Temperature Formula

Temperature Formula

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Example 1

Determine the temperature if 200 J of heat is released by the body of mass 6 Kg and has a specific heat of 0.8 J/KgoC .



Heat released Q = 200 J,

Mass m = 6 Kg,

Specific Heat c = 0.8 J/KgoC

The temperature is given by ΔT  = Q / mc

= 200 / 6 x 0.8

ΔT= 41.66oC .

Example 2

Determine the heat released when the temperature changes by 40oC by a body of mass 3 Kg which has a specific heat of 0.7 J/kgoC .



Temperature change = 40oC ,

Mass m = 3 kg,

Specific heat c = 0.7 J/kgoC ,

The Heat released is given by formula Q = mc ΔT

= 3 × 0.7 × 40

Q = 84 J

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