NCERT Books For Class 6 Social Science The Earth Our Habitat In Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 6 Social Science – The Earth Our Habitat in Hindi

Social Science is a scoring subject that can contribute to your overall grade in Class 6. Also, it is essential to thoroughly understand the topics and concepts discussed in class, because these topics form the basis for the same subject in the next classes. The NCERT Books For Class 6 Social Science The Earth Our Habitat In Hindi is widely regarded as a practical learning resource that covers the lesson plan for the geography section of Class 6 Social Science. These books are particularly well-known for their straightforward explanations and simple structure. The NCERT Books are designed to assist students in understanding complex concepts most concisely. 

The NCERT Social Science books for Class 6 are widely regarded as the most effective learning resources for covering the Social Science curriculum for Class 6. These books are particularly well-known for their straightforward language and structure, designed to assist students in comprehending complex concepts in the most straightforward manner possible. The NCERT books are laid out to provide students with a more beneficial overall educational experience.

The NCERT Social Science Class 6 book is required reading for schools that adhere to the guidelines established by the CBSE board. Case studies, anecdotes, and examples drawn from students’ everyday lives are only a few ways that NCERT explains complex concepts to pupils in a way that facilitates easy comprehension. Let’s take a look at the main points of the NCERT Social Science book for Class 6.

The Earth Is Our Habitat in Hindi – this textbook is an excellent resource for studying Earth’s territories, characteristics, populations, and events in Hindi. It has been published by NCERT and aligns with the curriculum outlined by CBSE for Class 6 students. 

CBSE Class 6 NCERT Books for Social Science – The Earth Our Habitat Hindi Medium

On Extramarks, Class 6 students can access NCERT Books For Class 6 Social Science The Earth Our Habitat In Hindi PDF for free download. NCERT Books assist students’ learning and enhance their examination performance. Students can download the textbooks online and study the chapters using PDFs for easier access and understanding.

NCERT Books For Class 6 Social Science The Earth Our Habitat In Hindi PDF helps students learn advanced topics and concepts. These books explain their concepts by providing examples and activities, which help the student understand and remember these concepts quickly. Books are regarded as the most valuable instructional resources because subject-matter specialists write them after considerable study. These books address numerous facets of the subjects and facilitate students’ understanding of these concepts. 

If you want books that will break down challenging ideas of Class 6 Social Science – The Earth Our Habitat, then you must download the NCERT Book Solutions for Class 6 Social Science – The Earth Our Habitat PDF in Hindi. These books are available for free download on the NCERT website. To do well in your Class 6 board exams, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the topics.

If you have access to NCERT Class 6 Science and Maths solutions and solutions for other topics, it will be much simpler for you to learn subjects like science and mathematics, as well as English. You may also download NCERT Class 6 Maths to assist you in reviewing the entire curriculum and scoring higher on your assessments. This can help you gain more points overall.

NCERT Class 6 Social Science – The Earth Our Habitat Chapter Wise Solutions:

On the Extramarks website, students access the NCERT solutions for the Class 6 Social Science questions. Since subject matter professionals create the NCERT solutions, students will receive accurate answers and will be able to gauge their understanding and preparation of the subject well. Students can correctly review the complete syllabus with detailed NCERT solutions, allowing them to do well in their examinations.

The principles covered in the class will serve as the basis for students’ long-term objectives, which they will develop further after taking the course. If students can demonstrate how to compose answers and the nature of the questions that will be asked on the examination, they will pass Class 6 with flying colours.

Students learn about the geographical components that make up the planet by studying the subject of geography, which is an essential part of Class 6 Social Science. Beginning with the first chapter, which discusses fundamental topics such as the solar system, planets, and stars, this topic is broken down into eight chapters. The next chapters cover topics such as latitudes and longitudes, how to read a map, various motions of the globe, and the phenomena that arise as a direct result of these motions.

The layers of the atmosphere and its domains are discussed in Chapter 5. Significant landforms on Earth are another important topic covered in this book. The various natural formations and landforms out there and the effects those features have on the weather are explored in great detail. The following two chapters cover many aspects of India, including its topographical variations, climatic shifts, animal life, and plant life.

