ICSE Class 9 mathematics Revision Notes

ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

In ICSE Class 9, there are many practical advantages to studying Mathematics. It improves our ability to reason, fosters analytical thinking, sharpens our minds, fosters practicality, and also has applications in daily life. The way you measure the various components is crucial to improving the flavour of the food you prepare. Mathematics makes it possible to determine the exact cost and value of the items you buy, enabling you to make wise purchases. Using mathematics, you may organise your finances, including your income and expenses.

The students are exposed to a variety of Mathematical concepts in ICSE Class 9 Mathematics. Understanding these themes is crucial if you want to grasp the more advanced concepts that will come up in Class 10. Extramarks Mathematics specialists carefully and thoroughly produce study resources, mostly for ICSE Class 9 students. The study tools created by Extramarks include everything from syllabus and textbook solutions to mock papers and important questions. Students can also access the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Book, ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter Wise Questions, ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Solutions and so much more on the Extramarks website.

By simply summarising the major elements of the chapters as prescribed by the curriculum, the class 9 Mathematics revision notes aid in studying the important subjects. The students acquire additional confidence and a competitive edge for their final exams. Additionally, it stops students from cramming and last-minute revising. It also aids students in comprehending the numerous application-type questions offered in the exercises and solved examples as well. With the use of revision notes, students are able to understand complex subjects quickly. It enables them to promptly revise important material in order to perform well on exams.

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Chapters Covered In ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

The following chapters are included in ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Textbook and Notes:

  • Chapter 1: Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Compound Interest (without using formula)
  • Chapter 3: Compound Interest (using formula)
  • Chapter 4: Expansions (including substitution)
  • Chapter 5: Factorisation
  • Chapter 6: Simultaneous Equations
  • Chapter 7: Indices
  • Chapter 8: Logarithms
  • Chapter 9: Triangles
  • Chapter 10: Isosceles Triangles
  • Chapter 11: Inequalities
  • Chapter 12: Mid-point and its Converse
  • Chapter 13: Pythagoras Theorem
  • Chapter 14: Rectilinear Figures
  • Chapter 15: Construction of Polygons
  • Chapter 16: Area Theorems
  • Chapter 17: Circle
  •  Chapter 18: Statistics
  • Chapter 19: Mean and Median
  • Chapter 20: Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures
  • Chapter 21: Solids
  • Chapter 22: Trigonometrical Ratios
  • Chapter 23: Trigonometrical Ratios of Standard Angles
  • Chapter 24: Solution of Right Triangles
  • Chapter 25: Complementary Angles
  • Chapter 26: Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 27: Graphical Solution
  • Chapter 28: Distance Formula

How Do ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes help you?

Everyone must acknowledge the importance of revision. In actuality, the majority of Class 9 students put in a lot of effort, but they only sometimes succeed. Students must organise their modifications in advance to ensure they notice all crucial ideas. Students won’t be able to develop their thinking skills by simply reading their notes without comprehending what they are reading. Important concepts and data must be well understood and reviewed in subjects such as Mathematics. Here at Extramarks, we have developed Mathematics revision notes containing all crucial ideas, formulas, and facts per the ICSE syllabus. For the students’ benefit, we have provided them with the clearest possible terms.

These are some ways that our ICSE Class 9 Mathematics notes are beneficial:

  • It keeps students from cramming and revising at the last minute.
  • It aids students in quickly and thoroughly grasping subjects.
  • It produces the best possible learning environment.
  • Students can better learn key themes by practising questions on important subjects.
  • Concepts are less likely to be forgotten with revision notes.
  • Increases focus during research.
  • It helps train the brain to process more information more quickly and retain it for longer.
  • Increases the ability to summarise and remember.
  • Make it possible for kids to do their homework on time.
  • Only those concepts that are crucial from the standpoint of the exam should be learned and refreshed.
  • The notes are in link format so that students can bring them to lectures, lab exercises, coaching sessions, etc.
  • Explain concepts using appropriate examples and diagrams.

When Should Students Refer To ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

Before exams, students shouldn’t spend hours studying. We are well aware that editing is most effective when done frequently over shorter periods of time. A poll revealed that students preferred studying main concepts from their textbooks or underlined passages from dictionaries. Instead of enhancing their effectiveness, this wastes their time. Scores are greatly improved by routinely revising notes for 20 to 30 minutes while also working through certain Mathematical problems.

