NCERT Books Class 5 Evs

NCERT Class 5 EVS Book 

The subject of Environmental Science (EVS) teaches students about the earth, its various components, and the surrounding environment. Extramarks provides well-curated notes on its chapter by using interactive learning methods using illustrations, images, diagrams, and various activities for the students.

NCERT Class 5 EVS Book PDF is the best book for the preparation for examinations held by CBSE. It is now available for download at Extramarks for free. Here you can find a detailed analysis of the book and the latest syllabus for Class 5 as per the latest pattern of CBSE and other prominent state boards. 

CBSE Class 5 NCERT EVS Books 

Imparting knowledge through well-researched books has been the goal of NCERT from the beginning. NCERT has again focused on holistic development here by providing Class 5 students with this Environmental Science (EVS) course book. Students need to have accurate knowledge about the environment around us, the earth, and its various components. It helps in their overall development significantly. The NCERT Books Class 5 EVS has plenty of interactive learning examples, chapters covering various environment-related concepts, and numerous easy-to-do activities for the complete holistic development of the students. The coursebook is important for students to understand the EVS subject completely.

NCERT is responsible for developing and designing textbooks and various other educational kits based on the latest CBSE pattern. All these books are prepared with high standards and follow the set guidelines by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The NCERT books Class 5 EVS has been designed keeping in mind an interactive manner of imparting conceptual knowledge. It encourages students to learn about the importance of the environment and ecosystem easily and simply. 

Students can download the soft copy of the same book from the Extramarks website. They can access the book anywhere at any time at their convenience.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS | Chapterwise Solutions

Extramarks also provides a chapter-wise solution PDF for NCERT Books Class 5 EVS. The solutions PDF are available for download now and very important for the students. It helps them understand the correct structure, framing, and content of each answer as required by the questions. It significantly helps in writing a correct and well-drafted answer in examinations.

NCERT Book for Class 5 EVS Download

Extramarks provides a complete online study package that includes NCERT Books Class 5 EVS PDF and NCERT Books Class 5 EVS solutions PDF for the benefit of the students. Other kinds of study material, such as important questions and sample papers, are also available for download, which helps prepare for the CBSE examinations for Class 5. 

Class 5
Board  Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE 
Subject  Environmental Studies (EVS)
Medium  English & Hindi 
Study material  Free download available 
Solutions PDF   Soft copy (PDF ) available 
Part  NCERT Books Class 5 EVS PDF  (include link)

NCERT Books for Class 5

The NCERT books for Class 5 have been designed and developed as per the latest pattern and syllabus of CBSE. The books have been designed by professionals and course curators with years of experience and expertise in designing. The requirements of the students and the need for understanding concepts have been kept under extreme focus while designing these books. The NCERT Books for Class 5 help students gain complete knowledge about the various concepts for all subjects. It is important to study these NCERT books as they provide an interactive learning opportunity for the students. The examinations taken by CBSE and most other prominent boards in India are based on the syllabus discussed in the NCERT books. 

It is important to have a physical copy of all the subject books by your side all the time. They are easily available over the counter. However, it is not always possible to get your hands on the physical book; that is why Extramarks has brought you a soft copy of the same. All the subject’s PDF versions are available to download for free at the Extramarks website. Students have to browse each subject particularly to find the download now button. They can download the PDFs of each chapter separately or the entire coursebook, at their convenience. Any PDF viewer can access the PDF file on any standard media device like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops, as preferred by students. They only need a stable internet connection to download and access the file.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5

NCERT Class 5 EVS Book PDF is an excellent source of study material for students. Studying the book and then proceeding toward the questions provided at the end of each chapter can help students analyze their understanding of the topics. The questions are designed to fortify the chapter’s learnings and for self-assessment of whether the student has understood the entire chapter. In case a student faces any difficulty in answering the questions, they can refer to the NCERT solutions provided by Extramarks. Students can easily get NCERT Class 5 Books solutions in PDF form from our website for free. These solutions are designed and developed by a team of professionals with immense experience and expertise. Students will be able to understand the correct way to frame their answers and the right explanation as demanded by each question from the solutions PDF they have downloaded. It is extremely self-explanatory and provides knowledge about natural processes in our surrounding environment. Students who learn this subject can become marine biologists, oceanographers and weather scientists, and many more. The NCERT Books Class 5 solutions are available in a chapter-wise separate PDF for ease of usage. Students can download them one by one based on their needs in the same way as they have downloaded and used the NCERT Books Class 5 PDF.  

