JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – D

JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – D

Cracking the JEE Main exam requires planning and determination. While lakhs of candidates appear in the exam every year, only few clear the cut-off and get admission into the top engineering and architecture institutes of the country.

To score well, candidates must make time to study the JEE Main syllabus and solve past years JEE Main question papers. Knowing the syllabus thoroughly helps you attempt more questions with confidence and solving past  years’ question papers helps you develop problem-solving abilities and time management skills. So, candidates must incorporate both of these tactics into their study schedules to score well on the entrance exam.

JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – D – Free PDF

Click here to download the JEE Main question paper from 2018 (Set D) to practise your exam-taking skills.

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How to Solve JEE Main Question Paper 2018 (Set-D)?

  • Start with easier questions and move progressively to harder questions progressively.
  • Solve the questions in cycles. If solving a question is taking a long time, move to the next question. You can always come back to the question if you have the time
  • For multiple choice questions,eiminate MCQ answer options by checking units of measurement or substituting values till the right answer remains

Paper Pattern of the JEE Main Question Paper 2018 Set – D

Here’s the distribution of questions as given in the 2018 JEE Main question paper.

Subject Class 11 Class 12 Total
No of Questions Total Marks No of Questions Total Marks No of Questions Total Marks
Mathematics 10 40 20 80 30 120
Physics 13 52 17 68 30 120
Chemistry 16 64 14 56 30 120
Grand Total 39 156 51 204 90 360

Preparation Tips for JEE Main

  • Before starting preparation, go through the exam pattern in detail
  • Analyse and solve past year question papers and JEE Main mock tests
  • When solving a question paper, keep track of mistakes and revise at regular intervals
  • Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Allocate sufficient time for self study
  • Develop a study plan and allocate sufficient time for each subject
  • Stick to limited, but trusted resources for reference

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