NCERT Class 6 Maths Book PDF

NCERT Class 6 Maths Book PDF

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is responsible for the publication of a variety of textbooks that are referred by the CBSE board as well as many other state boards across the country. The NCERT Books Class 6 Maths is drafted by a team of experienced educationists and subject matter experts that help students in Class 6 form a strong foundation for their higher studies. The concepts are introduced to the students in an organic and systematic manner which makes it easier for the students to learn the subject.

Each chapter in the NCERT Class 6 Maths Book introduces students to the topics and sub-topics with plenty of examples and problems to solve. NCERT has also made all the books available in a PDF format for easy download. You can access the chapter-wise links to the NCERT books class 6 maths PDF on this page.

CBSE Class 6 NCERT Maths Books Free Download

The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends its students follow the NCERT books that cover the entire CBSE Syllabus and adhere to the guidelines mentioned by the board. The NCERT was established in 1961 as an autonomous body by the government whose main purpose was to promote the quality of school education. The organisation helps the state and central governments undertake research in areas concerning school education. It organises training sessions for teachers to ensure they are appropriately qualified to deal with children and teenagers and impart their knowledge. Apart from this, the organisation prepares and publishes model textbooks, newsletters, supplementary materials and other related documents in the interest of elementary education. 

The organisation has a team of subject experts on every subject to develop the books so that students’ education, intellectual growth and social awareness are always on the right track. Every subject is dealt with in a way that matches students’ standard of understanding while also presenting them with sufficient challenges to sharpen their skills. 

The NCERT Books Class 6 Maths enlightens students about several mathematical theories, formulas and concepts that are very important for their learning. The NCERT Book for Class 6 Maths introduces students to the concepts of fractions, decimals, integers, data handling, mensuration, algebra, ratio and proportion, symmetry and geometry. All of these chapters are very important as it forms the base for higher studies.

Grasping all the ideas and scoring well on the tests needs proper dedication and a lot of practice. The NCERT Books Class 6 Maths offers ample examples and practice questions that help students master the concepts with practice. The NCERT books are also available online for download. You can find the link to download the NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF on this page. 

The NCERT Books Class 6 Maths has 14 chapters, and PDFs of the individual chapters are available on the Extramarks website. Thus, you can download and access only the chapter that you are studying without having to scroll through the entire book. This makes the learning process easy and hassle-free. Extramarks also offers NCERT Solutions, Revision Notes, CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Important Questions and question papers from previous years for reference. These materials help students prepare well for their examinations. Additionally, developing a habit of solving papers helps in boosting their confidence, and increases their speed of thinking and writing. It further helps them in gauging their strengths and weaknesses which is very crucial.

All the chapters of the NCERT Class 6 Maths book can be downloaded on your mobile, laptop or desktop. Extramarks offers the NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF for free download. 

Class 6 NCERT Maths Book PDF Chapterwise Solutions

You can access the NCERT Maths Book Class 6 Solutions PDF Free Download on the Extramarks website.  Once you reach the website, search for CBSE and click on the NCERT books. Then, you select your Class and the subject and land on a page with links to that particular subject’s individual chapters. The same page also contains the links to the NCERT solutions. Extramarks does not make you click on multiple links or download any other material to get access to what you want. There is no hidden paywall. 

Class 6 Maths NCERT Book

The NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF is available for all the 14 chapters that are present in the CBSE Syllabus for Class 6. All the chapters are updated to suit the latest academic year. The CBSE as well as many state boards recommend NCERT books as it presents the concepts in a crisp and lucid manner. NCERT has ensured that the books are error-free and all the facts presented in the chapters are verified by experts in the subject. A dedicated team checks all the chapters of the books line by line so that no factual or printing error creates confusion in the class. It is NCERT’s dedication to school education that its books could assure people of their high quality. 

What Are The Chapters Included in The NCERT Class 6 Maths Textbook? 

NCERT Books Class 6 Maths is segregated into 14 chapters to help students learn new formulas and concepts and confidently solve mathematical problems. NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF covers three essential concepts: Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry. The chapters are given below: 

Each chapter contains multiple sub-topics, and after explaining sub-topics in each chapter, there is a segment ‘Try These’. These segments contain sums related to the individual sub-topics. Then there are the exercises at the end of the chapters that contain numerous related problems designed to help students understand the concept better and practice more. 

