JEE Main Chemistry Question Paper Online 2018 15 April Morning

JEE Main Chemistry Question Paper Online 2018 (15 April – Morning)

Though chemistry unarguably has the largest JEE Main syllabus, it’s also one of the most scoring sections of the JEE Main exam. Why? This is because, unlike the other two JEE sections, you can solve some chemistry questions just by rote learning. 

However, even though Chemistry is easier than the other two JEE Main sections, it still requires rigorous practice and conceptual understanding. Here, the best way to get yourself acquainted with the exam problems is to go through JEE Main mock tests and past years’ JEE Main question papers. This way, you will be equipped to solve quality problems. Besides, you will get familiar with the difficulty level of the exam.

JEE Main Chemistry Question Paper Online 2018 (15th April – Morning) – Free PDF

If you are looking for previous years’ JEE Main question papers, you’re at the right place! We have compiled all the questions from the JEE Main 2018 online question paper in an easily accessible PDF format. Download now at Extramarks in an instant and start practising the Chemistry problems today!

Also, don’t forget to use our answer key to evaluate your performance. By doing so, you will know your strengths and weaknesses and can allot time to the relevant topics accordingly. Plus, solving enough JEE Main question papers will help you manage time efficiently, ensuring that you solve the maximum amount of chemistry problems in the three-hour duration.

Finally, all you need is enough practice, time management, and command over various topics. That is when you will have the confidence to overcome the negative-marking scheme of the JEE Main paper and will be able to ace the Chemistry section. 

JEE Main 2018 Chemistry Paper- Exam Pattern


Number of Questions Marks

Class 11

16 64
Class 12 14





Difficulty Level


Moderate Difficult
10 questions 17 questions

3 questions

JEE Main Chemistry Paper Preparation Tips

1) Memorising certain parts of the subject like the periodic table, atomic weights of elements, atomic numbers of elements etc. is necessary while preparing for the chemistry section. This saves a lot of time while writing the exam and increases the scope of scoring to a great extent.

2) Reading from several books is not recommended for JEE Main Chemistry. All students should stick to some good books and use them for their preparation. Referring to multiple books results in wastage of time and creates confusion.

3) Being regular with the preparation is a very important aspect of studying Chemistry for JEE Main as the subject is quite vast and highly theoretical, students should study for it regularly so as to keep the flow.

4) Candidates should be well versed with the concepts given in NCERT textbook. Many questions appearing in the JEE Main question paper are straightforward and based only on facts elucidated in the NCERT textbooks.

So why wait? Start practising chemistry JEE Main question papers today and take your JEE preparation to the next level with Extramarks.