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Class 12 NCERT Books for English Vistas Free PDF Download

NCERT publications are the textbooks of choice among educators all over the country when the topic of exam preparation and achieving high grades is discussed. The NCERT English Vistas Class 12 syllabus is similar to other NCERT syllabuses in that it equips students with essential background information, encourages inquisitive thinking, and fuels a desire to acquire English language skills of the highest quality.

Students can educate themselves on different aspects of literature by downloading the NCERT Vistas PDF book and reading it from cover to cover. Students will be left astonished by the book’s morale and the extensive variety of genres that are covered in the various English Chapter Class 12 Vistas that are included in it. Every student should read the NCERT Class 12 English Vistas Book as their primary point of reference in order to fully comprehend and get ready for the entirety of the coursework. 

The NCERT Class 12 English Vistas Solutions book includes a variety of study materials, such as organised solutions to each and every topic, as well as both solved and unsolved assignments at the end of each chapter. You are welcome to download these NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Perspectives, which have been organised chapter-by-chapter and saved as PDF files. You can then study the material when it is most convenient for you.

English Vistas Class 12 PDF

Class 12th 
Board CBSE
Subject English
Medium  English / Hindi
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NCERT Books for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas PDF Download

Weightage according to sections for the CBSE Class 12 English Vistas exam.

Writing, reading, and literature are the three components that make up the English curriculum for CBSE Class 12 students to study. The written portion of the English (Core) exam is worth 80 marks, and an additional 20 marks are allotted for internal evaluation.

CBSE Class 12 English Vistas: section-wise weightage

Section Competencies Marks weightage
Reading Comprehension Conceptual understanding, decoding, analysing, inferring, interpreting, appreciating, literary norms and vocabulary, summarising and employing proper format/s 20 25%
Creative writing skills and grammar. Conceptual understanding, application of rules, analysis, reasoning, appropriacy of style and tone, employing proper format and fluency, inference, analysis, evaluation and inventiveness 16 20%
Literature textbooks and supplementary reading texts. Recalling, reasoning, appreciating literary convention, inference, analysis and inventiveness with fluency 44 55%
Total 80 100%
Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills 20
Grand total 100

NCERT English Book for Class 12 Vistas PDF Download

The study of English is important not only with regard to the examination process but also on a more fundamental level. It is the language used for global communication, the media and a variety of other purposes. This NCERT English Vistas Class 12 book includes a total of eight different short stories, each of which is followed by a set of exercise questions that the students are tasked with providing responses to.

Students receive an education in the complexities of the English language through the use of the Vistas NCERT books. You can start your education right away by downloading the NCERT Vistas PDF.

Chapter 1 – The Third Level

Jack Finney encapsulates the chasm that exists between space and time. The story focuses on the main character, Charlie, and how he manages to flee from his everyday life and into a world of fantasy. The stress and difficulties of modern life, as well as the narrator’s desire to escape them, are depicted in this story in a way that is both beautiful and accurate.

Students can improve their comprehension of this section of the book and their ability to effectively respond to the exercise questions by downloading the PDF version of the NCERT Book for Class 12 English Vistas. If they have any questions, they can have those questions answered by adhering to the correct answers. The application of effective reading skills for the purpose of text interpretation as well as the expansion of vocabulary are the learning outcomes for this chapter.

Chapter 2 – The Tiger King

A new perspective on how humans view animals and a satire on those in authoritative positions is presented in this short story by an Indian author by the name of Kalki. The students are immediately drawn to the story, and it maintains its momentum right up until the very last sentence. The protagonist of the story is an unbeaten tiger king who, after killing 99 other tigers, is finally defeated by a figurine of a tiger.

The reader is presented with a wide variety of questions at the conclusion of this story, all of which need to be answered. It questions the student’s comprehension of the narration that they have just read. Students who need assistance with their perception may look for solutions to problems in the NCERT Book of English Vistas for Class 12 and obtain illuminating ideas from doing so. The learning consequence will be announcements of events, celebrations and instructions that will be made through formal announcements and letters that are written in an acceptable format and style.

Chapter 3 – Journey to the End of the Earth

This is a story about the journey that the author, Tishani Doshi, took to Antarctica, which is the continent with the highest average wind speed. She views it as the end of the world and then proceeds to explain how she sees the history, the state and the potential of planet Earth. Even though the students won’t have any trouble understanding this fascinating story, the exercise questions still have the potential to make them anxious.

As a result, it is critical for students to study and get practice with the exercise questions found in the NCERT English Book for Class 12 Vistas. They will be able to improve their academic performance as well as their knowledge of and comprehension of different works of literature as a result of this. Examples of learning outcomes include an objective review or study of an event; the announcement of products, services, events and so on.

Chapter 4 – The Enemy

This is a story written by Pearl S. Buck, and it takes place during the time of the war. There are two primary players involved in this story: an American prisoner and a Japanese doctor. In spite of the narrow national preconceptions, the doctor saves the life of an American prisoner who was being held captive by the enemy and gives the prisoner shelter. Everyone should think about similar predicaments in their own lives after reading this story because it perfectly illustrates the doctor’s dilemma.

