Surface Area Formulas

Surface Area Formulas

Using the Surface Area Formulas, one can find the total area occupied by all the surfaces on any three-dimensional object.

What Is Surface Area Formula?

A three-dimensional object’s surface area can be found using the surface area formula. There are two types of Surface Area Formulas:

  • Formula for curved surface area or formula for lateral surface area
  • Formula for calculating total surface area

Surface Area Formulas of Different Shapes

A three-dimensional object has lateral surfaces and a base surface. Total surface area refers to the sum of lateral/curved surface area and base surface area. 

Surface Area Formula of Cube

The surface area of a cube is the total area covered by its six faces. 

  • Surface area of the cube is equal to the sum of the area of its vertical surfaces and the area of its base. The surface area of a cube is calculated as 6a2 where a is the length of one side.
  • The lateral surface area formula for a cube is the sum of its lateral side faces. In this case, LSA = 4a2, where a is the length of the side.

Surface Area Formula of Cuboid

The total surface area of the cuboid is calculated by adding the areas of all six faces. A cuboid’s total surface area and lateral surface area can be expressed in terms of its dimensions: length (l), breadth (b), and height (h).

Surface Area Formula of Cone

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Surface Area Formula of Cylinder

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Surface Area Formula of Sphere

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Surface Area Formula of Hemisphere

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Surface Area Formula of Prism

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Surface Area Formula of Pyramid

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Examples Using Surface Area Formula

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