There is a ‘What have we discussed?’ section at every chapter’s end after the exercise section to provide a gist to the students. It is a quick revision that highlights the most important pointers presented in the chapter like the theorems or formulas. The answers to the questions at the end of the chapters can be found in the last few pages of the book. Students can verify if their calculations are correct and if they have reached the same conclusion. For further assistance, students can also refer to NCERT Solutions which presents the complete solution with details and explanations for their understanding. The NCERT Solutions are also available for free download on Extramarks.

This apart, the Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF has a lesson named ‘Brain Teasers’ that contains chapter-related tricky questions. This lesson is aimed at honing the problem-solving skills of the students. 

Each chapter adds to the repository of knowledge that the student possesses. From Algebra to decimals to mensuration, these chapters widen the student’s knowledge base and prepare a strong foundation for the future. Whatever the mathematics students learn in Class 6 is essential, and students should not ignore the chapters or practice half-heartedly. They should stay consistent with their efforts. 

Besides, Extramarks has several study materials to make their journey as smooth as possible. Students can refer to them whenever they need some extra help and support. 

A Brief Discussion of The Chapters Included in NCERT Class 6 Maths Book

Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 1 of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths talks a great deal about numbers. The chapter begins by introducing the students to numbers and helping them find the greater and smaller ones. Then it teaches them to create multiple numbers with given digits by arranging or rearranging them. The students also learn about the concept of the International System of Numeration and the expansion of numbers. They learn about larger numbers, the use of commas, etc. Apart from this, they become aware of the multiple measuring units like milligram, millimetre, centimetre, kilogram, etc., how to expand brackets, ascending and descending orders of numbers and Roman numerals also.  

Chapter 2: Whole Numbers

The second chapter deals with whole numbers, predecessors and successors. You get introduced to the concept of number line and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on the number line. Then comes the whole numbers’ properties, patterns in whole numbers, how to arrange them in elementary shapes, etc. 

This apart, there are: 

  • Commutativity of addition and multiplication
  • Division by zero
  • Distributivity of multiplication over addition
  • Associativity of addition and multiplication
  • Identity for addition and multiplication

Chapter 3: Playing with Numbers

As the name suggests, the third chapter helps students learn more about numbers in a fun and exciting manner. It introduces students to factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. There are different tests in the chapter concerning the divisibility of numbers. Apart from this,, this chapter teaches students about common factors, multiples, prime factorisation, highest common factor and lowest common multiple. This chapter contains more than ten problems on HCF and LCM to help students practice more and increase their efficiency. 

Chapter 4: Basic Geometry

The 4th chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths teaches students about the fundamentals of geometry. Students become aware of points that can determine locations, line segments, lines, intersecting lines, rays, curves and parallel lines. Afterwards, they are taught various geometric shapes, including triangles, polygons, circles and quadrilaterals. Then comes the angles formed when two rays share a common endpoint. Like the other chapters, this one, too, asks students to perform certain activities to help them better understand the geometric shapes and concepts. 

This chapter is crucial as it lays the foundation of geometry for the students. They must adequately understand the principles as they will use them in future Classes. 

Chapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes

After introducing students to the elementary shapes in geometry in the previous chapter, the 5th chapter takes the education forward on these shapes. It informs students about the fundamentals of elementary shapes and figures. Students are taught how to measure line segments and then use rulers or dividers to measure them. As the chapter proceeds, students learn about angles like straight, right, obtuse, reflex, and acute angles. They also learn to measure them using a protractor. 

Do you know that the two hands of the clock form multiple angles as they show you the time? Here, you will know this in detail. Then the focus shifts to perpendicular lines, triangles right-angled, acute-angled, obtuse-angled, isosceles, scalene, etc. This chapter also mentions quadrilaterals and other shapes like cubes, cylinders, spheres, pyramids, and cones, among others. 

Chapter 6: Integers

You learn in detail about integers in chapter 6 of Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF. Students learn about the integer line and how shifting to the right and left on the line gives positive and negative integers respectively. They are also taught about representing integers on the number line, arranging integers and estimating the positive, negative, larger and smaller integers. 

Then, the chapter moves on to the additions and subtractions of integers while taking the help of other integers. Students will find several sets of examples and their solutions in this chapter to encourage them to practice more and develop precision in these topics. 

Chapter 7: Fractions

You learn about the basics of fractions in this 7th chapter of the book. Multiple structures and figures are used to explain fractions to the students. This chapter takes a playful approach to teach the students about the concepts of fractions through games and activities. You also learn how to represent fractions on the number line and the forms of fractions – proper, mixed, improper, like and equivalent. Then comes the extraction of the simplest forms of fractions, comparing fractions, and addition and subtraction of various types of fractions. 

