Important Questions Class 12 Maths Chapter 4

Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Maths Chapter 4 – Determinants

We have already learned that algebraic equations can be expressed as matrices. The determinant is used to determine the uniqueness of a solution associated with such matrices. It has numerous applications in engineering, economics, Science and other fields. With real entries, we will learn the determinants up to order 3. Determinants for Class 12 Maths also covers the properties of matrices, cofactors and applications of matrices and determinants, as well as finding the area of a triangle.

The topics covered in determinants for Class 12 Maths include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Determinant Definition
  • Properties
  • Area of a Triangle
  • Minors and Cofactors
  • Adjoint and the inverse of a matrix
  • Determinants and Matrix Applications

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CBSE Class 12 Maths Important Questions
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1 Chapter 1 Relations and Functions
2 Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3 Chapter 3 Matrices
4 Chapter 4 Determinants
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7 Chapter 7 Integrals
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13 Chapter 13 Probability

CBSE Class 12 Maths Chapter-4 Important Questions


If value of determinant sin80°cos80°sin10°cos10° is


  1. 0.
  2. 12
  3. 1/2.
  4. 1.

Ans –

We have,   =sin80°cos80°sin10°cos10°=sin80°cos10°+cos80°sin10°=sin(80°+10°)=sin90°=1.


Using properties of determinantsshow that1+a1111+b1111+c=abc1+1a+1b+1c=abc +bc + ca + ab.


Let 1+a1111+b1111+cBy applying c1c2andc


Let 1+a1111+b1111+cBy applying c1c2andc3c3c2,we geta 10b1+bb01cExpanding along R1,we obtain=a1+bb1c1bb0c+0=ac+bc+bbc=ac+abc+ab+bc=abc+bc+ca+ab=abca+1a+1b+1c


If A = 1   -1   20    2  -33   -2   4and B 2   0   19   2   -36    1  -2then find AB.Using ABsolve the folowing system of equations: xy+2z =12y3z =13x2y+4z = 2


HereAB = 1   -1   20    2  -33   -2   4 2   0   19   2   -36    1  -2=29 +1 202+2     1+34 0 +1818    0+43      06+6618+24    04+43 +681   0   00   1   00   0   1Then AB = IThus A1=B1   -1   20    2  -33   -2   41= 2   0   19   2   -36    1  -2Now given equations can be written as A1X=B1whereA1=1   -1   20    2  -33   -2   4X=xyzand B1€‹=112NowA1=Aˆ´A11=A1‡’A11=2   0   19   2   -36    1  -2as X =A11B1ˆ´X=2   0   19   2   -36    1  -2112X=2   + 0  + 19   +2   -66    +1  -4053Hencex = 0, y = 5 and z = 3


Show that a             b          ca+2x  b+2yc+2zx    yz=0 by using properties of determinants.


a             b          ca+2x  b+2yc+2zx    yz=a     b      ca     b     cx   yz+a      b       c2x   2y2zx    yzAll elements of R2are expressed as sum of two terms.  Thereforethe determinant can be expressed as sum of  two determinant.=0+2a     b      ca     b     cx   yz2 is taken out common from R2.If any two rows or columns of a determinant are identical then the value of determinant is zero.=0+0=0

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What uses do determinants have in real life? Explain its concept.

Chapter 4 Determinants of Class 12 Mathematics explains the fundamental concepts and applications of determinants. Learning Determinants is important because they have numerous applications. A Determinant is a function that can be used to connect any square matrix to a real or complex integer. This principle is used to determine whether an equation system has a unique solution. In addition, Determinants have numerous applications in engineering, Science, Economics and Social Science because it is useful for understanding ‘cross- product’ and to find a solution of a system of equations.

2. What are the properties of Determinants?

Reflection, all zero, proportionality, switching, factor, scaler, multiple, sum, triangle, cofactor matrix and invariance are the properties of a Determinant. There are various applications of Determinants in all of these properties, such as reflection, which depicts that it does not change with changes in rows and columns, and zero, which depicts that if rows and columns are similar to others, then the determinant will also be zero.

3. What are the uses of determinants?

Determinants are very important in algebra. To solve linear equations, you must first understand determinants. This is a significant concept that is also useful in calculating area, volume and other integrals. Determinants can also be used to calculate the values in square matrices.