Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula

Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula

The Extramarks website explains the Dinitrogen Pentoxide formula, often known as the Nitrogen Pentoxide formula or the Nitro ether formula. This salt is made up of cations and anions. The action is linear neutronium ion (NO2+), while the anion is planar nitrate (NO3). N2O5 is the chemical or molecular formula for Dinitrogen Pentoxide.

Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula exists as a colourless to white crystalline solid that sublimes at somewhat higher temperatures than room temperature. At ambient temperature, N2O5 slowly decomposes into nitrogen dioxide and oxygen. It is water and chloroform soluble.

Deville was the first to report Dinitrogen Pentoxide in 1840. It is made by dehydrating nitric acid with phosphorus V oxide. It’s a common reagent for introducing nitrogen dioxide functionality.

This chemical exists as a colourless to white crystalline solid that sublimes easily just above room temperature. At ambient temperature, it progressively decomposes into nitrogen dioxide and oxygen gas. It dissolves quickly in both water and chloroform.

As a result, Dinitrogen Pentoxide is the anhydride form of nitric acid and is present in the form of white crystals. It decomposes spontaneously at ambient temperature, since it is a rather unstable compound. It produces a high concentration of neutronium cation when combined with nitric acid. Dinitrogen Pentoxide is a chemical that is unstable and somewhat explosive, however, it has little economic utility at the moment.

Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula Structure

Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula chemical formula is N2O5.

This whitish solid is generated when nitric acid is dehydrated by phosphorus (V) oxide.

The Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula chemical equation is P4O10+4HNO3→4HPO3+2N2O5

Properties Of Dinitrogen Pentoxide

Physical Properties of Dinitrogen Pentoxide

Its density is 1.642 grams per cubic cm.

The boiling point of Dinitrogen Pentoxide Formula is 47-degree C and the melting point is 41 degrees C.

It is heavier than air.

Chemical Properties of Dinitrogen Pentoxide 

Nitric acid is formed when dinitrogen pentoxide combines with water, i.e. 


The dinitrogen Pentoxide balanced chemical equation is 


Dinitrogen Pentoxide interacts with a base, such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH), to create sodium nitrate in the presence of water. The balanced chemical equation is shown below.


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