Iron III Hydroxide Formula

Iron III Hydroxide Formula

Iron (III) Hydroxide is a chemical compound with the Iron III Hydroxide Formula Fe(OH)3 that contains Iron, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. The colour of Iron III Hydroxide ranges from dark-brown to black depending on the degree of hydration, the crystal structure, and the shape and size of the particle. Additionally, this substance is water insoluble. Additionally, the Iron III Hydroxide Formula is used as a phosphate binder in the filtration of aquarium water. Ferric hydroxide and hydrated iron oxide are other names for Iron III Hydroxide.

Iron III Hydroxide Properties

Iron III Hydroxide has a molecular weight of 106.87 g/mol and the Iron III Hydroxide Formula is Fe(OH)3. In addition, this molecule has a hydrogen bond donor count of 3 and a hydrogen bond acceptor count of 3. On the other hand, Iron III Oxide has no rotatable bonds.

Additionally, this compound’s precise mass is 106.943155 g/mol. Iron III hydroxide, on the other hand, has a monoisotopic mass of 106.943155 g/mol. At normal temperature, Iron III Hydroxide crystallises as a dark orange substance.

The topological polar surface area of the Iron III Hydroxide Formula is 3 2. Furthermore, Iron III Hydroxide has four heavy atoms. Iron III Hydroxide has a covalent bond count of 4. This particular chemical is canonicalised.

The isotope atom count, defined atom stereocenter count, undefined atom stereocenter count, and undefined bond stereocenter count of this compound.

Iron III Hydroxide Chemical Structure

The crystalline form of β-FeOOH, commonly known as akaganeite, is BaMn8O16, also known as hollandite. The unit cell contains 8 formula units of FeOOH and is tetragonal with dimensions of 1.048 nm and 0.3023 nm. Its measurements can reach 500 50 50 nm. Twinned particles frequently take the form of hexagonal stars. To learn more, students can visit the Extramarks website.

Iron III Hydroxide Uses

  1. A few cosmetic products and tattoo ink include yellow iron oxide.
  2. It is used as a phosphate binder in aquarium water treatment
  3. Possibly used as adsorbents to remove lead
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