CBSE Class 9 Social Science Geography Revision Notes Chapter 7

CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 7 notes- Lifelines of National Economy

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CBSE Class 9 Geography Revision Notes 2023-24

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CBSE Class 9 Geography Revision Notes

Chapter 7 Geography Class 9 highlights the difference between modes of transportation such as railways, roadways and waterways. It also outlines the importance of transport for primary and secondary sectors.

The movement of goods, services and people necessitates the need for a stable transportation system which is not restricted by state barriers. Lifelines of the National Economy are divided into three major modes of transport: Land, Waterways, and Airways. However, land transportation systems involve roadways, railways, and pipelines. Roadways in India still have an edge over railways due to the ease by which they can be maintained and built. Moreover, roads can help people commute to dissected topographies and mountains like the Himalayas. Railways, on the other hand, are an important means of transport for the delivery of large chunks of goods over long distances. Railways bind the economic life and enhance the development of industry and agriculture. Pipelines are important as they transport crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas to refineries and big thermal power plants.

Waterways have been the cheapest, most fuel-efficient and environment-friendly mode of transport since ancient times. They are used to transport bulky and heavy goods from one country to another. There are five waterways marked as National waterways by the government of India. Moreover, Mumbai is the largest seaport with immense space and a well-sheltered harbour. Additionally, Airways are the most comfortable, fastest and most prestigious mode of transportation because they can cover difficult terrains like dense forests, deserts, high mountains, and long oceanic stretches. Air transport was nationalised in the year 1953 by the Government of India.

Due to the presence of these important means of transporting goods, and services,  people can traverse even to and from undulated topographies with ease.

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Lifelines of National Economy Class 9 notes Geography Chapter 7