Kelvin to Celsius Formula

Kelvin to Celsius Formula

By substituting the value of Kelvin for the temperature in Celsius, students may convert Kelvin to Celsius using the formula Celsius = Kelvin – 273.15°. Scales like Kelvin and Celsius are used to measure temperature. In this post, students will learn more about the Kelvin To Celsius Formula and how to convert Kelvin to Celsius.

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Kelvin to Celsius Formula

The two scales used to measure temperature are kelvin and celsius. The temperature must occasionally be converted from the Kelvin scale to the Celsius scale. It is most commonly known as “Kelvin to Celsius.”

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Celsius Scale:

The International System of Units, usually referred to as the SI unit, uses Kelvin as its base unit to measure temperature. The letter K serves as its emblem. It should be emphasized that since the Kelvin scale is an absolute scale, we do not use the word “degree” in it.

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Kelvin Scale:

The temperature at which water freezes at zero degrees and boils at one hundred degrees is measured in Celsius. The letter C is used to represent it. The degrees system divides the Celsius scale into 100 equally spaced increments. Since there are 100 degrees between the two points, this scale is sometimes referred to as the centigrade scale.

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Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Formula

The equation 0 Kelvin = -273.15° Celsius expresses the relationship between the Kelvin scale and the Celsius scale. Thus, -273.15 degrees Celsius are equal to 0 Kelvin. The link between the Celsius scale and the Kelvin scale is depicted in the following graph.

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Solved Examples

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