Aluminium Sulfide Formula

Aluminium Sulfide Formula

The symbol for aluminium is Al. It has the atomic number 13. It has the following electron configuration: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p1. Furthermore, it is a thin silvery-white metal in the periodic table’s 13th group. Power lines, consumer electronics, ships, spacecraft parts, foils, cans, kitchen utensils, beer kegs, and aeroplane parts are just a few used products. The main advantage of aluminium is that it is an excellent heat and electricity conductor, nearly twice as good as copper in its weight.

Aluminium Sulfide Properties

The molar mass of aluminium sulfide is 150.158 g/mol. It has a density of 2.02 g/cm3. It has a boiling point of 1500 °C. Not only that, but it has a melting point of 1100 °C. Aluminium Sulfide has the chemical formula Al2S3. It is only slightly soluble in water and completely soluble in acid solutions. After the reaction, which occurs in the presence of sodium or potassium bases, sodium sulfide is produced. It produces aluminium hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide when it reacts with atmospheric water.

Aluminium Sulfide Chemical Structure

Al2S3 is the chemical formula for aluminium sulfide, and 150.16 g mol-1 is its molar mass. This sulfide can occasionally be found in its hydrated state, where several water molecules have hydrated it. Two cations Al3+ and three anions, S2- combine to form the compound. Aluminium Sulfide Formula has a variety of crystal structures, including tetragonal, hexagonal, and trigonal.

Aluminium Sulfide Uses

Aluminium Sulpfide Formula is widely used in the production of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, hydrogen sulfide is a compound that has a significant impact on the chemical industry. Furthermore, experts use this aluminium sulfide to produce cathodes for lithium-sulfur solid-state batteries. In addition to these uses, aluminium sulfide also participates in manufacturing several compounds, including ethane thiol.

What is Aluminium Sulfide?

A chemical compound is Aluminium Sulfide Formula. It is especially notable for having six crystalline forms. Thermite-like reactions between aluminium powder and sulfur are used to create aluminium sulfide.

Dialuminium trisulfide is another name for Aluminium Sulfide Formula. Additionally, it is an inorganic substance that is extensively used as a raw ingredient in hydrogen sulfide production. This substance has a fair amount of acid and water solubility.

Aside from that, Aluminium Sulfide Formula has a fascinating structural past and comes in various shapes. The substance is water sensitive, hydrolysing to form hydrated Aluminium Sulfide Formula or hydroxides.

Derivation of Aluminium Sulfide Formula

Al2S3 is the Aluminium Sulfide Formula. This compound can also exist as a hydrate. Additionally, it is hydrated in this form thanks to the various water molecules. Two cations Al3+ and three anions, S2 combine to form this compound.

Consequently, Al2S3 is revealed to be its formula. The crystal structure of the Aluminium Sulfide Formula could take on a number of different forms. Hexagonal, tetragonal, and trigonal crystal structures are among them.

Preparation of Aluminium Sulfide

The ignition of the elements results in the efficient preparation of the Aluminium Sulfide Formula. This reaction is extremely exothermic. As a result, heating the entire mass of the sulfur-aluminium mixture is neither necessary nor preferred. One notable exception, though: Reactants in very small quantities can still be heated. The product’s development will take place in a fused form.

Most notably, it can reach extremely high temperatures in this form. This temperature is higher than 1100 degrees Celsius. As a result of the high temperature, there is a high possibility that the steel will melt. 

Solved Question For Aluminium Sulfide Formula

  1. What is Aluminium Sulfide Formula?

Al2S3 is the chemical formula for the substance known as aluminium sulfide, which is a grey substance.

  1. From where can one access information about the Aluminium Sulfide Formula?

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