It is suggested that students create a study schedule that includes daily and weekly blocks of time for revising their Mathematics notes. Naturally, students experience a thrill as the exam draws near, and they attempt to read through every chapter in one sitting. Our chapter-by-chapter Mathematics revision notes for Class 9 students help them study all the important material before any exam or unit test in order to avoid this dilemma.

Important Chapters Of ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

Some ICSE Mathematics Chapters, in the opinion of many students, are optional to learn. But that is untrue. Some chapters are important for the exam, while others are not. We’ve chosen a few important chapters below that should be noticed. The chapters are titled as follows.


  • Linear Equations: This chapter is simple to grade. To receive full credit, students must plot points accurately.
  • Logarithms: Students can answer a variety of problems and expressions using the fundamentals of logarithms.


Students can easily pass this unit, which carries a significant amount of weight. Questions regarding mean, mode, and median are drawn from this unit. Therefore, students should include it.

About ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

Mathematics could seem easy. However, after you have a thorough comprehension of all the principles, it becomes easier. In order to do well on the final exams, it would also benefit if you were an expert in these fields. It would help if you had assistance in comprehending these concepts. To fully understand everything, you need extra advice from an expert. An authority on the subject who is informed about the subject can provide you with the right advice.

At Extramarks, we provide you with a wide choice of subject matter experts whose main objective is to help you study so that you can easily understand the concepts in all the chapters of your textbook. For your use as you study, Extramarks’ highly qualified team of educators has put together a thorough study guide and other materials. No matter how diligently you study, the preparation you receive determines how well you perform on exams.

Extramarks, one of the leading educational technology providers, assists in bridging the gap between such needs and students looking for expert study guides. Some have written the solutions and review notes for the various chapters of the most well-known educators in the country, all of whom have years of experience and in-depth expertise in their specialised fields.

Perks Of Referring To ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

The chapter divisions in the ICSE Mathematics notes for Class 9 are accurate. Additionally, our website lets students easily get the URL to the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics notes. Once you have done it, you will be able to start thoroughly studying the entire syllabus. You need professional assistance with that, which our website provides.

These Class 9 Mathematics notes in link format have been meticulously chosen by our in-house teachers and subject matter experts after examining the exam questions from the previous ten years and picking the main concepts. Now, you will be able to predict the various questions that will be asked in the upcoming Board Exam. The revision notes address the major problems, making it easier for students to complete the curriculum swiftly and successfully. Due to the answers’ clarity and simplicity, all ICSE board students can quickly study them at the last minute.

The fact that the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes make learning simpler and help with time management is one of the best benefits of utilising them. You will be able to easily use these notes to review each concept from each chapter as your exams get closer.

How To Score Good Marks Using ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

  • Try to write your numerical answers in points on the mathematics exam and use illustrations whenever you can. It clarifies everything.
  • Read the assignment before answering.
  • Outline your answer in the margin before writing it if the question asks for a lengthy answer.
  • Be brief and to the point in your answers to very short answer questions.

Preparation Tips Using ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

  • Mathematics is a discipline that is content-based. A new word is coined every now and then. With the new words you are learning each day, make flashcards.
  • Write sample answers in your native language while being mindful not to alter the meaning.
  • Utilise your school notes and reference materials after you fully understand the concept. Follow the ICSE textbook your teacher has provided you thoroughly.

ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes: Previous Years Question Papers and Sample Papers

Students can more easily understand the actual exam paper using the ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers. Let’s say they complete the Mathematics exams from the previous year. In that situation, kids will be better able to comprehend the subjects, assess their performance, and focus on their strong and weak points. Students can use these ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers as a testing tool and a technique to educate themselves on the crucial questions from an exam’s perspective. After finishing the course, students are advised to complete the previous year’s Mathematics exam papers.

Students in Class 9 can benefit from the ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Sample Paper.. Students should thoroughly review after completing the curriculum by working through this sample paper.Students gain more self-assurance, experience less stress, and maintain academic interest. These well-structured Mathematics sample papers have been updated to align with the new curriculum. Students can assess their performance level and strengthen their weak areas in each topic by practising the ICSE Mathematics Class 9 sample paper.

