NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS In Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 5 EVS in Hindi 

EVS is the study of our surroundings and how humans interact with them. With growing pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources,  EVS is no longer an additional subject that students can just read and forget. Young minds must be introduced to the many facets of environmental science. Environmental Science highlights complex environmental issues that every student must become aware of.

Focusing on this subject can give students an opportunity to work for the greater good of the planet. They can become environmental engineers, environmental consultants, and social workers, and help state, national, and international agencies preserve nature, promote sustainable living, and drive innovation to efficiently use natural resources.

Students of class 5 of CBSE Hindi medium schools have Environmental Science in their curriculum. While they may find several books covering these topics in Hindi, NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS In Hindi will be their best find. This book has been drafted according to the latest CBSE syllabus and offers students all the knowledge they need to ace the examinations in simple Hindi. Hence, students find no difficulty in understanding the concepts.

CBSE Class 5 NCERT Books for EVS Hindi Medium

Download the NCERT EVS Book Class 5 In Hindi PDF from Extramarks for free. The PDFs are available in a chapter-wise format to help you understand various concepts. Thanks to the book’s simple language, you can also study on your own. If you need help, NCERT solutions are available for reference.

Start your lessons before your school’s schedule and be prepared to participate in the class actively when your teacher discusses the topics.

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter wise Solutions: 

As NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS In Hindi Medium PDF familiarises you with your body and surroundings, the NCERT solutions help you appropriately answer the questions and clearly understand the multiple concepts. The solutions have been designed per the CBSE guidelines to help students score well in the examination.

Chapter 1 – The Super Senses

Like human beings, other animals, too, have sensory organs that enable them to communicate with others. This chapter introduces students to the super senses of various animals, from dogs to tigers and birds to dolphins. Students also learn about endangered species, national parks in India, etc.

Chapter 2 – A Snake Charmer Story

This chapter of NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS In Hindi introduces students to snakes, their ecosystem, and how they live with humans. Take the help of the solutions to learn more about the anatomy of the snakes’ bodies.

Chapter 3  – From Tasting to Digesting

Can you identify food from its taste or smell? The NCERT solutions will help students do so in this chapter. Students will also learn the importance of a healthy diet and digestion process.

Chapter 4 – Mangoes Round the Year

Chapter 4 of NCERT EVS Book Class 5 In Hindi PDF helps students learn about the lifespan of different food items and how to ensure they are fit for eating. Students find out what happens when potato or cooked rice gets spoiled and which food item is more perishable than others. The solutions help them answer the exercise questions to the point.

Chapter 5 – Seeds and Seeds

Students learn about the germination of seeds here. This chapter helps them understand the factors that favour the seeds germinating into saplings and then becoming a plant. Since this chapter includes several practical experiments, the NCERT solutions help them jot down their findings in simple language.

Chapter 6 – Every Drop Counts

This chapter discusses how rainwater harvesting can help recycle this natural resource and preserve the environment. The NCERT solutions offer application-based answers while enabling them to understand the concepts easily. It also saves them from referring to multiple other books searching for answers.

Chapter 7 – Experiments With Water

This chapter helps students comprehend the concept of the dissolving nature of water, the difference between water and other forms of liquid, the evaporation process, insoluble and soluble objects, etc. There are adequate examples and illustrations to offer better clarity.

Chapter 8 – A Treat For Mosquitoes

This chapter talks about the diseases spread by mosquitoes, especially malaria, and how you can prevent them. Students learn about the symptoms of malaria and the importance of maintaining proper hygiene. The solutions help spread awareness about the infection and the precautions you can take.

Chapter 9 – Up You Go

Climbing mountains may sound fascinating, but one must prepare well before the journey. This chapter and the solutions make students aware of the dos and don’ts and brief them about the adventures they may face while going up the mountain.

Chapter 10 – Walls Tell Stories

The chapter introduces students to the magnificent forts and historical buildings of India. They learn about their greatness and architecture through conversations between four friends. The solutions help them question themselves about wars and how to resolve them.

