NCERT Books Class 11 Geography

CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Geography 

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) provides educational notes and study guides on various topics per the CBSE curriculum. For the purpose of thorough examination preparation, it is made easier for students to locate all of the pertinent information regarding a topic on a single platform. In addition to the books for other classes, you can find the NCERT textbooks you need for Geography Class 11.

Most educators choose these books as their go-to source of instructional material because they contain reliable information and are easy to read. Even the CBSE suggests using these books as a resource for learning and education at a higher level. The NCERT Geography Textbook for Class 11 is also available in PDF format, which makes it easier to study online.

In addition, you can find the point-by-point details of each of the topics in a single location. It is due to this reason that the Geography book for Class 11 proves to be an appropriate learning aid that helps students in achieving high scores.

NCERT Books Class 11 Geography 

Class 11
Board CBSE
Subject Geography
Medium  English / Hindi
Study Materials Free study material is available.
PDF Solutions  Available in PDF File

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NCERT Books for Geography Free Solutions

Why does Extramarks provide the NCERT Books for Geography solutuions for free?

Extramarks has made the NCERT Books for Geography PDF Free Download available on their website so that students can use learning resources of the highest possible calibre. The National Council for Educational Research and Training, also known by its acronym NCERT, is the most reputable organisation in India regarding educational resources such as textbooks and workbooks. Because of this, NCERT books are the resources used most frequently by boards such as the CBSE and certain state boards.

You will learn about various topics related to geography through language that is easy to understand, free of clutter, and provides in-depth explanations if you consult the geography books that NCERT has published. Students in Class 11 will primarily use three textbooks for their geography studies. On this page, you can find links to all three books. When you click these links, you will be taken to a new page containing the download links for each book. Start your downloads by simply logging into your account (or making a new one if you don’t already have one) and getting started!

NCERT Books for Geography Free download from Extramarks

A Guide to the NCERT Geography Class 11 PDF Book

The study of geography is a field of study that focuses on the Earth’s physical features, such as its regions, temperatures, and varying climates. In addition, it investigates the connections between people and their environments from a more holistic perspective. Students getting ready to take geography in Class 11 should read the books NCERT provides for this subject.

Students who are getting ready for their geography test should also concentrate on studying the chapter notes included in the NCERT Geography books for Class 11. This will help them achieve better results. They can use the Class 11 Geography book PDF as a resource for their education because it complies with the CBSE curriculum.

Downloading the NCERT 11 Geography PDF can help students who are currently studying for the Geography examinations for Class 11. According to the curriculum provided by the CBSE, the Geography course for Class 11 contains a total of 31 chapters. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publishes the information that one needs to know in three separate books, which will be discussed further below.

  1. Fundamentals of Physical Geography

The various processes of the Earth’s natural environment are covered in the NCERT textbook Fundamentals of Physical Geography for Class 11 Geography. It provides an explanation for the more general concepts of the Earth, such as the atmosphere, oceans, and water.

Each chapter delves into our planet’s past and examines the factors that led to its development. You can also learn about the composition of the atmosphere and the layers that make up the atmosphere from the chapters that are included in it. Some of these layers include the troposphere, the mesosphere, and the ecosphere. In addition, it discusses all of the fundamental components that make up the Earth’s minerals and rocks, the effects of temperature shifts and other related topics. If you’re trying to grasp the vivid ideas surrounding the environment, the Geography Class 11 NCERT PDF might be your best resource. The following chapters, which are not listed in any particular order, can be found in the first book of the NCERT Geography curriculum for class 11:

  • Geography as a Discipline
  • Interior of the Earth
  • The Origin and Evolution of the Earth
  • Distribution of Oceans and Continents
  • Geomorphic Processes
  • Minerals and Rocks 
  • Landforms and their Evolution
  • Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature
  • Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • World Climate and Climate Change
  • Water (Oceans)
  • Life on the Earth
  • Movements of the Ocean Water
  1. Indian Physical Environment

The second of the NCERT books for Class 11 Geography covers various topics about India’s geographic environs. It highlights all of the breathtaking places that can be found in India and discuss the country’s latitudinal and longitudinal extent. In addition, it clarifies the structural parameters of this country as well as the physiographic divisions that exist within it.

This book provides information on the Himalayas, the Indo-Ganges-Brahmaputra plain, the peninsular block, mountains, and other related topics. The second part of the NCERT Geography book for Class 11 covers topics such as India’s drainage pattern, the composition of its soil, and natural disasters that can be attributed to shifts in climate.

