NEET Physics Question Paper 2018 Code NN

Introduction to the Exam:

The NEET Entrance exam is conducted yearly for students who aspire to make their career in the medical field. Students can appear for the exam in 13 different languages. However, the majority of the candidates opt for the English Language. In 2018, certain changes were made by the CBSE in the paper pattern of the entrance examination. 

NEET Physics Question Paper 2018 Code Nn with Answers and Solutions

The NEET Physics Question Paper 2018 Code Nn is of a total of 180 marks. The paper is divided into two modules: Section A consists of theory, whereas Section B includes questions based on experimental knowledge. Each question carries four marks. The NEET exam has a negative marking system, and so for every incorrect answer, one mark will be subtracted. The paper was moderately difficult, and most questions were directly asked from the NEET syllabus, i.e. NCERT books.

Benefits of Solving NEET Question Papers

  • Solving the NEET Physics Question Paper 2018 Code Nn will be helpful for each student to evaluate their progress. In addition, it helps them to pay more attention to essential concepts and focus on the weaker areas. 
  • Practicing past years’ NEET question papers helps the students to manage time wisely. It allows them to plan consciously and divide their time for each question. 
  • It also helps the student to build self-confidence. This motivates them and increases their thinking ability.
  • It enables the students to get first-hand experience and prepares them for the actual NEET entrance exam. They understand the examination temperament. 
  • Practicing formulas will become easier for the pupils by solving NEET Sample papers and practicing NEET questions

NEET Physics Question Paper 2018 Code Nn

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I mark 2 options for one question in NEET?

Marking multiple answers will be treated as invalid. Therefore, your answer will not be counted. Marks will neither be added nor be subtracted for this practice.

2. How to fill the OMR sheets?

The following are some instructions for filling the OMR sheet

  • Mark answers with a ballpoint pen. The exam centre will provide a pen.
  • Every candidate should mark the test booklet code in the space given on the OMR sheet.
  • Rough work should not be done on the OMR sheet. Instead, a test sheet will be provided for the same.
  • Remember, there is no redo. Once the answer is marked, it cannot be changed or erased.