Before we begin to study for the examination, we need to ensure that we are familiar with the topics that will be covered. The following list provides an introduction to each chapter in The Earth, Our Habitat book. Read through them to understand what the geography course will cover. You can use it as a reference while preparing for the exam.

Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar System

In this chapter, the nature of the universe is discussed, with aspects like what distinguishes a planet from a star and the significance of the solar system. In addition, it provides information on the names of each of the planets concerning their distance from the sun.

Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

You will learn about the globe, the Tropic of Cancer, the three heat zones of the world, parallels of latitude, and meridians of longitude by the end of this chapter. 

Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth

This chapter provides detailed information regarding the earth, including its rotation, revolution, and the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis concerning the plane of its orbit.

Chapter 4: Maps

In the book “The Earth Is Our Habitat,” the fourth chapter introduces the reader to a variety of maps, which includes the physical map, thematic map, and political map.

Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earth

This chapter provides extensive information regarding the world’s primary domains, the continents that make up our planet, and the various levels of the atmosphere.

Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the Earth

Students will thoroughly understand the principal landforms covered in this chapter, including mountains, plateaus, and plains.

Chapter 7: Our Country – India

Our nation, India, covers a very large area. It covers around 3.28 million square kilometres of land area. It is bounded on all sides by water: the Arabian Sea to the west, the Bay of Bengal to the east, the Himalayas to the north, and the Indian Ocean to the south. The primary physical divisions of India are covered in this chapter of the NCERT Social Science textbook for class 6.

Chapter 8: India: Climate, Wildlife, and Vegetation

India has several distinct types of natural vegetation, including tropical evergreen forests, tropical deciduous forests, thorny shrubs, mountain vegetation, and mangrove forests. The places that get a lot of rain are the only places you’ll find tropical rainforests. The monsoon forest name is often used to refer to tropical deciduous forests. In this chapter, we discuss the names of India’s four distinct seasons and the country’s natural vegetation, breaking them down into their respective categories.

Importance of NCERT Books for CBSE Class 6 Social Science Subject

NCERT Books are an excellent source of knowledge for clarifying and illustrating complex topics in the simplest terms possible. CBSE-affiliated institutions utilise NCERT texts for the numerous benefits they offer. NCERT Books are utilised not only for academic purposes but also for passing competitive exams. The concepts obtained via NCERT Books are easily retained over an extended period.

Some notable significance of NCERT Books are given below:

  • Structured theory: The NCERT textbooks contain extensive and well-organized theories. Students certainly benefit from the theory’s structure since the data flow makes it easier for them to grasp concepts. The graphical representations in the NCERT textbooks are a tremendous help to students since they make it easier for them to understand the written theory. The NCERT Book comprises a beautiful combination of written theory and visual representation. 
  • More accessible Solutions: The questions in the NCERT Books are simple and can be solved by applying the appropriate formulas, which are also well-detailed in the book. This facilitates the application of the theory without difficulty. It teaches students how to apply their learned theory to real-world challenges. If they were given challenging questions at the beginning of the chapter, students may be unable to answer them, which would hinder their understanding of the topic. In the early stages, the straightforward questions at the conclusion help children gain confidence in completing complex questions.
  • Confidence Building: NCERT stirs students’ curiosity and helps build their confidence that they can solve the problems in the textbook. The difficult questions in the final section of the chapter provide students with an introduction to how the questions can be twisted and how they can develop a better understanding of the subject to solve those questions. In addition, a section called “miscellaneous” at the end of the NCERT Book contains some tough questions.
  • Deeper Understanding: The structured theory and the illustrations given in the book help students understand the concepts in the book and thoroughly understand why the concepts are essential and what they intend to express. The solved problems following each idea and theory taught in the book demonstrate how the ideas can be used in real-world challenges. The answered questions are of great assistance to students.
  • Structured Flow of topics: The NCERT book facilitates the learning process by first detailing the requirements needed to study the next subject before proceeding to it. This helps students keep a flow of information and avoids sudden changes in the topics they relate to. The NCERT book allows students to solve several problems and thoroughly understand the subject. The NCERT Books are highly significant for students since they will help them acquire confidence in topics and motivate them to study and like the subjects. The NCERT book makes a complex subject interesting, which helps the learning process.

