Sodium Thiosulfate Formula

Sodium Thiosulfate Formula

The inorganic substance Sodium Thiosulfate Formula has the chemical formula Na2S2O3. Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is made up of two positively charged thiosulfate ions and two sodium (Na+) cations (S2O3–). By heating sulphur with a sodium sulfite solution, the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula can be made.

Other names for Sodium Thiosulfate Formula include hyposulphite of soda and sodium hyposulfite. In this brief article, students will go deeper into the chemical composition, characteristics, and applications of the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula.

A salt with no flavour or scent, the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is an inorganic substance. The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is a crystalline substance that contains five molecules of water. Disodium thiosulphate, with the chemical formula Na2S2O3, is another name for it. When heat is applied to it to break it down, sulphur oxide fumes that are extremely toxic are released.

Sodium Thiosulfate Chemical Structure

The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula, with the chemical formula Na2S2O3, is an ionic compound made up of two sodium cations, or Na+, and a negatively charged thiosulfate anion, or S2O3-. It is obvious from the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula structure that the central atom (S) makes two bonds with oxygen atoms and one bond with sulphur. Each atom makes two bonds with the central atom, the single and double of which have resonance properties.

With three oxygen atoms, one sulphur atom, and one other atom, the centre atom (S) in the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula creates one single bond and one double bond.

Sodium Thiosulfate Formula anion is created in the structure of thiosulfuric acid by substituting a sulphur (S) atom for one of the oxygen atoms in the sulphate anion. As a result, a tetrahedral structure results.

Preparation of Sodium Thiosulfate

Typically, to make the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula, sulphur is heated with either an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution or an aqueous sodium sulfite solution. The structure of the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula reveals that the solid likewise has a monoclinic crystalline structure. Since Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is not poisonous, it frequently has many different medical uses. However, this chemical combination breaks down to release poisonous sulphur oxide gases. The resulting vapours can irritate mucous membranes, eyes, and even the skin.

Sodium Thiosulfate Properties

The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is essentially an ionic molecule made of two sodium cations, one thiosulfate anion, and three oxygen atoms, with one sulphur atom bound to three other sulphur atoms. Double bonds connect the oxygen atoms to the sulphur atom, and a single bond connects it to the other sulphur atom. Sodium Thiosulfate Formula has a wide range of uses in daily life, and its value stems from the fact that it is extremely soluble. When the five water molecules are gone, it turns amorphous.

Physical properties of Sodium Thiosulfate

The following are the physical properties of the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula:

  • Sodium Thiosulfate Formula appears as a brilliant, crystalline crystal that is both very water soluble and odourless.
  • Sodium Thiosulfate Formula has the chemical formula Na2S2O3, which is used to represent it.
  • The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula density is approximately 1.667 g/ml.
  • The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula melts at 48.3 degrees Celsius, according to its melting point.

Chemical properties of Sodium Thiosulfate

Stated below are the chemical properties of the Sodium Thiosulfate Formula:

  • Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is a neutral salt that dissolves easily in water, forming sodium and thiosulfate ions. Additionally soluble in turpentine oil, the chemical is insoluble in alcohol.
  • Sodium Thiosulfate Formula acid’s structure makes it evident that this inorganic solid is very stable. Na2S2O3 + H2O Na+ + S2O3- Strong oxidising agents and some strong acids are quite compatible with it. However, the material decomposes to create sulphur when it is exposed to weak acids.

Uses of Sodium Thiosulfate

The Sodium Thiosulfate Formula is widely used in many industries, including gold extraction, photography, medicine, and other disciplines, because of its stable thiosulphate structure.

Health effects/safety hazards:

It is not a dangerous compound. According to the relevant requirements, there are no fatal components that need to be mentioned. In the event of skin contact, one should remove any contaminated garments right away.

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