies and advanced methods using many tables, diagrams, easy techniques, etc. The solutions help to understand the concept behind the exercise questions, which include completing a table containing incomplete information, making tally marks on the road, etc.

Chapter 13 – Ways to Multiply and Divide

Here, students learn about multiplication and division in detail. They learn the multiplication process using 10, 100, 1000, and so on, multiplication in parts and columns, division of 3-4 digit numbers by a single digit, long division with and without remainder, etc.

Chapter 14 – How Big How Heavy

The last chapter of NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi PDF helps students learn about multiple objects and shapes’ breadth, length, and mass distribution. Various real-life characters and activities have been used to help students understand these concepts better.

NCERT Book for Maths 

The NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi can be of great help to students as the book has been nicely presented using a lot of diagrams, tables, charts, etc. Not only those of CBSE but students of other boards and those appearing for competitive examinations like the Olympiads also can find the NCERT book helpful. Here you find the link to the PDFs of the book in Hindi medium.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to get good marks in the Class 5 mathematics examination?

Following the NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi PDF and referring to the NCERT solutions is enough for students to score good marks in the examination. However, if you are not confident in your preparation, you can download the CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and practice them. Extramarks also offers CBSE Revision Notes and CBSE Important Questions to help students give their best in the test.

2. Does the NCERT Books For Class 5 Maths In Hindi have solutions related to activities?

Yes, the book contains solutions related to the activities as well. You can find them on this site. The solutions will help the students realise their mistakes in solving the activities and work on them.