Diameter Formula

Diameter Formula

The line dividing a circle into two equal parts, each known as a semicircle, is known as the diameter. The circle’s centre serves as its diameter’s midpoint. This indicates that it splits the diameter in half, noting the radius of each half. The length of a diameter is equal to twice the length of the radius. To find the diameter of a circle, the Diameter Formula is used. The Diameter Formula is given by 2 × R, R being the radius. All points in a plane that are at a specific distance from a specific point, the centre, form a circle. To present precisely, it is the curve that a moving point in a plane draws to keep its distance from a specific point constant. The radius of a circle is the separation between any point on the circle and its centre. The radius must typically be a positive number.

What Is the Diameter Formula?

The radius of a circle is the same distance from any point on its edge to the circle’s centre. The longest chord is known as the diameter. The line segment that connects the two sides of a circle is known as a chord. The Diameter Formula is given as

D= 2 × R, where R denotes the radius of the circle. 

Diameter Formula Using Radius of a Circle

The radius is the distance from the centre to the edge of the circle. The diameter is the length of a line that connects the circle’s endpoints to its middle point. The radius is half as large as the diameter. A chord is a line segment that has its endpoints on the circumference, but does not traverse the centre. The diameter of a circle can be determined by using the radius of a circle. The Diameter Formula can be represented as twice the length of the radius.

D = 2R.

Diameter Formula Using Circumference of a Circle

In a circle, the length of its diameter can also be determined using the formula of circumference. The Diameter Formula as per the circumference of a circle is given:

D= C/π, where C is the circumference of a circle and π is an irrational number holding a value of 3.14. All the questions mentioning the circumference of a circle can be solved using this formula. 

Diameter Formula Using Area of Circle

The space a circle takes up in a two-dimensional plane is known as the area of the circle. Alternately, the area of the circle is the area contained within the circumference or boundary of the circle. A = πR2, where r is the circle’s radius, is the formula for calculating a circle’s surface area. It is also possible to find the diameter of a circle using the formula of its area. It is important to use the area of a circle formula to find the area. The area of a circle is given by πR2. The Diameter Formula involving the area of a circle is represented as

Diameter = 2 × √(area/π).

Examples on Diameter Formula

The questions regarding the Diameter Formula must be solved on a regular basis by students. It is important to first know the requirements of the questions before beginning to solve them.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can students get accurate solutions to questions regarding Diameter Formula?

The Extramarks learning platform has NCERT solutions that can be used by students to get solutions to questions involving the Diameter Formula. It is important to keep practising questions in order to learn the proper implementation of the formula. 

2. What is a diameter of a circle?

A diameter of a circle is a line inside a circle that can divide it into two equal parts and it is twice the length of the radius. Each part of the circle divided by the diameter is known as a semicircle.