Students are required to comprehend the material presented in this chapter in order to answer the approximately eight questions that can be found at the end of the Vistas NCERT Book. The more they practice answering questions like these, the better prepared they will be to answer questions during the exam. The learning outcome for this chapter is to be able to express ideas and opinions in a well-organised manner while using the appropriate language and format.

Chapter 5 – Should Wizard Hit Mommy

This short story by John Updike is told from the point of view of a young girl who, while listening to fables or stories before bed finds her mind wandering which causes her to ask a number of questions. This storyline is written in a way that catches the attention of the reader and causes them to wonder about the imagination that may be running through the mind of the child.

However, in order for students to successfully complete the exercise questions, they need to have in-depth knowledge and comprehension of the chapter. Students will be able to give accurate responses to the exercise questions found in the NCERT Class 12 English Vistas book if they practise answering them from the very beginning. In addition to that, they will develop a deeper understanding of the material presented in this chapter. One of the learning outcomes for this particular chapter is going to be the capability to write responses to questions in a way that is both logical and imaginative.

Chapter 6 – On the Face of It

The narrative gives the impression that it is about the friendship that develops between an elderly man who is unable to walk and a young man whose face is partially burned. The elderly man and the teenage boy form an instant connection, and the older man counsels the younger boy to forget his troubled past and begin a new chapter in his life. This storyline and the conversation that takes place between the two should be read because they pique the readers’ interest and are entertaining.

This English Chapter Class 12 Vistas book also includes a total of four exercise questions that cleverly cover the entirety of the story. The students can study the solutions to these problems, put them into practice ahead of time, and thereby ensure that they are adequately prepared for the upcoming examinations. Reading between the lines and silent reading are two distinct reading strategies that can both be acquired through the study of this chapter. determining the nature of the moral concerns that have been voiced. The learning outcome for this chapter is to develop one’s ability to think critically in addition to gaining an understanding of the overarching meaning and sequence of the text.

Chapter 7 – Evans Tries an O-level

This story, which was written by Colin Dexter, provides a glimpse into the life of an O-level prisoner and describes how he makes use of his wit, skills and knowledge in order to break out of Oxford Prison. The plot has a lot of unexpected turns and twists, which keeps the reader guessing about whether or not Evan is going to get caught. 

Students get a good read out of this story, and they get some glimpses of Evan, who intends to escape from O-level. These NCERT Vistas Class 12 exercise questions are, in fact, interesting to answer, and students will have a much easier time dealing with the questions once they have gained an understanding of the proper strategy to use when writing these extensive questions. The complexity of human connections and the influence these connections have on impressionable minds will be the focus of this learning outcome.

Chapter 8 – Memories of Childhood

Two extracts from the autobiographies of Zitkala Sa and Bama are included in this chapter. The themes of discrimination, hatred and unfavourable treatment of women are central to both tales. Zitkala Sa experienced racial discrimination while attending Carlisle Indian School, whereas Bama experienced caste discrimination.

These two autobiographies expose the flaws in society while revealing traumatic childhood memories. Students can read the Class 12 English Vistas NCERT books to understand the concepts presented in the two excerpts. Additionally, students will improve their comprehension of literature by practising the questions that are mentioned at the end of the exercise.

CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Preparation tips:

  • Successfully complete the CBSE English Class 12 curriculum within the allotted time without resorting to cramming. Students are required to consult the date sheet for CBSE Class 12 in order to ascertain the date of the examination and to plan their schedule.
  • Read the entire chapter, concentrating particularly on the back exercises, and do those exercises. In addition to completing the CBSE Class 12 English syllabus, students have the additional requirement of solving CBSE Class 12 practice papers. Students will benefit from this because it will help them understand the exam pattern, difficulty standard and marking scheme for the practice paper. Make sure that you go over the entire CBSE Class 12 English curriculum again.
  • You will find that the explanations for each question in the NCERT book for Class 12 English Vistas are organised in a manner that makes sense. If you practice the answers on a regular basis, it will make it much easier for you to answer questions during the exam, and it will also help you learn how to respond to problems that are similar to those that will be on the exam.

Importance of NCERT English Class 12 Vistas

NCERT is the publishing body responsible for these textbooks that are used in academics for classes 1 through 12, as required by CBSE and several other boards. The NCERT English Vistas books for Class 12 are a part of the required reading for the course because they effectively teach students about literature while also instructing them about the lessons to be learned from short stories.

