ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter – 6 Simultaneous (Linear) Equations

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 9 Examination plays a pivotal role before the ICSE Class 10 Board Examination. Class 9 is an essential phase of a student’s life. It gives the basic concept of every subject and checks their calibre for the same. Students should focus on enhancing their knowledge while preparing for their ICSE Class 9 examinations. Class 9 ISC & ICSE Syllabus is organised in a way to provide holistic progression in education.

Revision on 9 Mathematics Chapter 6 – Free PDF Download

To revise Simultaneous Linear Equations Class 9 students must have ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 provided by Extramarks. Students can download it from the website as it is easily accessible. Referring to ICSE Revision Notes will help students grasp the concept easily and quickly. This provides conceptual clarity and boosts their preparation. ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 helps in solving the exercises conveniently without any further assistance and motivates you to prepare thoroughly. It also makes for good practice before examinations.

 An Overview  of the Chapter

Simultaneous Linear Equations Class 9 ICSE holds significant value in board examinations. Problems On Simultaneous Linear Equations Class 9 can be tricky and confusing if not dealt with with the right approach and students feel dejected and demotivated. In this topic, students have to solve two linear equations using two or three variables to find a common solution. For a proper revision, students must have access to short notes with the correct ICSE solution for the chapter-end exercises. Students can check out at Extramarks website for the required resources. The platform also provides ICSE Sample Question Papers, ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6, and ICSE Important Questions.

Revision and Its Meaning

It goes without saying that revision is mandatory for any examination. It helps to recall the topics. It is very effective in doubt-solving and even covering knowledge gaps so that his/her revision is foolproof. Curated notes provide students with an edge for their upcoming examinations, especially for students who find Mathematics quite challenging. It solves their problem to a great extent. Experts at Extramarks have sincerely Included keywords, bullet points, definitions and formulae in the ICSE Revision Notes which ensures that not a single topic has been overlooked. During the examination, Revision means re-check. It gives the final touch to the much-needed revision and rectifies mistakes. Always try to write to the point, avoid overwriting, and write clearly..


To solve the questions of the exercises for a better understanding of the concept of Simultaneous equations, students must go through ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6. For any other help, they can visit the Extramarks website. They have various ICSE Sample Questions, ICSE Revision Notes, etc in downloadable pdf format.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the benefit of ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6?

Each and every topic given in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 is provided with all the explanations and logic used to determine the conclusion. It is very precise and simple to remember and grasp the core points. Students can quickly refer to these notes whenever they want. It enhances their preparation. It also builds their confidence during the last moments of their revision.

2. How to boost confidence during the crucial phase of preparation?

Students must practice with the help of ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6. Students must also practice by solving the ICSE Sample Question and track the performance. Whenever have time to do multiple revisions of the topic also keep an eye on the ICSE Question Paper.

3. How to score good marks by practising ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6?

Yes, if a student had already solved the chapter, they would have ample time to practice the ICSE Sample Question and ICSE Question Paper. They can clear their doubt before the examination. They have their precious time to practice multiple times, which will make them efficient in problem-solving.

4. How much time should a student give to practice ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6?

ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 can prove to be a great source for practice. Try to solve multiple questions every day and regularly clear the doubt while solving the problems. Always take easy questions to start, in the examination it is time-saving. It provides some relief.

5. How to learn ICSE Class 9 Mathematics in a limited time?

When in shortage of time, students should rely on authentic and well-curated resources. Extramarks deals with ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 with Simultaneous (Linear) Equations. Simultaneous (Linear) Equations are a very important chapter. Therefore, students should do multiple revisions. ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 6 by Extramarks is easily available on the website with all the other chapters.