NEET Question Paper 2016 Phase 2 Code ZZ

Introduction to the Exam

The NEET exam is conducted across the country for candidates who wish to seek admission to medical and dental courses. It is a very competitive entrance exam and requires sheer hard work and practise. NTA follows the guidelines of the MCI and conducts this exam. With rising competition and limited seats, NEET is regarded as one of the toughest exams. Self-study and practise of NEET questions go hand in hand for NEET preparation. To ace the competition, students must also choose the right study materials.

NEET Question Paper 2016 phase 2 code Zz with Answers and Solutions

There are 200 questions in the NEET Question Paper 2016 phase 2 code Zz. Out of 200, students have to attempt 180 questions. There are objective-type questions in Physics and Chemistry. Biology (Zoology and Botany) includes 90 questions. These are multiple-choice questions with 4 options, out of which 1 will be correct. The NEET Question Paper 2016 phase 2 code Zz is a total 3 hours paper of 720 marks. 

Preparation Tips for NEET

  • Do not limit yourself. Aim high! Improve your accuracy and speed by solving past years’ NEET question papers like NEET Question Paper 2016 phase 2 code Zz and other NEET sample papers.
  • Students must be thorough with the NEET syllabus.
  • Divide your time to be spent on each topic wisely.
  • Do not pile up doubts. Clear them by using various study materials.
  • Time your tests and score them according to the NEET marking system.

NEET Question Paper 2016 phase 2 code Zz

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is one month good enough for preparing for the NEET exam?

NEET syllabus includes the topics of Class 11 and 12. It is advised to start NEET preparation from 11 Classes themselves. Covering a vast syllabus in a month is very challenging. Students must start their preparations 10-12 months before the exams.

2. I had Biology as an additional subject in my 10+2. Can I attempt for NEET 2023?

No. Students with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as the main subjects will be eligible for NEET 2023.

3. For NEET 2023, which is the most important subject?

For you to crack NEET 2023, you will have to study the full NEET syllabus and give equal importance to all subjects. However, the Biology section has maximum weightage in the NEET exam.