Aluminium Nitrate Formula

Aluminium Nitrate Formula

AI(NO3)3 is the Aluminium Nitrate Formula. Metal Nitrate has an outer electron shell composed of three electrons. Three electrons are lost more effectively for Aluminium than five are gained, which is true for both metals. It consequently gains a net electric charge of +3 after losing its three negatively charged particles. As a result, it forms an ion with the formula Al3+.

Three oxygen atoms and one nitrogen atom make up the compound nitrate. As a result, it is classified as a polyatomic ion. It has a -1 net charge and the formula NO13-.

The interaction of particles with opposing charges is called attraction. An ionic compound can only be created when the ions are in a specific ratio. This is because there should not be any net electrical charge. Three Nitrate ions are required to balance out the charge of one Aluminium ion because three Aluminium ions have a charge, and one Nitrate has a charge of -1.

Aluminium Nitrate Properties

Aluminium Nitrate Formula has many properties. Their appearance is in white crystalline solid. The Aluminium Nitrate Formula molecular weight is 213.0, and its molecular formula is Al(NO3)3. The substance compounds of the Aluminium Nitrate Formula are Aluminum and Nitric Acid. The melting point of the Aluminium Nitrate Formula is 72.8 °C. Density is about 1.72 g/cm³, and its molar mass is 212.996 g/mol.

Aluminium Nitrate Chemical Structure

Aluminium nitrate is created by neutralising diluted nitric acid with Aluminium (III) Chloride or any other Aluminium salt, such as Aluminium Hydroxide. This is so that a passivation layer can be created when any Aluminium salt reacts with Nitric Acid that has been concentrated.

Aluminium Nitrate Uses

Regarding Uranium extraction, Aluminium Nitrate plays a role in electricity. This procedure is crucial for fueling nuclear reactors, the primary electric energy source. Aluminium Nitrate, a corrosion inhibitor, shields these reactors from corrosive substances. The dye industry uses Aluminium Nitrate as a mordant. To mordant fibres and dyes, numerous Aluminium salts are used. Mordants are substances that attach a specific pigment or colour to the fabric of a material.

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