Cop Formula

Coefficient of Performance (COP) Formula

Every appliance that people buy has some efficiency, and people buy them based on their efficiency. A coefficient of performance is an important factor in determining the efficiency of air conditioners, refrigerators, and heat pumps. A COP value is the first thing we look at when buying an air conditioner, refrigerator, or heat pump.

How to calculate COP Formula

Heat dissipation and electrical power intake determine the Coefficient of Performance (COP). An air conditioning unit’s performance is evaluated by this parameter. Following are the characteristics of COP that show how effective heating and cooling systems are:

  1. This is the ratio of compressor power input to refrigeration output.
  2. As the coefficient of performance (COP) rises, the cooling output increases in proportion to the power input.
  3. Efficiency increases with an increase in COP.
  4. Efficiency increases as COP rises, and efficiency decreases as COP falls.
  5. It is the ratio between the evaporator’s cooling output and the air conditioner’s or refrigerator’s work input.
  6. The higher the COP, the higher the power consumption, and the higher the running costs.

Coefficient of Performance (COP)

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Formula of Coefficient of Performance (COP)

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Sample Questions

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