JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – B

JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – B

Solving JEE Main question papers is an important part of exam preparation that candidates should not skip. After all, regularly solving past years question papers and mock tests can help in building confidence for the actual exam. 

You will understand the exam pattern in detail, become familiar with the number and types of questions asked, and determine the difficulty level of the exam. Solving past JEE Main papers also improves your time management skills and helps you in preparing a suitable attempt strategy for the actual exam. 

JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – B –  Free PDF

Once you have a few months left before the actual exam, start blocking time in your study schedule to solve JEE Main mock tests and previous years question papers. This will help you check your understanding of the JEE Main syllabus as well as your level of preparation for the exam.

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JEE Main Question Paper 2018 (Set-B) with Solutions

After solving the JEE Main question paper 2018 Set-B, make sure to compare your answers with the solutions provided. This will help you evaluate your current level of preparation and areas for improvement. 

Moreover, since these question papers have detailed solutions, candidates can understand the ideal method of solving a particular question. This is useful for understanding the approach you should use while attempting complex analytical and numerical-type questions.

JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – B Exam Pattern 


Class 11

Class 12


No of Questions Total Marks No of Questions Total Marks No of Questions Total Marks


40 20 80 30




52 17 68 30




64 14 56 30


Grand Total


156 51 204 90


JEE Main Preparation Tips

  • Study the JEE Main syllabus thoroughly before beginning preparation
  • Become familiar with the question paper pattern
  • Create a study plan for each subject
  • Solve previous years question papers and JEE Main mock tests regularly
  • Eliminate exam stress by exercising regularly
  • Leave sufficient time for revision and independent study
  • Only refer to a limited number of resources

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