ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 – Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an  esteemed and well-recognized board that operates across  India. For candidates who plan on getting their higher  degrees from foreign universities and colleges, ICSE serves  to make  ends meet. The board has a great reputation among the foreign academic circles and therefore their syllabus is highly based on an international curriculum. ICSE has been known for its vast  syllabus and students are apprehensive  before  exams. The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 revolves primarily around the core subjects and the subjects are not integrated, unlike other boards. The extensive and rigorous syllabus can only be dealt  with regular revision of the numericals, concepts, and Formulas.

Mathematics being a core subject, the student has to be well versed and completely accustomed to the question patterns, the formulas, and the different types of numerical to prove their understanding of the concepts during exams. . Extramarks, therefore, released the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20  to arm the students with the ICSE Solutions which adheres  to the ISC & ICSE Syllabus. These notes are compiled and curated by the Extramarks subject experts  after referring to the top educators and professionals in the field who are well versed with the problems faced by students and how to handle those important topics to  help to all students irrespective of their learning capacities.

Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 20 – Free PDF Download 

Students must practice the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 to score well. Mathematics is one such subject where getting full marks is a great possibility, teachers advise preparing this subject thoroughly  because that can boost  the final percentage of students significantly. . The educators  appointed to check marksheets  by the ICSE council, and  shared their experiences. The  first and foremost thing  has already discussed is  regularly practising  ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20.

Secondly, it has been observed by students and teachers alike that ICSE Important Questions often merge two different topics and therefore selective learning, unlike popular conceptions, can be  counter-productive. What is advised is practising numerical from sections from the prescribed textbook , regularly. Therefore, the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 provides a detailed summary of Chapter 20 Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures Class 9 ICSE. Last but not least, the revision notes are a compilation of all the formulas and axioms that are discussed in the chapter and then there are many solved problems curated by referring to the ICSE Sample Question Papers, ICSE important questions, and past years’ ICSE Question Paper must be practised to strengthen the base. Mathematics is a subject that becomes fun and less challenging when one spends  more time practicing Mathematics on a daily basis and is consistent in his approach, and is bound to excel.

Introduction to the Chapter

Chapter 20 of ICSE Mathematics is Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures Class 9, and it belongs to the Geometry and Mensuration section of the syllabus. Students already have a basic understanding of shapes studied in  the previous  classes therefore the chapter takes on first  revising those concepts before moving to the next level. . The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 is primarily with the basic shapes like triangle, square, and rectangle. Then as the chapters progress, the student learns about figuring out the area and perimeter of different kinds of triangles. Students learn that each type of triangle has a separate formula..  They also learn how to calculate the area and perimeter of these triangles when one of the data is not given.

The chapter then takes on quadrilaterals, and it is a very broad topic in the syllabus. ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 has a separate section for all the quadrilaterals, and it has labelled diagrams  with the derivations of all formulas. There are pictorial numericals and  word problems. The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 cover both kinds of problems. The last section of the chapter is the introduction to the circle and how to calculate its area and circumference (perimeter). The major ideas that are discussed in these notes are perimeter and Area of Plane Figures Class 9.

Topics Covered in ICSE Mathematics Chapter 20 of Class 9

Geometry and Mensuration are vast topics with numerous exercises in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20. In triangles, the students learn about Heron’s formula which is a universal formula that can be used to calculate the area of any triangle with just the measurement of all three sides of the triangle. The three different types of triangles are discussed – equilateral, isosceles, and scalene, and also their characteristics.

Moving onto quadrilaterals as can be seen in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 different and new varieties of quadrilaterals are discussed. Their characteristics and the formulas and their derivations to calculate their area and perimeter have been explained.. The different types of quadrilaterals discussed in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 are – rectangle, square, parallelogram, rhombus, and trapezium.

As the chapter comes to an end the student also learns about the circle and how to calculate the area and the circumference of the circle. In the process, they  also learn about a constant called pi (π) whose value equals 3.14 or 22/7. All the formulas and the derivations are very magnanimously described in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20. Students across  the country have given a very positive response to these notes and look forward to using study materials for competitive exams provided by Extramarks because students have complete faith and trust in Extramarks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can students avoid common mistakes during problem-solving?

As teachers have discussed, many students have been observed  using calculators while solving  problems at home and this is not  advisable because the more calculations are practised the lesser the chance to make avoidable errors. The other key to refrain yourself from making mistakes is to practice mindfulness and having a  positive  and calm mind during the problem-solving process. Students must take the ICSE Revision Notes seriously if they wish to improve their score and boost their performance.

2. How to remember all the formulas because there are so many?

Remembering the plethora of mathematical formulas has been a constant cause of concern  among students and the best way to deal with  this regular problem-solving and having all the formulas compiled in one place can be a daunting task for students but not anymore! Students can simply go through the revision notes, that itself will take care of everything.  Therefore, the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 20 immensely helps because they have all the formulas at one  place and  students can visit   them regularly before they even realise it, it’s ingrained in their mind.