Chapter 11 – Sunita in Space

This chapter introduces students to Sunita Williams through a conversation between two students. The solutions help them answer questions related to Earth, its shapes, how life would be in space, etc. They also get introduced to the life of Kalpana Chawla.

Chapter 12 – What If It Finishes

Chapter 12 of NCERT Books For Class 5 Evs In Hindi talks about how people carelessly use fossil fuels in the form of LPG, CNG, diesel, petrol, etc., without thinking about the future. Students also learn about vehicles and their harmful smoke, pollution, and solar energy. The solutions come with elaborate explanations to make your concept clear.

Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High

This chapter shares the experience of a man who travels over 1400 km on his bike from Mumbai to Leh. Students learn about minimal survival techniques, the importance of proper planning, and a few things you need to survive, like non-perishable food, a tent, etc. This chapter also introduces them too difficult roads and weather conditions one has to face on the journey.

Chapter 14 – When The Earth Shook

Students get better insight into the concept of an earthquake and its impact. This chapter discusses the dos and don’ts during earthquakes. It introduces a 2001 Gujarat survivor who shares her first-hand experience of the disaster, how people got help, the traumatic effect, etc.

Chapter 15 – Blow Hot, Blow Cold

This chapter introduces students to the difference in temperature of air blown from the mouth, recognising musical instruments by their sound, etc. The solutions also explain the breathing process, its rate before and after high-intensity work, etc.

Chapter 16 – Who Will Do This Work

As this chapter introduces students to cleaning jobs, the solutions help them better grasp the role of cleaners in maintaining the school floors, toilets, and classroom tables. They are taught to respect people despite their status or occupation.

Chapter 17 – Across the Wall

This chapter explains the gender disparity in India, highlighting the gender ratio. The solutions help students answer questions about discrimination against women, the need for equality, ways to remove gender biases, etc.

Chapter 18 – No Place For Us

The chapter discusses the miseries people face when forced to move out of their villages to facilitate new projects. The solutions explain people’s journey from villages to cities and how displacement affects their future.

Chapter 19 – A Seed Tells a Farmer Story

Students learn the techniques used by farmers and the challenges they face in growing crops. They learn to value food and respect the farmers and their efforts.

Chapter 20 – Whose Forests

The solutions give students a detailed description of forests, plants that grow there, the various animals and birds residing there, the dependency of humans on forests, etc. They learn about the different kinds of forests and the commercial and medicinal value of trees.

Chapter 21 – Like Father, Like Daughter

This chapter helps students understand family traits, qualities, and skills passed from generation to generation. They realise how people inherit their appearances, behaviour, lifestyle, and genetic diseases.

Chapter 22 – On the Move Again

Students learn about human interactions and their impact on commerce and the country’s economy. The story talks about how people have to stay away from their families and keep moving for work. They also learn about the ill effects of money-lending systems created by big landlords.

Importance of NCERT Books for CBSE Class 5 Students 

The importance of NCERT Books For CBSE Class 5 has been discussed below:

  • NCERT has made education possible for students of all backgrounds by publishing books in English, Hindi, and Urdu.
  • Students can understand all chapters in their language thanks to the NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS In Hindi Medium PDF.
  • The chapter-wise PDFs have been written using simple and lucid language to explain multiple concepts while using several examples, real-life situations, illustrations, etc.
  • The NCERT books are not only beneficial for students in preparing for academic examinations but also for several other competitive tests.

NCERT Books for CBSE Class 5 EVS Subject 

Extramarks allows students to download the NCERT EVS Book Class 5 In Hindi PDF free from its website and mobile application. This page contains the link to individual chapters. Click on them to get free ebooks. Students can avail chapter-wise solutions without paying any price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can Extramarks help me prepare for the Class 5 EVS examination in Hindi?

Extramarks gives you free access to the soft copies of each chapter of NCERT Books For Class 5 Evs In Hindi and their solutions. Besides this, you get CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Extra Questions, CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, etc., to assist your preparation, learn time management, and score good marks on the tests.