Chapter 8: Decimals

This chapter begins with revising the basic concepts of decimals and then explains the complex operation related to decimals. Students learn about concepts like tenths and hundredths with the help of several examples. Moving ahead, they learn how to use and compare decimals, convert decimals into fractions and vice-versa. This chapter also focuses on the addition and subtraction of numbers with decimals. Students will find six exercises in this chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF

Chapter 9: Data Handling

This chapter teaches the students how to handle data and assemble, analyse, record and organise data. The first part of the chapter revolves around the process of recording data. Then comes data organisation, pictograph, interpretation of a pictograph, and drawing a pictograph. 

The second part of the chapter teaches you about bar graphs in detail. You learn about the interpretation of a bar graph and drawing of a bar graph. This chapter also introduces how to represent data accurately in the form of a bar graph. You will get multiple examples along with exercises in this chapter.  

Chapter 10: Mensuration

The 10th chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths deals with the measurement of dimensions of several figures. You begin with the concept of perimeter, its definition and explanation and move on to measuring the perimeter of different figures like rectangles, squares, etc. Then there comes the measurement of irregular shapes. 

The next part of the chapter deals with the area. You learn the formulas to measure areas of squares and rectangles. Each concept comes with examples to help you grasp the ideas better. These examples can also help students solve the exercise problems related to this segment. 

Mensuration is very important not only for Class 6 examinations but also for the upcoming Classes. This chapter is filled with principles and formulas that will help students a long way if they decide to pursue a mathematics career. Even the tiny details are essential. So, we recommend students learn the formulas by heart and practice this chapter more than any other chapter of the mathematics book. 

Chapter 11: Algebra

This chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths introduces students to Algebra, a significant branch of mathematics. They start their algebra lessons with matchstick patterns that brief them about the concepts. Next comes the concept of variables, which is again followed by some matchstick patterns. They also get multiple examples of variables and learn their use in common rules. 

These rules are segregated into two parts – geometry and arithmetic. In Geometry, the rules are the perimeter of a square and the perimeter of a rectangle. In arithmetic, the rules are:

Distributivity of Numbers

Commutativity of multiplication of two Numbers

Commutativity of addition of two Numbers

This chapter also teaches the students about expressions with variables and how to use them practically. You come across the equation topic as well. 

Chapter 12: Ratio and Proportion

The 12th chapter explains the students about ratio. Do you know the ratio is nothing but a form of comparison? Several examples in this chapter are designed to help you understand the concepts better. After explaining the ratio in detail, the chapter talks about proportion, which is the comparative measurement of different portions of a whole unit. Proportion helps to equate two ratios. This chapter also teaches students to deduce a unit’s value using the help of the unitary method. 

Chapter 13: Symmetry

This chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF teaches students to make various symmetrical patterns and figures, including ink-stringed patterns. It also educates about figures formed using two lines and multiple lines of symmetry and the reflections concerning symmetry. However, it is not just examples and exercises; this chapter contains multiple activities to help students understand the concept better. The activities are simple that students can perform in the Class, like decorating with paper, etc. The chapter ends by explaining the kaleidoscope and an album.  

Chapter 14: Practical Geometry

This chapter of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths begins with teaching students to draw geometric shapes. In the previous chapters, they learned about the theory. Here, they learn about the tools and processes to practically make those shapes. You may be wondering what the tools are. Well, they are the ruler, compass, protractor, set-squares and divider. 

Here students learn how to draw a circle using a compass when they have the radius. Next, they learn to create a line segment of a prescribed length by using a ruler and compass. They also become aware of how to draw perpendicular bisectors, angles of different measurements, etc. Another important part of this chapter is angle bisectors. 

This chapter is quite interesting and an easy way of scoring well in the examination if the students pay attention. Practice as much as possible as it is the only way to perfectly draw the shapes and angles in the test. 

How Do Students Benefit from NCERT Books? 

