Ammonium Dichromate Formula

Ammonium Dichromate Formula

The Ammonium Dichromate Formula is a crystalline solid that has a very bright orange colouration. The substance is highly flammable, and then it produces a significant amount of residue which is primarily in the colour green. When the residue is being heated in a closed container, the container might actually burst because of the decomposition reaction that takes place in the container. The Ammonium Dichromate Formula also acts as an extremely strong agent which facilitates the process of oxidisation. The Ammonium Dichromate Formula dissolved completely when it is put in water. In this compound, as can be seen in all the different kinds of dichromates. The state of oxidation for the Ammonium Dichromate Formula is +6, and therefore it can also be easily called hexavalent chromium.

The salt is made of various ammonium ions and dichromate ions. The popular name of the Ammonium Dichromate Formula is called ‘vesuvian fire’ at times, and that is primarily called this because of all the applications that it has in the practical experiments demonstrating a tabletop volcano. This demonstration is no longer allowed in schools to take place because the compound is carcinogenic. Even in the earlier days of photography when the technology was being developed, the Ammonium Dichromate Formula would be used by various photographers.

Properties Of Ammonium Dichromate

The molecular formula of the ammonium dichromate is (NH4)2Cr2O7

Ammonium Dichromate Structural Formula

As a catalyst, the Ammonium Dichromate Formula can also be used in various reactions. There are a number of industrial uses for the compound and one of the most important uses for the compound in the industrial sector is that it can be used as a mordant in processes involving the manufacture of alizarin, chrome alum, and even leather tanning.


At room temperature and normal pressure, the Ammonium Dichromate Formula is present in orange colour, which are acidic crystals that can easily dissolve in water and even alcohol. The production of the compound happens by the action of the chromic acid with the ammonium hydroxide which leads to a subsequent crystallisation. The (NH4)2Cr2O7 crystal (C2/c, z=4) comprises a single type of ammonium ion. At the places of symmetry in compound C1 (2,3). Every one of the NH4+  ions centres around and is not regularly surrounded by 8 oxygen atoms of N—O which conveniently distances that range from ca. 2.83 – ca. 3.17 Å, typical of the bonds which are formed of hydrogen.


There are various uses of the Ammonium Dichromate Formula. One of the most popular uses of the compound is in pyrotechnics. The compound has also been used in photography, especially in lithographs. The compound act as a provider for pure nitrogen because pure nitrogen is required in the process. The Ammonium Dichromate Formula can also be used in various reactions as a catalyst. The compound has various industrial uses and one of the most important uses of the compound in the industrial sector is how Ammonium Dichromate Formula is used as a mordant in processes which include the production of alizarin, chrome alum and even the Ammonium Dichromate Formula is used in leather tanning.


The volcano experiment which is not done nowadays because of the carcinogenic property of it includes the lighting of a pile of salt and this starts the following exothermic conversion:

(NH4)2Cr2O7 (s) → Cr2O3 (s) + N2 (g) + 4 H2O (g) (ΔH = −429.1 ± 3 kcal/mol)

Ammonium Dichromate Formula also is extremely thermodynamically unstable. The decomposition reaction proceeds to completion once the process is initiated, producing a powder of chromium (III) oxide which is dark green in colour.

The Ammonium Dichromate Formula decomposes in this specific reaction in a specific way. When the dark green powder is mixed up in the water, then, a yellow or orange colour solution is the product of the reaction.


The substance is highly toxic and people must be very careful while handling it. It is advisable for everyone to take precautionary measures when using it.


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