  • These books are intended to improve the quality of education that is provided in schools while also captivating students and keeping them engaged in the story. Along these same lines, the following are a few reasons why it is imperative to read NCERT English Vistas Class 12 books in order to achieve success.
  • Students have an easier time grasping the English Chapter Class 12 Vistas because the language that is used in the NCERT books is straightforward and the flow is natural. Students will walk away with the knowledge necessary to present the literature in an elegant manner.
  • The NCERT books meet the quality standard because they are written by well-known authors who conduct exhaustive research before painstakingly crafting each chapter. Because of this, the quality standard that is maintained is still unparalleled.
  • There are a variety of literary subgenres represented in the NCERT Class 12 English Book Vistas collection of short stories. Not only does it instruct students about the various types of literature, but it also keeps their interest while doing so.
  • Questions for critical analysis at the end of each chapter are available. Each chapter concludes with a set of exercise questions that the students are tasked with answering. Students can use it to test how well they understand any chapter while also getting ready for upcoming board exams with the help of this resource.
  • Students need to be proficient in English because it is the international language of communication and it is required for students to excel in a variety of fields. It is common knowledge that the NCERT English Vistas Class 12 books were compiled in a fashion that significantly assists students in the development of their communication skills.
  • The questions and their responses are perfect for conducting in-depth research on each topic. They are helpful to any student who wishes to acquire a detailed understanding of the subject before taking the exam, and the solution is ideal for the task that it is intended to accomplish.
  • Using NCERT solutions to prepare for exams provides you with the flexibility to study whenever it is most convenient for you. The students are not required to rely entirely on the notes and materials that are given to them. You will be able to organise your study time more effectively with the NCERT solutions that have been provided for you.

The aforementioned are a few of the most important reasons that explain why it is necessary to use NCERT books. The students ought to consult these books in order to improve their overall learning process and do well on the examinations.

Extramarks: Your Success Mantra

Although the NCERT English Vistas Class 12 books should be your primary source of study material if you wish to perform well on exams, you should also make sure that you have access to NCERT solutions, CBSE revision notes and live classes in order to improve your overall performance. Extramarks is able to assist students in this effort by giving them the necessary study guidance that they require. Students can learn both, the literature and the exercise questions by downloading the NCERT Book Class 12 English Vistas PDF anywhere and at any time. You can begin your never-ending adventure of education by visiting our website, or you can choose to download the Extramarks app and use that instead.

There is no reason to discount the scepticism that is associated with education obtained online. It is challenging to wrap one’s head around the concept of doing away with the conventional school setting, particularly when doing so involves entering this enormous space known as Extramarks. But even though it seems like a tricky task, Extramarks leaves no stone unturned in making the best possible resources available to students to ensure that they excel in their examinations. Besides, there are certain benefits to online education too. Some of them are given below.

Benefits of Online Education

  • Online education gives both the students and the teachers the ability to determine their own pace of learning with the added advantage of being able to make a schedule that accommodates the needs of all parties involved. Since utilising an educational platform that is delivered via the internet makes it possible to strike a good balance between working and studying, there is no need to make any sacrifices.
  • Because the online classroom can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, taking advantage of this resource while travelling is an excellent idea. Thanks to the advent of online courses, you are no longer limited to your physical location when it comes to pursuing an education. It is no longer required that one commute from one location to another or adhere to a strict timetable.
  • Tutors can frequently gain access to a wide variety of resources online, including videos, photographs and eBooks. In addition, they are able to make use of various other formats to supplement their instructions, such as online forums or live chats.
  • However, despite the fact that every student should evaluate their own circumstances and make choices based on their needs and goals, it is still a sensible solution for foreign students around the world, with almost an infinite number of possible courses of action.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are some important chapters in the Vista Class 12 textbook?

In total, there are eight chapters in the NCERT Vista book for Class 12 students. Although you should read and become familiar with all of the chapters and exercise questions in this book, the following are some of the most important ones: Evans takes an O-level, The Tiger King, Memories of Childhood, and Journey to the End of the Earth are some of the chapters. Because of the significant weight that these chapters carry in the CBSE Class 12 English Exam, it is imperative that you study them in great detail. You shouldn’t skip over the other chapters because these are the most important ones for English Vistas.  These key chapters are highlighted based on CBSE previous year question papers and are subject to change.

2. What are the advantages of using NCERT solutions to study for an exam?

The NCERT English Vistas Class 12 solutions are ideal for students to perform well in their exams and earn higher marks. These aid them in producing high-calibre responses to the questions that are precise and written in a conversational yet powerful style. NCERT books contain questions at the end of each chapter in a variety of formats, such as short- or long-answer quizzes, match-the-following or fill-in-the-blanks questions. You can get ready for the twisted questions that might appear on the board exam by practising these questions and checking your answers against the NCERT ones. The Extramarks website offers these solutions without charge.

3. Why does CBSE require students to read NCERT textbooks?

NCERT textbooks are used in a majority of CBSE-accredited schools due to their consistent content, simple language and rigorous exercise questions. These books are a popular option because they keep students entertained while also helping them learn the fundamentals. The fact that NCERT solutions are acknowledged to adhere to the CBSE syllabus and cover all of the major themes tends to make them even more desirable. They act as a foundation for a number of other competitive exams, including the JEE in addition to board exams. Since it is written with the CBSE syllabus in mind, it thoroughly covers all aspects of the syllabus.

4. How can a lot of practice sessions help improve exam marks in English?

There are two ways to learn: through practice and study, and when you study, you are reviewing material you previously learned in school. Unless you practise the concepts you learn, they won’t stick in your mind. You can handle the complicated questions which may appear on the board exam with minimal effort by practising questions and checking them twice with NCERT solutions. After several practice sessions, students should be able to identify the qualities of a good response and understand the relative importance of those qualities.