As a CBSE student, you do not have to buy multiple books to brush your skills or excel in the examinations. Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF is available for free and the content of this book is enough to understand the concepts, clarify the doubts, and score well in the examination. Let us check some of the benefits of following the NCERT Class 6 Mathematics Book below: 

  1. Drafted by experts: The NCERT Books and other study materials are designed by subject experts after thorough research. This ensures that the students are in safe hands. Each NCERT book is a powerhouse of profound knowledge and ideas. However, the students are not burdened by cramming the book with ideas. They are drafted considering the grasping abilities of an average Class 6 student. 
  2. Interesting and gripping: The NCERT Books have been written in an engaging tone so that students do not get bored reading them. Also, importance has been given to the presentation. Images, diagrams, and other pictorial representations have been added wherever possible. This apart, each chapter, irrespective of the subject, has several interesting activities and examples to keep the student hooked up to the texts. 
  3. Easy-to-understand: Subject experts have written the NCERT Books in simple and lucid language so that students can easily comprehend the lessons and understand the concepts better. They will not find any unnecessary complex terms in the books. Even the tough portions are explained in a friendly manner so that students find no difficulty understanding them.  
  4. Error-free: The NCERT Books are frequently updated, checked, and reviewed. NCERT maintains a dedicated team to monitor the books. As a result, the books are free of errors. After publishing and before releasing the books in the market, they are checked for factual or printing errors.

NCERT Books are the most important resource for students. They can remain assured that they are not missing out on anything from their syllabus when they are following the NCERT Books. If they are dedicated enough and focus on understanding the concepts than regurgitating them, they will score good marks in the examination.  

Extramarks and its Assistance to CBSE Students 

Extramarks has helped students adapt to e-learning easily, offering them abundant opportunities to excel in their CBSE examinations. The website and the app have made studying hassle-free and less expensive. Students no longer have to buy the book’s physical copies as they can now access the PDFs of the individual chapters of NCERT Books Class 6 Maths on this site. This also relieves them from carrying multiple books with them. This apart, the site also offers the NCERT Maths Book Class 6 Solutions PDF Free Download. Solve the problems and cross-check the procedure and the answers. Pat you back if you are correct or work on your flaws with the help of the solutions when you get your answers wrong to move closer to your goals. 

Extramarks is determined to help the students in every possible so that they not only study well but also remain confident in their preparations and score well on the tests. Extramarks offers CBSE Revision Notes and CBSE Extra Questions, highlighting the CBSE important questions. Apart from this, they get the CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Paper on Extramarks to give them a taste of how the examination would be. 

Extramarks also host personalised Classes for students to solve their doubts so that the shy ones, especially, do not refrain from asking questions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters are there in NCERT Books Class 6 Maths?

There are 14 chapters in the NCERT Books Class 6 Maths on topics like arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Ratio and proportion, decimals, fractions, algebra, practical geometry, etc., are some of them. Each chapter has several important questions in the exercises, both inside and at the end. Moreover,, there are multiple activities and examples in the chapters. Students must go through the examples and practice all the exercises to score well in the examination.

2. What is there in the NCERT Books Class 6 Maths PDF?

The Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF follows the CBSE Syllabus so that students of schools affiliated with the CBSE can follow this book in their curriculum. The NCERT Mathematics book is a valuable resource for students, even those from other boards. Many competitive examinations also refer to the NCERT Books. This organisation has remained a trustworthy source of accurate and up-to-date information for decades. You will find all the relevant chapters containing the necessary topics and formulas explained in lucid language in the Mathematics book.

3. How many questions should I practice from each chapter to score the maximum in the examination?

To score the highest in the mathematics examination, we suggest the students do not skip anything. They dedicatedly follow every chapter and the examples and exercises the chapters contain. This will help them become familiar with the concepts and perform well in the examination.

4. Which chapter in the Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF teaches about mensuration?

The 10th chapter of the Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF deals with mensuration. It teaches students to measure the dimensions of different figures. Students become aware of the formulas to determine the area and perimeter of a rectangle, a square, and irregular figures. This is an important chapter not only for this Class but even for future Classes as it helps form the base of the students. One needs to practice the exercises frequently and memorise the formulas so they do not make any mistakes in the examination.

5. Where can I find the best NCERT solutions for Class 6 mathematics?

While there are many sites on the internet claiming to offer the authentic NCERT Books Class 6 Maths but you have to be very sure to trust one of them. Extramarks have created its position in the market to offer the best quality e-learning to students. All the NCERT books you find here is authentic and updated according to the latest CBSE Syllabus. So, if you do not search other sites once you have landed here, you are in safe hands. Download the Maths NCERT Class 6 Book PDF worry-free. The books are error-free and of the latest academic year. Being a leading digital platform assisting students in adapting to digital education, Extramarks has left no stone unturned to ensure all its study materials are accurate, informative, easy to understand, and relevant to the students.