Pentane Formula

Pentane Formula

Pentane is an organic compound that is a colourless and transparent liquid. Pentane smells like petroleum. It is less dense than water and does not dissolve in water. Also known as quintan and n-pentane. Pentane has two rotatable bonds. Below is a table of the formula for pentane.

Molecular Pentane Formula is C5H12

Primary formula is CH3(CH2)3CH3

The trend to use carbon dioxide is expected to continue in the future, but combustible organic compounds are used when the desired properties cannot be obtained. Expensive sub-fluorinated HFCs with relatively high GWP are only used where non-flammability is important. However, chlorine-containing compounds must be completely replaced.

Pentane Formula has been presented as a possible solution to find an efficient blowing agent that also meets environmental regulations, and years of experience with its use have shown that processing is safe as long as safety devices are fully implemented. Bayer’s PU machinery subsidiary, Hennecke GmbH, has developed a state-of-the-art system that monitors all critical control points along the processing chain to ensure safe production.

Structure Of Pentane

The pentane structure is a straight chain with 5 carbon atoms.

Properties Of Pentane

Pentane has properties similar to butane and hexane. Below is a table of the properties of pentane.

  • IUPAC name Pentane
  • Molecular formula C5H12
  • Molecular weight 72.151 g/mol
  • Melting point -130.5~-129.1℃
  • Boiling point 35.9-36.3℃
  • Density 0.626g/ml
  • Appearance Colorless liquid
  • Refractive index 1.358
  • Viscosity 0.240 mPa.s at 20℃

Isomers Of Pentane

Pentane has three structural isomers and they are:

  • N-Pentane is the first isomer that is a straight chain with the usual structure of pentane.

  • 2-Methylbutane is the second isomer, a branched chain structure in which one carbon atom is attached to three other carbon atoms. 

  • 2,2-Dimethylpropane is the third isomer, a branched chain structure in which the central carbon atom is attached to the other four carbon atoms

Uses Of Pentane

Pentane is used in the production of polystyrene foam. Isopentane obtained by acid-catalysed isomerisation is used in the production of high-octane fuels. Used as a working medium for Rankine cycle in geothermal power plants. Also used in liquid chromatography. At room temperature, pentane is a volatile liquid and cheap. Pentane Formula is used as a solvent in laboratories.

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