Ammonium Sulfide Formula

Ammonium Sulfide Formula

The Ammonium Sulfide Formula and all the associated formulas and their examples can be found on the Extramarks website. Extramarks have recently made their mobile applications. Solved examples from the Ammonium Sulfide Formula can be accessed by students anywhere and everywhere. The necessary informational material can be accessed by people from the Extramarks website. It is essential for people to register on the website of Extramarks to be able to acquire the information they require. Information regarding other topics can also be found on the Extramarks website and learning application. A situation in which Hydrogen sulfide is present in excess produces ammonium hydrosulfide from the Ammonium Sulfide Formula. The Ammonium Sulfide Formula is produced by further treating the result with exactly the same amount of ammonia as in the initial process.

Ammonium Sulfide Properties

The Ammonium Sulfide Formula is also often called to be the stink bomb. The Ammonium Sulfide Formula is a toxic chemical which has an extremely unpleasant smell which resembles the smell of rotten eggs. The compound is highly flammable, and it is very important that the compound is dealt with, with great safety. The molecular formula of the Ammonium Sulfide Formula is (NH4)2S. When the Ammonium Sulfide Formula is treated in a situation where there is an extra supply of Hydrogen sulphide, then this reaction produces ammonium hydrosulphide. When the result is further treated with the exactly same amount of ammonia, then this process produces the Ammonium Sulfide Formula.

Ammonium Sulfide Structural Formula

The structural formula of the Ammonium Sulfide Formula (NH4)2S or N2H8S

Ammonium Sulfide Uses

The Ammonium Sulfide Formula has various uses and the major ones are as follows –

  1. The Ammonium Sulfide Formula is used in the manufacturing process of various photographic developments
  2. The Ammonium Sulfide Formula is extensively used in the textile industry.
  3. In the direct application of the Patina to bronze, the Ammonium Sulfide Formula is used.
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