Lead IV Oxide Formula

Lead IV Oxide Formula

The Lead IV Oxide Formula is PbO2, often known as Lead IV Oxide or Lead 4 Oxide. Lead IV Oxide Formula has an oxidation state of +4. Additionally, other names for it include lead dioxide, Plumbic oxide, and anhydrous Plumbic acid. The plumbic oxide is supplied as a crystalline powder with a dark brown colour that is insoluble in both alcohol and water. It dissolves in a variety of acids, including diluted nitric acid, oxalic acid, and hydrochloric acid. However, it is a very valuable oxide for manufacturing electrodes, explosives, and matches. It has a powerful oxidising effect.

Properties Of Lead IV Oxide

Here are the properties of Lead IV Oxide Formula:

  • A dark brown or black crystal of lead IV oxide exists.
  • Both alcohol and water cannot dissolve it.
  • It is soluble in dilute acids such as hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, and nitric acid.
  • Lead IV oxide has a monoisotopic mass of 239.966 g/mol.
  • PbO2 has a melting point of 290°C or 554°C.
  • Its density is 9.38 g/cm3.

Lead IV Oxide Structural Formula

The monoisotopic mass and precise mass of Lead IV Oxide Formula are both stated as 239.966 g/mol. The number of hydrogen bond donors is equal to 0, whereas the number of hydrogen bond acceptors is equal to 2. This Lead IV Oxide Formula is canonicalised and has a single covalently attached unit. It is said that plumbic oxide is harmful if breathed or ingested by a live thing. Additionally, this Lead IV Oxide Formula releases poisonous, corrosive, and irritating fumes when heated. Contact with this Lead IV Oxide Formula can cause serious burns to the skin and eyes.

Lead IV Oxide Formula is more valuable in the production of rubber substitutes, and explosives, as an oxidising agent in the dye manufacturing process, as a polysulfide curing agent, and other things.

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