The following is a list of the chapters that are included in Geography book 2 for Class 11: Read them to gain an understanding of the topics covered

  • India – location
  • Drainage System
  • Structure and Physiography
  • Climate
  • Soils
  • Natural Vegetation
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters
  1. Practical Work in Geography

The third book of the NCERT solution manual for the Class 11 Geography course is an expansion on maps and the associated calculative procedures. It examines aspects of the Earth and its longitudinal and latitudinally-oriented components concerning time. The geographical grid, the meridians of longitude, and the time zones are all explained in greater detail here.

You can obtain information regarding the topographical maps, the requirement for map projections, and other related topics by reading the chapters. In addition, it discusses the weather, its forecasts, the instruments used to measure climate change, and remote sensing.

To improve your scores on the examinations for Class 11, it is important that you thoroughly go over the concepts that are listed here. Utilize the resources provided in the NCERT Solution Manual for Class 11 Geography to improve your overall comprehension of the material covered in the examination.

The following explanation, which is presented in no particular order, covers each of the chapters that are contained in the book:

  • Introduction to Maps
  • Latitude, Longitude and Time
  • Map Scale
  • Map Projections
  • Introduction to Aerial Photographs
  • Weather Instruments, Maps and Charts
  • Topographical Maps
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing

Why are NCERT Textbooks for Class 11 Geography Subject the Best Choice for Students?

Students who are getting ready for their CBSE examinations may find that studying from NCERT books is beneficial in various ways. These books have a straightforward format, extensive explanations, and answers that get right to the point. In addition to looking for notes in various sources, you can also use the Geography NCERT Class 11 PDF files to help you prepare for the exam in greater detail.

NCERT follows the most recent CBSE guidelines, and each textbook chapter is compiled per these guidelines. As a result, all of the CBSE examinations should use this book as their primary reference. Even the CBSE suggests utilising this particular set of books. Therefore, to achieve academic excellence, you should read the Geography book for the 11 Class very carefully.

Class 11 Geography Paper Pattern

The Geography paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. One of the two units that together make up the course that carries the most weightage is Section A, which focuses on the fundamentals of geography. This section is worth 35 marks total and encompasses all of the chapters found in the Fundamentals of Geography book. The second part of the exam, labelled Section B, is dedicated to the India – Physical Environment unit and carries the same weight of 35 marks as the first part. The total exam for the 70 marks will be comprised of both of the units combined. The remaining 30 marks necessary to make 100 are derived from the completed practical work. This is the third and final section, and it evaluates both your practical work done throughout the year and your performance in a viva.

Let’s read the following benefits of preparing through the NCERT Textbooks.

Textbooks published by NCERT are reliable sources of information because they are updated regularly to reflect any changes made to the curriculum by the CBSE board. In addition, the PDF addresses all of the subjects required by the syllabus. Reading the chapters from the NCERT Geography textbook for class 11 can be useful. The preparation of these textbooks has been done as per the guidelines provided by the CBSE and with the participation of specialists in the field of geography. Because of this, the information that is included in the book was only included after it had been verified and subjected to extensive research.

The NCERT publishes textbooks for various subjects, including English, Physics, and Biology. Each and every PDF includes a set of exercises at the very end of each chapter.

You can improve your scores by working through these exercises to test both your knowledge and the level of preparation you have put in. You will not only be able to learn the material more quickly if you practise with these exercises, but you will also be able to learn how to structure your answers in a manner that will help you score well on your upcoming exams and tests. Therefore, you should practise more questions from the NCERT 11 Geography PDF to succeed academically.

The NCERT textbooks provide a point-by-point elaboration of the fundamental ideas included in the CBSE’s curriculum. Students who read these summaries can benefit from having an easier time remembering the most important information that is associated with the topic. Additionally, if you are preparing for geography, you should download the NCERT Geography PDF for Class 11 because it will help you rapidly understand various topics and concepts.

Searching for the important information in these chapters saves the student significant time. You are free to look over them one more time as a final revision.

The use of language that is straightforward is one of the factors that contribute to the accessibility of NCERT publications. In addition, the information presented in it includes in-depth explanations of various facts and figures, which all readers will find more interesting.

The e-learning process is made easier by the existence of these books in PDF format. You can now read these NCERT books, which are available in PDF format, whenever and wherever you want to, by simply downloading the book. If the book you need to study is sold out at your neighbourhood bookstore, there is no need for you to look any further.

The NCERT publishes textbooks that include engaging diagrams and figures that can be interacted with. You can quickly understand difficult topics, which makes the process of learning significantly simpler for you. In addition to this, it improves your ability to recall answers and makes it easier for you to succeed on tests. Including illustrations is a particularly inclusive move because it considers people who learn best through visuals and enables them to benefit from the materials provided.