How to download NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science Subject from Extramarks?

In the Class 6 curriculum, social science is one of the topics considered to be of the utmost significance. Students who wish to sail through Class 6 with flying colours must devote enough effort to preparing for this subject. The students need to keep in mind that every subject is highly important. The Social and Political Life, History, Our Past, and the Earth, Our Habitat are some of the titles chapters available on the topic. 

By browsing the Extramarks website, you will access a broader selection of resources, including the NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science. Extramarks also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded free from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This allows you to access Extramarks across your devices and view account-related information from any location. The website or the mobile application can search for more resources, such as the NCERT Books for Class 7 PDF for Hindi Medium. Both options are accessible for use.

The PDF versions of NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science can be downloaded free from the Extramarks website or mobile app. Before you may download content from our website, the only thing you need to do is create an account on Extramarks. Once your account has been created, you can access the PDF for a particular chapter by clicking on any of the available links. You will be redirected to a new page with the file download link when you click the link. Simply click this link to access the NCERT Books For Class 6 Social Science. The Earth Our Habitat In Hindi PDF is available for free download.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can NCERT Class 6 Social Science books help me in my exams?

NCERT Class 6 Social Science books are the most useful for covering the CBSE Syllabus. Studying from NCERT books can be advantageous not only for school tests but also for several competitive examinations. It precisely follows the most recent CBSE Syllabus and will undoubtedly help you obtain not just information but also do well in your Class 6 Social Science exam.

2. How are NCERT books relevant for CBSE students?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publishes books that almost all schools in India accept. For their school curriculum, the CBSE board uses NCERT texts. The CBSE, as well as other state boards, have started to use the NCERT books. After thorough research and analysis of a specific subject, these publications were produced and developed by professionals.

3. Are NCERT books enough for competitive exams?

NCERT books cover the concepts and principles of a particular topic. The explanations in these Class 6 Social Science texts are extensive and in-depth. As a result, students preparing for any type of examination can use these materials. To compete in any exam, your fundamentals must be clear, which is exactly what these books supply, along with many additional advantages.

4. Apart from following the prescribed books by the board, what else should I do for better preparation?

The NCERT books contain all you need to succeed in your respective exams. You can also study the CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Important Questions, and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers to gain a more in-depth grasp of the curriculum as well as the format of the questions.

5. How can Extramarks help me in my preparation?

Subject-matter specialists with years of experience in their respective fields curate Extramarks’ study material. The content has been thoroughly researched and structured for the benefit of the students. Students can access these resources independently and with relative ease. Furthermore, all Extramarks content like CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Extra Questions is free to download in PDF format via the website and mobile app.

6. Should I pay to download these textbooks?

Extramarks provides free NCERT textbooks. Be wary of scammers. Extramarks follow the value of giving accurate answers and detailed explanations while assisting students. The study material can be downloaded via the Extramarks app or online. Students can access PDF versions of the solutions via the Extramarks website and mobile app.

7. How to read NCERT Class 6 Social Science books effectively?

To read textbooks effectively, attempt to comprehend what you’ve read and highlight key topics. While studying for Class 6 Social Science, take review notes, which can significantly assist exam preparations. Make topical notes as well. Make an effort to dispel any doubts you may have. When you are not focused and have no distractions, use read-only mode.

8. What are the advantages of using the NCERT Social Science books for Class 6?

The NCERT Social Science books for Class 6 can provide helpful information and insights. It is a collection of all good literature, and it is sufficient for the preparation of any kind of test. It is not only simply accessible, but you can also get a free PDF of any class or chapter by using the Extramarks app or by going to its website. PDFs for Class 6 Social Science can be downloaded in a variety of languages, including English and Hindi, among others. 


These books on Social Science for Class 6 will help you make sense of your concepts and will assist in constructing and improving your foundational knowledge.

You may access all of the thoroughly researched and high-quality chapters, sample papers, and course outlines on a wide range of subjects through the website of Extramarks as well as its mobile application, which is downloadable from the play store.