Kinetic Friction Formula

Kinetic Friction Formula

In moving bodies that are interacting with each other, frictional force is something we see every day. There are numerous sorts of friction that could occur. Kinetic friction, commonly referred to as sliding friction, is significantly more significant with moving bodies. Static friction also has an impact on an object before it begins to move. Additionally, rolling friction is particularly relevant to moving items like wheels. With reference to the Kinetic Friction Formula and examples, we will talk about kinetic friction principles in this topic. Let’s start the discussion!

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Kinetic Friction Formula

The most basic definition of kinetic friction is described as the resistance to a motion brought on by the contact of a moving item with a surface. Kinetic friction is a force that works against a moving item. Therefore, friction will cause an object to move backward if we push it forward.

Sliding friction is another name for the kinetic friction force, which only affects moving objects. Static friction is a significant type of friction that occurs between solids. It is the resistance to a motion brought on by the rubbing of a stationary item against a surface. In general, static friction coefficients are higher than kinetic friction coefficients.

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Definition of Kinetic Friction

In our daily lives, people see the frictional force at work as moving bodies come into contact. The term for this is kinetic friction. This subject includes rolling friction and sliding friction.

Kinetic friction caused by the two moving aircraft touching each other is the retarding force. The formula for kinetic friction is


The Formula for Kinetic Friction

The following equation provides the best definition of friction force. For the specific type of friction being considered, the friction coefficient determines the force of friction. The strength of the normal force also has a role.

Kinetic friction is the phrase used to describe the retarding force that exists between two moving planes when they come into contact. The following is the Kinetic Friction Formula:


Additionally, Fn=mg applies if the issue involves a horizontal surface and no other vertical forces are at play.


Fk Force of kinetic friction

μk Coefficient of sliding friction or kinetic friction

Fn Normal force, equal to the object’s weight

m Object’s mass

g Acceleration due to gravity

Solved Examples

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