JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2015 10th April

JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2015 (10th April)

Every year, lakhs of candidates appear in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) with a dream of getting into top technical institutes. JEE is one of the toughest exams that requires a lot of practice and determination. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the main subjects included in the examination.

Students should prepare these subjects properly if they want to score well. The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is held in two phases in the country-JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Main Mathematics 2015 Syllabus

  • 3-Dimensional Geometry
  • Vectors
  • Determinant & Matrices
  • Sequence & Series
  • Straight Line
  • Circle
  • Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean & Variance)
  • Definite Integral & Area Under the Curve
  • Limits, Continuity & Differentiability
  • Functions
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Conic Sections
  • Complex Number
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Binomial Theorem & M. I.

JEE Main Mathematics Exam Pattern

Subject Class 11 Class 12 Total
Physics No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks
16 64 14 56 30 120

JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2015 10th April) – Free PDF

Joint Entrance Examination question papers can help the candidates to understand the exam pattern, syllabus and time management process. Extramarks is providing the JEE Main Mathematics Question paper of 2015 [10th April] to the candidates so that they can create an effective strategy for examination.  Candidates can prepare for the examination by downloading the JEE Main question papers from the Extramarks website. Additionally, all the required materials such as JEE Main mock tests, study materials and JEE Main syllabus are also provided by Extramarks. 

Applicants can download the JEE Main Mathematics Question Paper Online 2015 (10th April) free pdf by clicking the link below. 

How to solve the JEE Main 2015 Question Paper?

Candidates can solve the JEE main question paper by studying the concepts given in the NCERT books. Additionally, the students should note that the previous year question paper is significant in preparing for the examination. Candidates can compare their answers with the answer keys given and check their level of preparation.

The mock question papers will help the candidates to create a strategy for proper time management and studying important topics for the exam. Additionally, the Joint Entrance Examination involves the negative marking scheme so candidates will get experience on how one can solve questions without getting any negative marks. 

You can solve the JEE Mathematics question papers by making a study plan and studying every concept thoroughly to pass with flying colours. 

JEE Main Mathematics Preparation Tips

1) Concentrate on such topics which assure you of good marks in a short time frame. It is important to keep in mind that some chapters would not take much time in the preparation, and these should not be ignored in your preparation schedules. Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Probability, Hyperbola, Parabola, Ellipse, three-dimensional Geometry are the chapters which take less time but at the same time preparation of these chapters will boost your scoring and rank finally. 

2) Past years’ JEE Main paper analysis shows that more attention should be given to Vectors and 3-D geometry in comparison to probability or indefinite integration as vectors and 3-D geometry offer very less scope to the examiner as far as variety in the type of questions is concerned.