Ammonium Iodide Formula

Ammonium Iodide Formula

The Ammonium Iodide Formula is the chemical compound NH4I which comes in direct use in the photographic chemicals that are used by different photographers for different kinds of photography. Ammonium Iodide Formula is also used in some medications for various health issues. The preparation of the Ammonium Iodide Formula takes place by making the hydriodic acid react with the ammonia. Ammonium Iodide Formula is easily soluble when it is mixed in water (H2O). Subsequently, by the process of mixing it with the water, the Ammonium Iodide Formula crystallises in the shape of different cubes. It is also soluble when it is put inside the solution of ethanol and because of the kind of reaction that happens, it turns yellow on standing in the moist air, which is caused because of the process of decomposition with the process of liberation of the iodine.

Ammonium Iodide Properties

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Ammonium Iodide Chemical Structure

The molecular formula of the ammonium iodide is H4IN. People can find instructional resources on the Extramarks website regarding the concerned topic.

Ammonium Iodide Uses

The ammonium Iodide Formula is very useful in many ways, and one of them is in photographic chemicals. The Ammonium Iodide Formula is often generally used in the process of making different types of medicines.

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