JEE Main Cut off 2023 – Qualifying Marks for NITs, IIITs, GFTIs

JEE Main Cut-off 2023

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is responsible for declaring the results of the JEE Main exam. NTA also announces the JEE Main cut-off after the results are published. The JEE Main cutoff determines the minimum marks a student must score to qualify for the JEE Advanced exam. Knowing the JEE Main cutoff for past years and understanding cutoff trends is essential for students to understand their chances of having admission to their desired colleges in 2023.

This article has covered an in-depth analysis of  JEE Main cutoffs from previous years, cutoffs by institutes, trends, and other analyses.

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Introduction to JEE Exam

The JEE Main exam is an online computer-based entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to help students seek admission to top-ranking engineering institutions all over India. Before introducing the JEE main exam pattern, those who want to pursue engineering courses should undergo a multiple-window selection process. Each state had its own entrance examination to qualify the aspiring candidates. This made it difficult for engineering aspirants to participate in entrance examinations for multiple universities. Also, when a candidate has to appear for various counselling processes, it creates a problem in filling the seats. The introduction of JEE Main has solved this problem. Now, students can access all top engineering institutes through a single window.

To gain admission to NITs, IITs, IIITs, and other government-funded institutions, candidates must appear for JEE Main examination. Those who meet the JEE Main cutoff requirements will give the JEE Advanced examination. The JEE Advanced exam opens the doors of top-ranking IITs and various other elite engineering institutions.

JEE Mains 2023 Cut-off

For 2023 the JEE Main exam will be held in April and May. For the April session, the results and cutoff would be declared towards the 1st week of May ‘2023, and for the May session, the results would be declared towards the 1st week of June 2023.

The cutoff for JEE Main 2023 will be published on the official JEE Main website. NTA publishes two types of JEE Main cutoff – qualifying cutoff and admission cutoff. Understanding JEE Main cutoff marks is essential for JEE aspirants because knowing the goal is essential to get a good score. As the exams are not conducted for 2023, students have to wait for the exams to be completed this year to get the results. Students must always check the official JEE Main website for all information related to exams and results.

The key factors affecting JEE Main Cutoffs are exam difficulty level, the number of candidates appearing for the exam, total seats available across all participating universities, and last year’s cutoff scores.

Two Types of JEE Cutoff 2023

The results, cutoff marks, and rankings will be published on the official JEE website. The NTA will publish the qualifying  JEE Main cutoff marks, and admission JEE Main cutoff marks will be published by the JoSAA. Candidates must always check these official portals to get detailed and up-to-date information.

The JEE Main qualifying cutoff should be met if you want to take the JEE Advanced exam to get into IITs. The JEE Main admission cutoff must be met if you want to seek admission in NITs, IIITs, CFITs, and other participating institutes. Based on the cutoff marks, the candidates can choose whether they want to seek admission to one of the engineering colleges or whether they want to appear for the JEE Advanced exam. Only the top-ranking JEE Main students will be eligible to attend the JEE Advanced exam to gain admission in IITs.

Refer to the below table to better understand the difference between the two JEE Main cutoffs.

Details JEE Main Cutoff – Qualifying Cutoff JEE Main Cutoff – Admission Cutoff
Who Publishes? National Testing Agency (NTA) JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) on behalf of all participating institutes
Where to check? Students can check the cutoff of JEE Main 2023 by logging in to the official JEE Main website. Students can check the JEE Main cutoff 2023 on the JoSAA website
How is this cutoff applicable? A qualifying cutoff is used to qualify candidates for JEE Advanced. The admission cutoff is the minimum mark required by students to get admission into one of the participating colleges for JEE Main.
Is it Institute Specific No Yes
Is it Category Specific Yes Yes
Is it Branch Specific No Yes
Is it used for Admission purposes No Yes

JEE Main Cut-off Analysis

Once the results are published, and cutoff marks are known, students must determine which cutoff they want to follow and what course of action they can take next.

Those who meet the qualifying cutoff can appear for the JEE Advanced exam. This involves attending another round of one of the most demanding professional examinations. The reward for clearing the JEE Advanced examination is joining one of the most coveted IITs. On the other hand, if you don’t want to compete again for a seat in one of the elite institutions, you can focus on getting admission from other top-ranking institutions.

If you didn’t score enough to meet the qualifying cutoff, you should focus only on the admission cutoff. Those who meet the admission cutoff should go ahead and wait for counseling to choose their favorite college. The cutoff marks are institute-specific and branch-specific. So, you should be able to guess where you will get admission based on your cutoff marks. The actual seat allocation can only be done on the day of counseling.

Those who didn’t meet the cutoff mark requirement need not give up immediately. You can continue to appear for the JEE Main exam for the next session. This is to enable the students to quickly repeat the exam without wasting an academic year; the JEE Main exam is conducted in multiple sessions. For the year 2023, two sessions of exams are expected to be conducted in April and May of 2023. Previously, in 2021, four sessions were conducted.

