Silicon Dioxide Formula

Silicon Dioxide Formula

Chemically, Silicon Dioxide Formula has the molecular formula SiO2. In nature, it is most frequently found as quartz. Crystals of it are either white or colourless. The names silica, silicic acid, and silicic acid anhydride are also used to refer to silicon dioxide. Silica is the most prevalent mineral on earth and is non-combustible.

What is Silicon Dioxide?

There are various methods to obtain silicon dioxide. Some of them include mining, sand mining, and quartz purification. Acidification of sodium sulphate solution gives out silica, either in precipitated form or in amorphous form. When silica gel is rinsed and dehydrated after, the formation of colourless microporous silica happens.

Properties of Silicon Dioxide

The name of this compound is Silicon Dioxide. The Silicon Dioxide Formula is also known as Silica, Silicic acid and Silicic Acid Anhydride. The Silicon Dioxide Formula appears to be a transparent solid (amorphous) that is white or whitish yellow (sand or powder). The molecular formula of silicon dioxide is SiO2. The melting point of Silicon Dioxide Formula is 1710°C while the boiling point of silicon dioxide is 2230°C. The density for α-quartz is estimated to be 2.65g/cm3 while the density of silicon dioxide for amorphous is 2.196/cm³. Some other known properties of silicon dioxide include:

Silicon Dioxide Formula is found to be greyish, crystalline, odourless, and amorphous.

It is soluble in an acid like hydrofluoric acid, but insoluble in other acids or water.

Since the polarity of the molecule is zero, Silicon Dioxide Formula is not a very reactive element.

Since silicon forms two bonds with oxygen, it results in an extremely stable compound.

Since Silicon Dioxide also has high dielectric strength, this allows the molecule to be used as an insulator and a semiconductor.

Silicon Dioxide Chemical Structure

It has both a 2D and a 3D conformer structure. Silicon Dioxide Formula is tetrahedrally coordinated in the bulk of silicates, with four oxygen atoms. Silicon dioxide produces three-dimensional network solids. Students can visit Extramarks website and app to find answers to their questions. This will help them with any doubt that might arise.

Silicon Dioxide Uses

The uses of Silicon Dioxide Formula include:

Silicon dioxide is used for making concrete in the building sector.

It can also be used in hydraulic fracturing in its crystalline form.

The production of glass also has use for Silicon Dioxide Formula.

Silicon Dioxide Formula has found its use as a sedative too in medicine.

Synthesis of elemental silicon has use for silicon dioxide.

In powdered food, it is used as an anti-caking agent such as spices.

It is also used in beers, juices and wine as a fining agent.

It has also been shown to be useful for removing plaque from the teeth.

Sample Questions

What are various uses of Silicon Dioxide Formula?

Some of the various uses of Silicon Dioxide are as follows:

utilised as a filler in insulating materials, paints, animal feed, rubber products, insecticides, and cosmetics

Leukaemia cell biomarkers

cancer therapy, drug delivery

mechanical polishing, and additions to medications

Cosmetics, printing inks, varnishes, and food are a few applications for silica nanoparticles

In the process of making semiconductors, materials made of silicon dioxide and polycrystalline silicon are etched.

What are various health effects of Silicon Dioxide Formula?

Silica which has been orally ingested by a person is not essentially hum full or toxic for the person. Though, the same cannot be said for finely divided crystalline silica. Inhalation of finely divided crystalline silica can lead to a number of problems that include silicosis, bronchitis or lung cancer. This has been resulted because of lodging of test particles on lungs which leads to continuous irritation of tissue. This later leads to reduction in lung capacity. If finely divided silica particles are inhaled by a person in large enough quantities, this increases the risk of systemic autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been known as a health hazard for people working in the sand blasting industry. This case is also applicable for workers who work in factories where silica dioxide is used for creation of any product. The process of cutting and installing the countertops creates a large amount of airborne silica. Silica used in Hydraulic manufacturing is also very harmful for people working there. Crystalline silica particles aren’t known for not breaking in clean clear recommendable time.

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