NEET Physics Question Paper


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted every year to select candidates for medical UG programmes across the nation. NEET syllabus comprises Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In this page, you will find NEET Physics question papers from previous years that will help you in preparing this subject for the exam.

NEET Physics requires conceptual clarity in the subject as well as in-depth knowledge. While covering Biology and Chemistry section of NEET question paper is the focus of most of the candidates, preparing with the help of NEET question paper Physics will help them in securing high marks in the subject so that they can clear the NEET cut-off. In addition to that, the Physics section of NEET is easy as compared to that of any other entrance examination.

Download NEET Physics Question Paper PDF

The students can download the NEET question paper from the official website right after the examination. The question paper comprises 200 questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Out of these, 180 are compulsory questions that should be covered in 3 hours’ time. If you are looking for the NEET Physics question paper, you are on the right page. From here, you can download the PDF of the NEET Physics question paper and save it for future use. 

Advantages of solving NEET Physics Question Papers

NCERT is the base for NEET preparation. Once you have covered NCERT thoroughly, you should test your knowledge by solving problems from the NEET Physics question paper. This will not only help you in understanding NEET exam pattern, but also in time management for performing well in the exam. With regular NEET mock tests, you can ensure that this section is a cakewalk for you in NEET 2023.

If you analyze NEET Physics question papers from the previous years, you will realize that there were more questions from Mechanics, Electrostatics, and Electricity, as compared to other topics. Therefore, by practicing from NEET sample papers, you can identify the areas of the syllabus that require more attention. Additionally, practicing from the NEET Physics question paper will help you in attempting maximum questions with maximum accuracy in limited time.

Why solve the NEET Physics Question Paper?

For strengthening your preparations in Physics, in-depth knowledge of the concepts, and ability to solve complicated numerical problems are very important. Therefore, with the help of the NEET Physics question paper, the candidates can understand the important topics in the subject and practice different types of problems from similar concepts.

There are several NEET books for Physics that help the students in preparing the subject as per the requirements of this exam. However, NEET Physics question papers serve as a question bank to help you in understanding a concept in different angles and solving any type of question from the concept. The more questions you practice, the easier it becomes for you to solve any complicated question that may come across you. It also helps you in identifying gaps in your preparation, so that you can dedicate more time in those sections.

NEET Physics Question Paper Analysis

After solving questions, you need to have a thorough NEET Physics question paper analysis. This will help you in identifying your common areas of error. Since this section deals with numerical and derivations, it might become a little tricky for many candidates. Additionally, if you have a stronghold in the concepts and you are able to solve any kind of problems, then you can secure very high marks in this subject, which will help you in clearing NEET cut-off easily.

A complete analysis of the NEET physics question paper and your performance while solving the problems can be helpful in identifying the topic of maximum importance, recurring questions, and exact pattern of NEET 2023.


With the NEET exam date nearing, there are several questions that arise in the minds of students regarding the NEET physics question paper. Following are the list of some of the most frequently asked questions:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What type of questions are asked in the NEET Physics paper?

If we look at the Previous years’ NEET Physics question papers, we can easily say that the following are the most important topics in this subject:

  •   Rotational motion
  •   Heat & thermodynamics
  •   SHM & Waves
  •   Mechanics
  •   Ray Optics
  •   Modern Physics
  •   Electronics

It must be noted that these are the most important topics as per the recent trends. Students should prioritize their preparations on these topics. However, a significant number of questions are asked from the other topics too. Therefore, students should cover all topics of the syllabus and practice as many questions as possible.

2. Is Physics in NEET tough?

Students who are preparing for NEET 2023 often find Physics to be a little tough. This is because of the requirement of in-depth knowledge of the concepts as well as problem-solving skills. However, if we analyze the Physics paper of other entrance examinations, it is quite evident that physics questions in NEET are comparatively easy. If you have understood the concept and practiced from the NEET Physics question paper, it will be easy for you.

3. What is the best way to study NEET Physics?

If you want to score well in the Physics section of NEET, the following can be the strategy for your preparation:

  1.       Thoroughly analyze NEET syllabus for physics
  2.       Cover the important topics in priority
  3.       Build conceptual clarity from the best NEET books and videos for Physics
  4.       Master the formulae
  5.       Practice from NEET Physics question papers and NEET mock tests

4. How can I download last year’s NEET Physics question papers with answers?

To download last years’ NEET Physics question papers, you may visit the official website However, from this page, you have access to previous years’ question papers with answer keys and solutions. You can easily download the PDF file and save it for your future reference.