CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2007

Previous Year Science Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 – 2007

One of the most important aspects of board examination preparation is to take into consideration the previous year’s question papers. Extramarks provides the students with subject-wise CBSE previous year question papers which can be downloaded for free. Here, CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2007 has been provided for the benefit of the students.  Once you download it, you may use it in the way it suits you best to increase your scores in the upcoming CBSE board examination. 

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Science

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CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Year Question Paper with Solution (2007)

The Science syllabus is a crucial part of every student’s academic and professional career. Class 10  Science syllabus has been divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with equal distribution of marks. The CBSE board examination allows weightage to different units in the entire course. Science is not about experiments and observations but also includes mathematical analysis of the subject matter. For all students currently in Class 10, it is of paramount importance for them to practice the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2007 without fail. It helps understand the pattern in which the CBSE board is going to frame questions in the board exam. . By practising and analysing these CBSE previous year’s question papers, students will build more confidence and learn about the actual questions they might face during the board exam.

The Class 10 Science course has been designed in a defined way to enrich students with many scientific concepts and prepare them for advanced ones which they will learn in higher classes. . The syllabus of Class 10 Science has been designed and developed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) after extensive research of the requirements and need of Class 10 students. The new and revised syllabus includes some biotechnology and astronomy-related chapters that incline the subject towards being more real life application  rather than just explanatory or rote learning. 

CBSE holds exams for Class 10 board exams in  March every year, so students must prepare their subjects accordingly. Extramarks facilitates students with the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2007 with answers in the PDF format. The answers are written and compiled by our academic experts with years of experience in the subject matter. Analyse the question paper with concentration and then compare your answers with those provided in our PDF to improve your answer writing skills. 

Study with Extramarks

Extramarks is one of the best e-learning platforms that provides a complete study material package for all classes and subjects. Students who are looking for CBSE Class 10 solutions can download the PDF from our website for free. To maximise your scores on the coming board examinations, get yourself enrolled in our live online classes, revision classes, and practice sessions. Extramarks provides unparalleled quality in its classes and study materials which are both easy to understand as well as cost-effective for the students. Students can download the CBSE sample papers, CBSE extra questions, CBSE revision notes, and CBSE extra questions available on the Extramarks website. All the study materials are based on the latest CBSE syllabus and are a must-have for board examinations as recommended by subject experts.

Tips for preparation for CBSE Class 10 Science examination

Science is a very important subject for students currently in Class 10. It has three divisions namely: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and CBSE is going to frame questions from all of them. That is why subject experts have compiled some of the best practices and tips for you that must be followed to do well in your board exams. Here are some of the important tips students must follow: . 

  •  Go through all the chapters in your NCERT Book without skipping a beat. Every single chapter has its weight and must not be overlooked.
  • Chapter end questions, activities, and other intext questions must be solved and studied for. In the new pattern, CBSE goes even deeper to assess students accurately. Remember the devil lies in the details.
  • Conceptual clarity is the key to scoring high marks and should be focused upon in every chapter. Nowadays, CBSE directly picks up  conceptual questions to assess the student’s level of understanding.
  • Students must focus on Chemistry and Physics as they have chemical equations, reactions, and numerical and mathematical calculations.  It is necessary to practice more questions regularly to pick up pace while solving questions and  gain confidence. 
  • CBSE’s previous year’s question papers must be practised without fail. They provide insight into how CBSE  questions are framed and how to write answers in a systematic manner.
  • Students are advised to make a separate formula notebook for both Physics and Chemistry for writing important formulas and chemical equations. It will help  them to memorise quickly and will come in handy during last-minute revision.  
  • Sample papers and extra questions on the Extramarks website must be downloaded and practised, too, so that students can grasp most of the application questions. 
  • Focus on a variety of questions while studying  rather than the total number of questions to assess yourself more accurately.
  • While writing the  paper, the  questions with more weightage must be attempted first and then move on to the  short answer type questions which are less time-consuming and carry less weightage.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I download the CBSE Class 10 Science Past Years’ Question Paper with Solution?

All past  years’ question papers are available on Extramarks. They come with solutions and are written in a clear and straightforward manner.  . Extramarks has all the past years’  CBSE Class 10 Science question papers  if you’re looking for them. We also provide  solutions to help students to solve these papers without much difficulty. Students may also download the PDF  question paper from this section to prepare thoroughly. They are available to the students free of cost.

2. What are the most important Books for Class 10 Science?

Students must thoroughly understand the concepts and follow the syllabus to perform well on the CBSE Board Science Exams. The NCERT book should not be overlooked by other side books available in the market. . They ought to read NCERT books to enhance their learning abilities which offer a deeper understanding of all the concepts. Extramarks subject experts restructure and update the curriculum and other study tools while strictly following the CBSE exam pattern and guidelines so that students can prepare with full confidence for the Class 10 Science board exams. Students can access all the study materials from the Extramarks website which are available for free. They can easily download and start their preparation without any further delay.   Students can prepare  Science as well as other subjects with  Extramarks study materials. Since Extramarks offers complete practice and theory questions for Class 10 Science along with solutions,  Students can prepare from it without any hassle during your board exams.

3. How to prepare for CBSE Class 10 Science board examination?

By reading the NCERT books carefully, students can effectively prepare for the CBSE Class 10 Science exam. To get  a good concept of what will be covered on the test, they should thoroughly read all three sections — Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. To receive high scores, students  must thoroughly comprehend these subjects and if they need any assistance , they may reach out to  the online study resources provided by Extramarks which is exclusively designed and curated for 10th grade students taking board exams. The Class 10 CBSE Board exam preparation materials from Extramarks includes theory, model papers, question papers from previous years, and video solutions. Students can easily make use of these resources to prepare for their board exams and crack the exam with flying colours.

4. Why should we download the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2007 PDF with a solution?

To obtain a good sense of the kinds of questions which are expected in CBSE board Class 10 Science exams, they should also attempt problems from last year’s question papers. All the necessary study materials for Class 10 Science are available on our website and that too free of charge, thanks to Extramarks.  Browsing through various websites to search for the same study materials can be a daunting experience, therefore Extramarks has resolved this issue by providing free access to practice sets, previous year’s question papers, important questions, and sample test papers. . These sample papers are available for download free of cost. The CBSE Class 10 previous year paper with solutions from 2007 is significant since it can assist with time management and comprehension of the question paper pattern. This prepares the students’ mindset for what to expect and how to crack the test to the best of their ability. For any assistance students may feel free to reach out to Extramarks experts, we would be happy to help and provide the best support and guidance required by students.