CBSE Class 5 NCERT EVS Books

Students must download the NCERT Books Class 5 EVS from the Extramarks website for added convenience. They can study it from anywhere on their handheld devices. The PDF  file is completely free of cost on the website and can be downloaded in just a few clicks by the students or teachers. The file size is small and does not take up much space on the media device. The PDF version is the same as the physical book, making it a good alternative to the physical book. The Environment Studies book contains all the necessary concepts regarding the ecosystem, environment, and earth, which are very important to be studied by the students. Concepts like agricultural practices, our internal organs, aspects of pollution, and social life are also included. This book will help in scoring excellent marks in the examinations held by CBSE. Most of the state board students can also use this book as the state boards follow CBSE patterns in their curriculum. 

Extramarks provides a complete package for students of Class 5, helping them excel in their examinations and knowledge build-up. 

Why NCERT textbook for Environmental Science?

For all students, NCERT books are the best option available to gain knowledge about environmental science. NCERT books are very easy to understand, make learning fun for students, and provide extensive development overall. The CBSE designs the curriculum, and NCERT develops and prints the book after very deep and thorough research by educational experts in the country. That is why it is the prescribed book in every CBSE-affiliated school. NCERT Books Class 5 EVS is the main book based on which many publications provide side books, handbooks, and guides. Therefore, studying the NCERT Class 5 EVS books is very important. These books also help students prepare for various competitive examinations across the country. 

Introduction to environmental science

The environmental science subject covers all the important topics such as the environment, earth science, basic knowledge of different components of earth, atmosphere, different life forms, minerals, land, soil, water, weather and climate, oceans, and natural resources, among other things. 


In the Class 5 EVS Book, the first concept is the atmosphere, in which the various components of the atmosphere have been included and explained. This concept covers air, gases, weather, climate, water, clouds, rain, snow and ice, precipitation in the atmosphere, dust, aerosols, and movement of the wind. 


This part of the book helps in understanding various geographical phenomena like natural resources, human factors, hydrology, geology, meteorology, and glaciology. In geography, students will learn about geographical processes like the formation of clouds, soil, air, and water.

Life Sciences

Various aspects of life sciences are covered under this topic. All topics regarding life forms, ecology, evolution, and other life processes like cell biology, genetics, and microbiology. 

Ocean Science

This subtopic covers fundamental information on features of the ocean, water, seas, tides, oceans, marine ecology, the sea and life, oceans, seafloor, marine geology, oceanographic currents, and many more. Students can choose to become marine biologists, wildlife researchers, ecologists, and even an oceanographer in the future by studying ocean science. 

Earth Science

You can better grasp numerous environmental science concepts under this subject. This concept includes the earth’s physical sciences, its physical mechanisms and processes, the climate and processes of the land surface, and earth systems.


The discipline of meteorology involves a fundamental understanding of the atmosphere and weather, as well as climatology, cloud phenomena, the environment, hydrology, meteorological building blocks, forecasting, and many other topics.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I download NCERT Books Class 5 EVS from Extramarks?

Students can download the NCERT Books Class 5 EVS PDF by visiting the Extramarks website. On the homepage, navigate to Class 6 and find the subject you are looking for. After clicking and opening the subject page, scroll down a little, and you will find the download now button.

2. How can I download NCERT Books Class 5 EVS solutions PDF from Extramarks?

To download NCERT Books Class 5 EVS solutions PDF, students can find the link to the solutions page on the homepage by navigating to the NCERT solutions hyperlink. Open the solutions menu, navigate to Class 5 and then go to NCERT book solutions. On this page, all the subjects will be mentioned from where students can choose their preferred option.

3. How to score good marks in the Class 5 EVS examination?

Students are recommended to study from the NCERT Books Class 5 EVS to understand all the required concepts. CBSE sets the question paper based on the NCERT books only, so they are the most important. After completing the book, students are advised to download and solve NCERT Class 5 EVS sample papers and important questions PDF which is available on the Extramarks website.

4. Why is it important to study the NCERT Books Class 5 EVS?

NCERT Book Class 5 EVS is the main book prescribed by CBSE based on its latest pattern and syllabus. It is designed and developed by experts who know what the students need. That is why students should consider studying this book if they want to understand environmental science well and excel in their examinations.