Friction Force Formula

Friction Force Formula 

The force that prevents motion when the surfaces of two objects come into contact is known as friction. Friction lessens a machine’s mechanical advantage, or, to put it another way, friction decreases the output-to-input ratio. A car spends one-fourth of its energy reducing friction. Friction in the clutch and tyres, on the other hand, contributes to the vehicle’s ability to maintain its position on the road. One of the most important phenomena in the physical universe is friction, which affects everything from machines to molecular structures to matches.

Formula of Friction Force

The resistive force of friction (Fr) divided by the normal or perpendicular force (N) pushing the objects together yields the coefficient of friction (fr), which is a numerical value. The formula fr = Fr/N serves as a representation of it.

The following variables impact the frictional force: 

Surface roughness and the amount of force pressing them together have the biggest impact on these forces.

The amount of frictional force is influenced by the object’s position and angle.

The frictional force will be equal to the weight of the object if it is put flat against another object.

The frictional force will increase and surpass the weight of the thing if it is pushed up against the surface.

Friction Force – Solved Examples

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