When a candidate appears for more than one session of the JEE Main exam, the best NTA score obtained will be considered, while the cutoff for the academic year will remain the same.

JEE Main Seat Matrix 

To determine the JEE Main cutoff, numerous factors are considered. One of the main factors is the availability of seats in participating institutions. Every year, the number of available seats may vary depending on participating institutions. Every institution has a reservation based on the categories, which also influences cutoff marks for the categories.

Below is the list of seat availability for the year 2021. For the year 2023, the same trend is expected.

Category IIITs IITs NITs GFTIs Total Seats
SC 663 1939 2993 796 6391
SC – PWD 43 97 160 43 343
ST 340 969 1827 459 395
ST – PWD 14 54 108 21 197
OBC 1200 3499 5212 1061 10972
OBC – PWD 66 169 272 59 566
Open 1991 5927 8897 2898 19713
Open – PWD 91 283 442 146 962
Total Seats (including Female Supernumerary) 4449 11168 17452 5635 38704

Expected JEE Main 2023 Cutoff Marks 

For the year 2023, the examinations are yet to be conducted. The qualifying and admission JEE Main cutoff procedure is similar to the previous years, however, the JEE Main cutoff marks will vary for this year. Students have to keep working hard because the cutoff marks follow an upward trend.

Expected Admission Cut-off Marks

The below table is for JEE Main cutoff 2021

Category JEE Main Cutoff – Admission
CRL 90.3765335
ST 39.0696101
SC 50.1760245
OBC 72.8887969
PwD 0.0618524

Expected Qualifying Cut-off Marks

The below table is for JEE Main cutoff 2021

Category Minimum score Maximum score
UR 87.8992241 100.0000000
UR-PH 0.0096375 87.8273359
EWS 66.2214845 87.8950071
OBC-NCL 68.0234447 87.8950071
SC 46.8825338 87.8950071
ST 34.6728999 87.8474721

Trend Analysis for JEE Main Cut-off (For the Years 2013 to 2020)

Below is a table containing JEE Main cutoff marks for the years from 2013 to 2020. Knowing how the cutoff marks change over the years can help to determine the pattern for 2023. Students need this knowledge to plan to write their exams accordingly. Smart work is always better than hard work. When all the details and facts are present, it will be much easier for the students to make their life-changing decision right away. It’ll give you an indication as to which direction the examination trend is going.

Years General Category OBC-NCL Category SC Category ST Category
2013 113 70 50 45
2014 115 74 53 47
2016 100 70 52 48
2017 81 49 32 27
2018 74 45 29 24
2019 89 74 54 44
2020 70.24 72.88 50.17 39.06

The cutoff marks have been steadily decreasing over the years. This doesn’t mean that students can get admission more easily. This simply means that the examination continues to get difficult. Due to the increasing difficulty of the examinations, the cutoff marks are reduced. The government is also taking measures to include more candidates for the JEE Advanced examination. This gives more chances for students from challenged backgrounds to find a spot in one of the elite engineering institutions.

JEE Main Cutoff – Impacting Factors

The NTA determines JEE Main cutoff marks based on various factors. While the government is actively trying to increase students’ chances of getting into top-ranking engineering institutes, the exams keep getting more challenging.

  • Number of candidates attending the exam
  • The difficulty level of the exam
  • Cut-off marks of the previous years
  • Total seats available from all participating institutions
  • Performance of candidates for the year

JEE Main Cut-off – For NITs

Below is the list of JEE Main cutoff marks for NITs in the past year. This will help you get an idea of what to expect when JEE Main cut-off marks are published for 2023.

Institute Opening Rank Closing Rank
NIT Puducherry 5,377 22,276
AB Vajpayee IIITM, Gwalior 3,419 20,927
BIT Deoghar 8,290 39,292
BIT PATNA 16,775 28,684
BIT Ranchi 4,818 13,285
Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar 4,303 22,540
Faculty of Engg. Haridwar 1,170 36,709
IIIT Allahabad 109 14,757
IIIT Design & Manuf., Tamil Nadu 1,542 17,503
Indian Institute of Eng. Science & Tech., Shibpur 7,982 30,886
IIIT Nagpur 15,794 8,135
IIIT Pune 6,060 6,558
Indian Institute of Information Tech. Design & Manuf. Kurnool, AP (Andhra Pradesh) 10,736 12,639
IIIT Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli 18,473 31,157
NIT Calicut 470 17,731
NIT Delhi 707 13,423
NIT Durgapur 7,376 21,206
NIT Goa 2,574 18,383
NIT Hamirpur 5,200 12,743
NIT Jamshedpur 3,318 13,041
NIT Kurukshetra 874 8,916
NIT Manipur 10,577 38,742
NIT Meghalaya 12,185 34,830
NIT Mizoram 8,929 34,658
NIT Nagaland 12,466 40,511
NIT Patna 6,861 18,903
NIT Raipur 7,280 17,664
NIT Rourkela 1,005 6,091
NIT Sikkim 9,446 31,946
NIT Silchar 2,797 15,557
NIT Srinagar 3,411 29,643
NIT Surathkal 11 4,468
NIT Tiruchirappalli 1,056 15,416
NIT Uttarakhand 5,535 19,466
NIT Warangal 33 2,100
NIT Agartala 4,080 25,737

JEE Main Cutoff – For IIIT’s 

Below is a list of JEE Main cutoff marks for IIITs in the past few years. Knowing the old cutoff marks will help you to plan for your future in 2023.

