NEET Chemistry Question Paper

NEET Chemistry Question Paper

Chemistry is generally the most scoring section of the NEET question paper. It is comparatively easier to crack and can be solved in less time. However, it is possible only if you have a firm grip on Chemistry formulae, concepts and important reactions. Students should practice NEET Mock Tests and previous years’ question papers under an ideal exam environment to improve speed and accuracy.

Physical, Organic, and Inorganic chemistry sections are usually distributed equally in the NEET Chemistry question paper. However, Organic Chemistry alone accounted for roughly 18 questions in the NEET 2020 question paper. Candidates should be aware of the NEET syllabus as it will help them perform excellently in the final exam. NEET questions are directly from Chemistry NCERT books. Thus, it is advisable to revise them thoroughly.

 Take a look at the following section-by-section list of major chemistry subjects based on prior trends:

Important Chapters For Different Sections of Chemistry
Section Topic Number of questions
Physical Chemistry Chemical and ionic equilibrium 3
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 2
Chemical Kinetics 2
Solution and colligative properties 1
Surface Chemistry 1
Inorganic Chemistry Chemical Bonding 5
Coordination compounds 4
s and pblock 2
s and f block 2
Organic Chemistry Carbonyl compounds 4
General organic chemistry 3
Alkyl, Halide, Alcohol & Ether 2
IUPAC and Isomerism 2

Note: The number of questions are provided based on the analysis of previous years NEET Chemistry question papers and are subject to change.

Download NEET Chemistry Question Paper PDF

Along with NEET Mock Tests, we highly recommend practising NEET previous years’ Chemistry question papers to understand the difficulty level and boost their success rate in such a highly competitive exam.

 Generally, NTA provides NEET previous years Chemistry question papers with solutions on their official website. Nevertheless, we at Extramarks are making this process hassle-free by providing a rich bank of year wise papers under one roof.

Advantages of solving NEET Chemistry Question Papers

Learning with Extramarks is dynamic! You may wonder why! We let you access unlimited learning and practice resources along with NEET sample papers. Aspirants can download and practice NEET question papers to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Undoubtedly, the competition is tough, but NEET Chemistry question papers can prove to be of great help. Here are some of the key benefits of solving Chemistry Question Papers.

  1. Amplify your revision by solving NEET question papers. NEET question papers help you get familiarised with the exam pattern and difficulty level.
  2. They help you analyse your performance by helping you understand your weak and strong areas.
  3. NEET question papers simulate a real-exam environment; therefore, they are a crucial part of your preparation.
  4. It is used as a mirror to check your overall preparedness for the exam.

Why solve the NEET Chemistry Question Paper?

Do you know the most effective way to test your preparedness? Practise as many NEET sample paper or previous years’ papers as you possibly can to gain a stronghold over crucial concepts. This study exercise will develop more confidence and help you gain problem-solving skills, making your NEET 2023 strategy more effective. Moreover, it will familiarise you with the exam pattern, type of questions, marking scheme and help to build time management skills.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is chemistry in NEET tough?

If you wish to pursue medicine, you must clear the medical exams, such as NEET, AIIMS, or JIPMER. It is believed that it is difficult as the Chemistry syllabus is vast. However, on the other hand, Chemistry is a high-scoring subject for NEET.

2. What is the best way to study NEET chemistry?

If you are heading towards a career that requires smart work, your preparation strategy must be flawless. Therefore, we have clubbed a few points to help you avoid making mistakes in the NEET 2023.

  1. Do not overboard yourself with reference books
  2. Prepare a timetable
  3. Practice and analyse your strength and weakness
  4. Do not skip mock tests
  5. Know the syllabus
  6. Understand the exam pattern
  7. Prevent making your preparations cumbersome
  8. Be consistent- do not procrastinate! 
  9. Health is wealth
  10. Lastly, trust yourself

3. How can I download last year’s NEET chemistry question papers with answers?

To download NEET chemistry question papers, aspirants can visit the official NEET website or download the PDFs of NEET chemistry question papers with answers provided by Extramarks. You can click on the link to the question paper of your choice and download/ save it for further use.

4. Is NCERT textbook important for NEET?

NCERT textbooks are the concrete base for the NEET. Try to strengthen your theoretical knowledge before jumping straight to other books because approximately 70% of the NEET questions are directly asked from the NCERT books. These books are proven to be the best books for your preparation, so revise each line thoroughly. Moreover, should you be looking for solutions to NCERT textbook questions, we have got them all! And that too, for free.