CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2009

Previous Year Science Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 – 2009

Practising the CBSE class 10 science question papers from previous years is a crucial step for students preparing for their science papers in board exams. Students are advised to begin their question paper practice immediately after the completion of the Science curriculum. Solving these question papers helps students better understand the test format, the types of questions on the paper and the difficulty level of the questions. 

In addition to that, regularly practising different question papers assists them in improving their time management skills, which enables them to complete even lengthy papers within the allotted time. In addition to time management, solving previous years question papers also helps improves their accuracy, thinking ability and response time.

Students can find the CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Year Question Paper 2009 on Extramarks. Extramarks offers all the previous years question papers along with the solutions. Students can download the PDFs on any device and refer to these study materials for better scores.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Science

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CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Year Question Paper with Solution (2009) – Free PDF Download

Get the CBSE science question papers from the previous year for free on Extramarks. Extramarks also offer solutions for these question papers that teachers and toppers trust to score good grades in their exams. Going through the solutions can help students in clarifying any doubts and understand the right ways of presenting an answer. 

Importance of Solving Previous Year CBSE Science Question Papers

Decode paper pattern

Students need to use smart ways to study because they know they don’t have a lot of time. Solving old test papers is one way to do this. It helps them better understand how the question papers are set up. By looking at question papers from previous years, we can learn the following:

  • The types of questions asked
  • The topics that are frequently tested
  • The format of answers required

Students can better prepare for exams if they know about the factors above.

Time management

One of the most important things you can learn from doing previous year papers is how to manage your time. Previous papers helped us plan how much time to give to each question. For example, if students spend 20 minutes on a long-form question, they should save time for short-answer questions.

Evaluate your performance

Students can learn more about a topic by working through question papers. It also helps them use the chapters they have learned and strengthens what they have learned in theory. Once the practice papers are done, students can visit Extramarks for solutions and can evaluate themselves.

Difference between school final exam papers and board papers

There is little difference between school-based exams and board exams.

  • In school-based board exams, the school can choose the dates of the exams, which must be done within a time frame set by the CBSE.
  • In a school-based exam, the questions are made by your school, but in board-based exams, they are made by a board committee.
  • There will be differences between the evaluation methods of the answer sheet. In board-based exams, the panel evaluates the marks based on a set of rules. When tests are given at school, the marks will be evaluated by the school staff. 
  • Students who want to keep studying with CBSE in higher classes can also take school-based exams, but board-based exams are the better choice. 

Cultivate a habit of solving lengthy papers on time. 

First, read the question and try to get as much information as possible from it. Second, read it again, think about the information you already have, and try to find more if you need to. Put the steps in the order in your mind and let your pen write them down. If you still don’t get it, go through all the steps again but put your concepts in a different order. Try not to waste much time on a single question. You can complete the rest of the paper first and come back to the unattempted questions at last.

Forming the answers.

Learn about the right ways of presenting an answer. Supporting the answer with examples or diagrams to score better marks.

How to Score Good Marks in Class 10 CBSE Science?

Here are a few steps you can follow to get a good score in the Class 10 science exam.

  • Read the NCERT books thoroughly.
  • Check out explanation tutorials on each topic on Extramarks.
  • Solve NCERT questions and go through NCERT Solutions to check your answers.
  • Go through revision notes and sample papers.
  • Once you finish the entire syllabus, start solving the previous year’s Science question papers.
  • Check your answers by referring to the solved answers given in Extramarks.
  • Go through the topics again, and focus on those you found difficult while solving the paper.

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Download the CBSE science question papers from previous years today to get some work done on them at home. You can improve your ability to respond to questions and your overall score by observing the approaches taken by the knowledgeable mentors of Extramarks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is CBSE Class 10 Science a challenging subject?

If you understand the topics well, CBSE Science is much rather a very scoring subject. When it comes to preparing for the CBSE examination in Science, NCERT is your best bet. The students will clearly understand the topics if they read the NCERT Books, which are written in simple language. In case of doubts, students can also check out the tutorials on Extramarks for better explanations.

2. How can I get good marks in Science?

It is essential to have enough practice writing to do well on the test. When you write more, your writing skills will naturally improve with time. You can also practice the CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Important Questions and CBSE Extra Questions to gain a more in-depth grasp of the curriculum and understand the format of the questions.

3. Can I get some tips to keep in mind while writing the exam?

Here are some tips to keep in mind on the day of the exam:

  • Answer all of the easy and known questions first.
  • Don’t spend too much time on just one question.
  • Try to represent your answer in a detailed manner by using diagrams.
  • Use bullet points to answer briefly.

4. Where can I download the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper?

The whole CBSE Class 10 2009 science question paper set is accessible at Extramarks offers a free solution to CBSE questions that can assist students in solving problems in various subject areas, including science.

5. What is the importance of taking notes?

Taking short notes between topics helps students when they are studying. It will make it easy for them to remember the topics. One of the best reasons to take notes is that it will save you a lot of time and work in the last few days before the test.

6. Why should a student choose Extramarks?

Some of the reasons to choose Extramarks are as follows:

The all-around approach

The 360-degree approach is a strict process that Extramarks follows. Researchers and academics have found that this method works very well, so it has been added to the e-learning platform. This process has three main steps: learn, practice, and then test. Anyone who follows these three easy steps should be able to learn and do well.

Online mentoring

Since it is online, finding a mentor for the student does not take long. Learners from elementary to graduate school can invite mentors to their homes at all levels. They can talk to their mentors about any topic or subject they are having trouble with. So, even if a teacher is not in the same room as a student, Extramarks are a way for them to connect.

Plan your studies.

A student’s extracurricular activities or other things can cause them to lose track of time and mess up their study schedule. This problem is solved by Extramarks’ “scheduler,” which ensures that no study-related topic is missed and keeps the student up to date about it.

Asses you progress

Extramarks give students the chance to take online tests, so they can learn about their strengths and weaknesses. He or she has the chance to do better in any subject or area where he or she is falling behind, which helps the student grow and learn.