Why is Extramarks your ultimate guide for academic excellence?

You can learn about fascinating subjects without leaving the convenience of your own homes thanks to Extramarks. Through our online platform, we provide a range of educational resources that cover a variety of topics.

You are welcome to participate in our live classes to gain a deeper understanding of the topics at hand and get your questions about the various underlying concepts answered by our team of subject matter experts. In addition, you can write down important information in the form of notes for improved recall and reference before the test. In addition, Extramarks can facilitate your educational journey by providing masterclasses in addition to study materials such as PDF versions of NCERT books for Class 11 Geography.

Extramarks takes great care in selecting and organising its study materials, which highly knowledgeable individuals then compile in their respective subject areas. The primary reason that the downloadable materials that are provided on Extramarks are provided without charge is that these specialists have been hired to deliver the highest quality study materials to students of all different kinds, regardless of their background. Download the Extramarks mobile app as soon as possible to start experiencing the fulfilment of education.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is it so important for students to learn geographical concepts?

Understanding the connections and relations that exist between humans and their environments is made possible through the study of geography. In addition, by studying various aspects of the subject, you can learn about specific places, locations, regions, and changes in the climate. All of this enables you to become more aware of your surroundings and can greatly help you in day-to-day activities. For instance, if you travel to a new location, having sufficient knowledge of geography can help you understand the traditions and intricacies of the location to which you have travelled.

The NCERT provides textbooks with concise explanations of vivid concepts to make your education easier. You can now also get the Class 11 Geography NCERT PDF in just a few clicks, allowing you to improve your exam preparations and acquire more in-depth knowledge of the subject.

2. How many books for Class 11 Geography are published by NCERT?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is in charge of publishing textbooks for the Class 11 curriculum. These textbooks cover a variety of subjects, including English, History, Bengali, and others. The NCERT offers three books, each of which must be read to fulfil the requirements for the Geography subject. The Indian Physical Environment, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, and Practical Work in Geography are the three books that make up the NCERT Geography curriculum for Class 11. The PDF versions of these textbooks can be downloaded by students who require portability in their educational pursuits.

You can find links to the various books that make up the Geography component of the NCERT Class 11 curriculum on this page, which is titled the NCERT Book Class 11 Geography PDF Free Download. Following these links is the second set of links that will take you to the NCERT books for all the other subjects required for Class 11. Due to the high quality and accuracy of the information contained in it, the NCERT Geography books are the primary books used for the Geography portion of the Class 11 examination. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) produces books primarily for the CBSE board. Still, these books are also widely used in many other boards, including the ICSE and some state boards.

3. What books should a student read to pass in Geography with high marks?

Various books on the market can help students in preparing for the Geography examinations required by the CBSE curriculum. NCERT textbooks, on the other hand, are known to be particularly useful for achieving academic success due to the clear organisation of their chapters.

They can be downloaded in PDF format and adhere to the most recent recommendations by CBSE. Simply access the NCERT Class 11 Geography PDF by clicking on the links to download it, and keep it for your own future reference. Each individual PDF file that can be downloaded from this page contains a digital version of one of the NCERT books that were included in the Geography section. Those individuals who have been unsuccessful in acquiring the physical copies of the NCERT Class 11 Geography books have been offered this resource free of charge. You can download the most important books for the NCERT Class 11 Geography section by using the links provided on this page. Because NCERT books are considered to be the industry standard across all subject areas, using them as a resource for reviewing is highly recommended.

4. How many chapters does the PDF version of the NCERT Class 11 Geography textbook contain?

Students can benefit from educational resources published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an independent body. According to the specifications of the CBSE curriculum, the three NCERT geography books that have been published each contain a total of 31 chapters.

The first textbook, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, is comprised of a total of 16 chapters, whereas the book Practical Work in Geography is comprised of a total of 8 chapters. The Geography book for Class 11 Part 2 is broken up into seven chapters. If you download these books, you will have everything you need to start revising for Class 11 Geography immediately.

5. Where can I find additional resources for Class 11 Geography?

You can search through the Extramarks website for more resources for Class 11 Geography or browse the site. Extramarks provide users with access to various resources, each of which can be accessed in various file formats. You could, for instance, look up sample papers or past papers for the Geography subject on the website or app, or you could download the Class 11 Geography syllabus to your device from there. You can search for additional resources in addition to those suggested here by using the navigation menu or the search bar on this website. If you are using the navigation menu, the tab labelled “Study Materials” is where you should be able to find everything that you require.

You can access all of the thoroughly researched and high-quality chapters, sample papers, and course outlines on a wide range of subjects on the website of Extramarks as well as its mobile application, which can be downloaded from the play store.