ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 – Solids

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is a well-renowned and prestigious board in India. For students who are planning on getting their collegiate and professional degrees from foreign universities, ICSE is appropriate for them. The board has great topics in its syllabus that are closely following foreign universities and therefore, the entirety of their syllabus is based largely  on the  international curriculum. ICSE is well known for its vast syllabus and students must prepare before  exams. The ICSE syllabus puts a lot of  emphasis on the core subjects and these subjects are not merged, unlike other boards. The vast and extensive syllabus can be dealt with  ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 by the students and they need not carry the burden of preparing notes since it has already been done by the subject experts .

Mathematics is a core subject and the student has to be well versed and familiar with the question patterns, the formulas, and the different types of numerical problems. . Extramarks, therefore, released the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 which will aid students with the ICSE Solutions which completely corresponds to the ISC & ICSE Syllabus. These notes are compiled and curated by the Extramarks subject experts in communication with the top academics  which ensures that the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 can be a great resource for the students which they can’t say no to!.

Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 21 – Free PDF Download 

According to  educators across  the country who have been dealing  with the ICSE syllabus for years, regularly revising the chapters before the exam is the most effective way to perform well in the Mathematics exam. Mathematics is a subject where scoring high is not extremely difficult, therefore teachers advise practising it  religiously because that can improve the final percentage of  student scores significantly. . The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 is such a savior  here.

It has been  observed by candidates and educators that there is a pattern in the ICSE Important Questions where they often merge two different topics and thus, selective learning could be counterproductive. It is widely recommended that students should consistently practice and know their weak areas to get a high score. . Therefore, the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 provides a detailed analysis of Chapter 21. The best way for a students to get excellent grades in Mathematics is by revising  and practising daily. Nothing happens overnight. It is the gradual and consistent effort made every single day that can bring positive results. There is no shortcut to it. Make use of revision notes to step your preparation.The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 are a compilation of well-curated resources, which contains all the formulas and axioms provided  in the chapter. In addition to this, there are a plethora of solved problems compiled  by referring to the ICSE Sample Question Papers, ICSE Important Questions, and past years’ ICSE Question Paper.

Introduction to the Chapter

Chapter 21 of the syllabus primarily discussed two-dimensional figures and how to calculate their area and perimeter but in the next chapter- Solids, as seen in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 the students are to learn about three-dimensional objects. In the introduction of the chapter, students acquire  a new set of mathematical vocabulary. There are, as in the previous chapter, mainly two different types of numerical problems-Pictorial and Word Problems. Then the chapter moves on to the practical implementation  of this chapter such as calculating the cost of painting a room shaped like a cuboid or putting up wallpapers just on the walls of a room shaped like a cube. Students then finally learn about calculating the cross-section of a body and how that can be used to calculate and measure the surface area , the volume, or the rate of flow of any liquid.

Topics Covered in ICSE Mathematics Chapter 21 of Mathematics

As seen in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21, it falls under the Mensuration section of the syllabus. Students in this chapter learn about new quantities that are used regularly in real life and the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 has all the formulas and their derivation very clearly mentioned in it. . The quantities are – Total Surface Area, Lateral Surface Area, Volume, and calculating the diagonal of a third-dimensional body. There are various formulas cumulatively and the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 has included all of them presented with  great clarity for every student irrespective of their intelligence level. Everyone can make use of these notes . Therefore, the ICSE Revision notes are highly beneficial for every student.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can students improve their preparation for Chapter 21 before their final exam?

Chapter 21 can be really easy to prepare for before the final exam if the students utilise the appropriate resources. The problem that causes so much apprehension among students is the  lengthy chapter with too many exercises,  formulas, graded questions, new concepts and so on. If a student make concious effort to study  every topic and practices regularly they can understand better.  Once they are done with the whole chapter,  it is highly advisable to go through the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 for an effective revision.

2. Is it necessary to draw the diagram in every question while solving each sum?

Drawing a diagram for each sum in this chapter is not always necessary, but it is often recommended by experts  that drawing a diagram greatly aids in problem-solving. Diagrams are used to envision the shape clearly and Mensuration is all about using your imagination. Drawing diagrams for every sum has also been observed to  reduce avoidable mistakes in this chapter. What can be observed in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 21 is how much weightage this chapter holds and therefore everything that has been discussed can be great advice.