Energy Momentum Formula

Energy Momentum Formula

The Energy Momentum Formula is seen as a relativistic equation that relates an object’s total energy, momentum, and rest mass. A macroscopic substance having a mass at rest, a total energy of E, magnitude of momentum p, and a constant c denoting the speed of light can be described by this relativistic equation. It accounts for the flat spacetime situation proposed by special relativity. While invariant mass is defined as mass as measured in a center-of-mass frame, total energy is the sum of all potential and kinetic energy. The Einstein relationship and the relativistic momentum expression can be used to derive the Energy Momentum Formula. Paul Dirac developed the Energy-momentum relation for the first time in 1928. There are several ways to obtain the Energy Momentum Formula, but these are the two simplest:

By analysing the system’s four-momentum norm, one can derive the relativistic dynamics of a heavy particle.

This approach may be expanded to multi-particle systems with little effort, and it works for both massive and massless particles.

Formula of Energy Momentum

The relativistic equation linking total energy (also known as relativistic energy), invariant mass (also known as rest mass), and momentum is known as the energy-momentum relation, also known as the relativistic dispersion relation. It extends mass-energy equivalency to include objects or systems with positive momentum. It can be expressed using the Energy Momentum Formula. The Energy Momentum Formula is valid for a body or system, such as one or more particles, with total energy E, invariant mass M, and momentum of magnitude p. It is based on the assumption of flat spacetime special relativity.Invariant mass is the mass measured in a center-of-motion frame, while total energy is the sum of rest and kinetic energy. It can be reduced to the mass-energy equation, where total energy is equivalent to rest energy for bodies or systems with zero momentum.

Solved Examples

Solved examples on the Energy Momentum Formula are available on the Extramarks platform.

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