Photon Energy Formula

Photon Energy Formula

Students can get to know more about the Photon Energy Formula in the higher classes. It is one of the most crucial concepts of Physics, and students might find it challenging. This is due to challenges that physics as a subject presents to students. The concepts like the Photon Energy Formula are introduced very late to the students, and they can have slight difficulties in understanding all the concepts. Students do rely on the textbooks for having a basic understanding of the concept of Photon Energy Formula, but that might not be enough. The topic of Photon Energy Formula might be challenging, and can intimidate students.

Photon Energy Formula in Detail

The Photon Energy Formula is explained in detail on the Extramarks platform. The platform has been assisting the learning process of the students for a while now, and it has become a reliable source of learning and examination preparation for a number of students. The Photon Energy Formula is an elaborate topic as it has elements of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Students need to be attentive while learning the Photon Energy Formula before examinations. This can be one of the challenging topics of the curriculum, but with the help of Photon Energy Formula in detail on Extramarks, students can feel more confident before the examinations. The topic of Photon Energy Formula will not feel very challenging.

Photon Energy

Photon Energy Formula is a part of a number of class curriculums throughout boards. This proves the importance of the topic of Photon Energy Formula. Students across boards rely on the textbooks for understanding topics such as Photon Energy Formula. The Photon Energy Formula topic can be understood better with the help of additional learning materials online. There are multiple sources of online learning but they are not all reliable. Getting access to a reliable source of learning for important topics like Photon Energy Formula is important for students to develop initial understanding of the topic and the subject. Students can have a look at the study guides for Photon Energy Formula on Extramarks. These study guides are developed and curated by expert teachers from all across the country. Multiple teachers come together to provide learning solutions for topics like Photon Energy Formula.

Formula of Photon Energy

Understanding the formula is an important part of understanding the topic of Photon Energy Formula. The formula is part of the application of the formula. For students who want to take up engineering or medical in the future, it is an important topic. The Extramarks platform has a number of audio and video modules to take learning beyond the textbooks. Students who prefer reading to learn can refer to the chapter plans for topics like Photon Energy Formula. This formula is important to understand and remember because it might appear in the examinations. To have a clear idea of the questions in the examinations related to the Photon Energy Formula, students can practise the questions given in the Extramarks study material. The study material is interactive for all students, and complex topics like Photon Energy Formula are explained in an easy to understand manner for students. Parents who want to assist their children with learning can also refer to these modules. They are not hard to understand. Easy to understand study materials also increase the retention of the students and they study for longer hours. Topics like Photon Energy Formula need extra attention of the students, and the study modules on the Extramarks platform help them retain the knowledge while having an even amount of focus for the topic.

Energy of Photon Formula

The Photon Energy Formula has multiple textbook questions that help build the clarity among students. These questions also often appear in the examinations. However, these questions might not be discussed in the class entirely. It still is important for students to understand the concepts of the Photon Energy Formula with the help of the textbook questions. The textbook solutions for Photon Energy Formula are available on the Extramarks website and mobile app. These solutions cover all the textbook questions while providing more questions for the students to practise. These questions appear in the school examinations and can also appear in the competitive examinations. The competitive examinations are career defining for a number of students. Therefore, it is important for them to have a good practise of these questions before any examinations.

Photon Wavelength Formula

Photon Wavelength Formula is a part of the Photon Energy Formula. It is a subtopic to the main topic, but is equally important for students to learn and understand. Students can learn additionally about the topic on the Extramarks platform. Academicians approve all the study guides that are published on the website, and it makes the platform a reliable source of learning. Since the website and app has the option of offline learning, students can download the notes and practise from anywhere. Learning does not have to be restricted to classrooms and homes. Another important part of the study materials on Extramarks are the previous year question papers. Students can practise with the help of all the other question papers that will strengthen their understanding of the topic and the subtopics that are included in the chapter.

Energy of Photon Formula in eV

It is common for energy to be measured in electronvolts.

The photon energy formula in electronvolts can be written by using the wavelength in micrometres, which in turn can be written as follows:

E (eV)   = 1.2398λ(μm)

The photon wavelength formula can also be referred to as this equation.

From equation (3), we observe that the exact value of 1 × 106

(hc/q) is 1.24 but the approximation of 1.24 is sufficient for most purposes.

The wavelength in micrometres can also be calculated with this equation. From the above energy of photon formula in eV, we infer that photon energy at 1 μm wavelength, the wavelength of near-infrared radiation, is approximately 1.2398 eV or 1.24 eV

Kinetic Energy vs Frequency Graph

There are multiple topics and illustrations in the topic of Photon Energy. The illustrations make it easier for the students to understand and comprehend the topic. Study materials related to this can be found on the Extramarks platform.

Photon Applications

Application of Photon are essential to comprehend. There are multiple ways in which the formula can be applied in calculations. Questions based on these calculations are very common in the examinations. Therefore, students should special focus on the questions and the solutions based on the equations.


To conclude, it is right to say that this topic is an important and interesting part of the Physics curriculum. It helps students in building the base for their future education while helping them perform better in the examinations. Students should go throught the textbook before studying from any other source. The subject and the topic might seem challenging and intimidating, but the students can learn with the help of the materials available on the Extramarks platform. This will help them have a better clarity and more confidence for revision before the examinations. For revision, students can visit the question banks and sample question papers on the Extramarks website. These modules and learning options are available on the app as well. Students can choose based on their convenience. The revision notes along with these practise materials will solidify the foundation of the subject.

Example 1

Determine the photon energy if the wavelength is 650nm.


Given parameters are

λ = 650nm

c = 3×108×108m/s

h = 6.626×10−34×10−34Js

Photon energy formula is given by,

E = hc / λ

E = 6.626×10−34 ×3×108 / 650×10−9

E = 19.878 x 1028 / 650×10−9

E = 0.030 x 10−17J

Example 2:

If the energy of a photon is 350×10−10J, determine the wavelength of that photon.


Given parameters are,

E = 350×10−10J

c = 3×108m/s

h = 6.626×10−34Js

Photon energy formula is given by,

E = hc / λ

λ = hc / E

λ = 6.626×10−34×3×108 / 350×10−10

λ = 19.87 x 10-28 / 350 x 10−10

λ = 0.056 x 10-16 m

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can students learn more about the Photon Energy Formula?

Students can access the study guides on the Extramarks app. It is reliable app that has helped students over a decade. It has study materials for all subjects and topics for all classes.

2. Are textbooks enough for Photon Energy Formula?

Yes, the textbooks are a good source of learning, but students can also access practise questions on the Extramarks platform, and have a better understanding and preparation for the examination.