Name of the Institutes 2015 2016
Opening Rank Closing Rank Opening Rank Closing Rank
IIIT Guwahati 1,301 35,592 1,396 27,928
IIIT Allahabad 107 17,797 70 16,198
IIIT Dharwad 688 48,534 225 29,996
IIIT Gwalior 404 18,862 89 17,860
IIIT Kalyani 865 49,154 338 32,430
IIIT Kota 410 27,545 276 27,240
IIIT Kurnool 89 33,131 243 33,862
IIIT Lucknow 731 27,434 650 23,216
IIIT Manipur 2,381 69,014 2,179 40,661
IIIT Kottayam 438 47,428 297 29,215
IIIT Kancheepuram 349 35,421 142 30,344
IIIT Jabalpur 344 29,549 168 25,501
IIIT Sonepat 1,554 36,620 587 28,667
IIIT Tiruchirappalli 447 47,184 57 25,229
IIIT Vadodara 136 36,552 168 27,270
IIIT Una 1,248 40,275 136 30,886
GKV Haridwar 339 1,03,832 116 50,951
IICT Bhadohi 635 1,58,637 623 53,311
IT- GGU Bilaspur 318 1,47,703 360 53,965
BIT Mesra 18 77,485 31 51,314

JEE Main Cutoff – For GFTI’s

Opening and closing Ranks (Marks) Required for Admission in some Institutes

Below is a list of JEE Main cutoff marks for the past few years.

Institute Name Opening Rank (2017) Closing Rank (2017) Opening Rank (2016) Closing Rank (2016)
Assam University, Silchar (Assam) 11353 170061 12166 109928
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi 592 49262 698 51314
Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 17150 50164 14219 50951
HNB Garhwal University Srinagar (Garhwal) 16026 52778 NA NA
Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi Uttar Pradesh 18616 51868 27811 53311
Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu NA NA 7616 49647
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur 570 36731 NA NA
Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research & Management, Ahmadabad 10552 35299 9269 34156
Institute of Technology, Guru Ghasidas Vishawavidyalaya, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh 14065 52261 15875 53965
International Institute of Information Technology, Naya Raipur 8736 32914 NA NA
J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology, University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 13185 38512 11350 35185
Mizoram University, Aizawl 1605 50665 2259 52602
National Insitute of Foundary & Forge Technology, P.O. Hatia, Ranchi 23564 50817 22485 52253
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Aurangabad 15019 38341 14564 37552
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal, Punjab 16334 52429 11318 54300
School of Engineering, Tezpur University, Napaam, Tezpur 24500 50092 14447 53916
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 183 3214 816 4089
School of Planning and Architecture, I.P. Estate, New Delhi 2 2052 98 2292
School of Planning and Architecture, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh 280 3265 836 4369
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu, and Kashmir 1461 52601 2026 54397
University of Hyderabad 6444 17087 NA NA

JEE Main 2023 Counselling

The mode of Counselling is Online.

JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) conducts the JEE Main counselling along with the seat allotment process. The JoSAA counselling is held together with counseling for JEE Advanced. JoSSA counseling format consists of 6 general rounds followed by two mock sessions.

There is no separate registration or application fee for JEE Main counselling held by JoSSA.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to get admission to NIT through JEE Main?

After completing the JEE Main examination, candidates have to wait for the NTA to publish JEE Main cutoff marks. Then, the candidates can appear for counselling and get admission based on their cutoff marks.

2. How does Extramarks help candidates clear the JEE Main cutoff marks?

We have in-depth information for JEE Main 2023 on our website. Candidates can explore the JEE Main question papers with solutions, JEE Main mock tests, JEE Main revision notes, JEE Main sample papers, JEE Advanced question papers to get an advantage in their preparation. Also, find answers to common queries and keep yourself posted about essential updates of JEE Main 2023.

3. When will the JEE Main cutoff 2023 be released?

The JEE Main cutoff 2023 details will be released after the results of the JEE Main 2023 exams are published. For 2023 the JEE Main exams will be held in April and May. For the April session, the results and cutoff would be declared towards the 1st week of May 2023, and for the May session, the results would be declared towards the 1st week of June 2023.

4. What is the cut-off score for the previous year?

For JEE Main 2022, the cutoff for the General Category was 88.4121383, while for the OBC-NCL category, it was 67.0090297. Cutoffs for SC and ST Category for JEE Main 2022 was 43.0820954 and 26.7771328 respectively. Cutoffs change every year based on multiple factors.