Benefits Of Solving ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes

In those circumstances, “Revision” can come to the rescue. It is impossible to overstate the need for revision, particularly in a subject like Mathematics, where it is common for learners to struggle to recall the precise formula to answer a certain problem. Before we provide you with all the links you’ll need for your preparation, let me quickly go over a few subjects where taking regular review notes can be helpful:

  • Presentation abilities: How successfully you present your work is a key component of the Board Exam. Even if handwriting is not a problem, frequent editing motivates students to produce work that is more consistently free of mistakes and cancellations.
  • You can prevent making foolish blunders by revising: The revision process enables you to make sure that you don’t commit such elementary errors in a topic like Mathematics, where a slight bonus instead of a negative might completely send you the wrong way.
  • Enhances speed: Students can better compute sums after responding to many questions, which also aids conceptualisation. After multiple iterations of the change, the sums and computation time both got better.
  • Increasing self-assurance: After completing their revision, the student feels more assured that they have taken all necessary precautions to retain all the crucial information for the exam. This assurance leads to a stronger degree of self-confidence.

Chapter wise ICSE Class 9 Math Revision Notes

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which textbooks are suggested for Class 9 ICSE students to study every chapter of Mathematics?

Experts advise the Selina publications’ textbooks for Class 9 ICSE students to learn all the Mathematics chapters. All of the central concepts in the chapters are easy to comprehend and learn from these books. Since it is crucial to attempt questions in all necessary steps, students will learn to complete them by practising with these books. These books give students more self-assurance and help them finish their coursework on time. These books might help students get ready for competitive exams. These books provide practise questions and revision notes.

2. The ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Syllabus has how many chapters?

The ICSE class 9 Mathematics curriculum is fairly extensive, with 8 topics further broken down into 28 chapters for the following topics.

  • Pure Arithmetic: In the field of pure Arithmetic, there are both rational and irrational numbers.
  • Commercial Mathematics: Compound interest is included in commercial mathematics.
  • Algebra: Expanding, factoring, and solving simultaneous linear equations in two variables are all part of algebra, as well as exponents and indices.
  • Geometry: It includes triangles, rectilinear figures, Pythagoras theorem, and circles.
  • Statistics: Data collection, presentation, graphic representation, mean, and median of ungrouped data are all covered in this section on statistics.
  • Mensuration: It includes the surface area and volume of cubes and cuboids, as well as the perimeter and area of a triangle, a circle, and a cube.
  • Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios, straightforward 2-D triangle-based problems, the idea of complementary trigonometric ratios, and their practical use.
  • Coordinate Geometry: This topic includes a number of subtopics, such as the cartesian system, plotting points in the plane for given coordinates, graphically resolving simultaneous linear equations in two variables, and using the distance-section formula to calculate the separation between two points.

3. How can I pass the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics exam with the best grades?

Because Mathematics is an application-based subject requiring students to apply their logical and calculative abilities to solve problems, most students find this subject challenging. But students can easily perform well in the Class 9 Mathematics exam if they apply the right study resources and effective study techniques. They can self-evaluate and become familiar with the exam format by practising on sample papers and previous years’ question papers. The practise notes will help you remember all formulas and key topics during the exam.

4. What Chapters in the ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes are essential?

In the ICSE class 9 Mathematics revision notes, the following chapters are crucial:

  • Simultaneous Linear Equation: Plotting the points appropriately is crucial to remember when answering questions on this topic. Additionally, it is simple and effective.
  • Logarithm: This chapter’s laws on the logarithm can be utilised to solve a variety of expressions and equations, including exponent-based ones. A sufficient number of its problems need to be solved to understand the logarithm.
  • Mid-Point Theorem: The mid-point theorem and its converse, as well as the intercept theorem, are used to solve many triangles, quadrilaterals, and other geometrical problems.
  • Area Theorem: The theorems from this chapter are helpful in the chapter on measurements when determining the areas of figures made up of various triangles and quadrilateral shapes.
  • Circle: It’s important to understand a circle’s theorems, formulas, and properties in this topic. You can refresh your memory of the prior situations by resolving a range of questions on this subject.
  • Rectilinear Figures: These puzzles take less time to complete and are simpler. You should take advantage of this subject.
  • Statistics: In class 9 of the ICSE, statistics (including mean and median) is a highly weighted and simple subject. The subject continues in higher-class courses and can be studied independently with many useful applications.
  • Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios and the connection between trigonometric ratios and trigonometric values are the main concepts to be studied in this area.