CFT Full Form

CFT Full Form

CFT stands for Complement Fixation Test. This is one of the most classic and one of the most traditional tests which helps identify any antibody in the blood serum samples of a patient. The process depends on the situation and whether the fixation exists or not. It is a complement-based analysis based on a biological serum which leads to immune cytolysis. 

The idea of the test was first coming up by Jules Bordet in an attempt to treat syphilis, which is extremely lethal. A full understanding and interpretation of CFT have been developed and refined by August Paul von Wassermann who was a German bacteriologist, Albert Neisser who was a German dermatologist and venereologist and Carl Buck. The reaction that was found by Wassermann is also called today the Bordet-Wassermann reaction. This particular test is used for treating liver disease and different kinds of other illnesses. This article specifically deals with the CFT Full Form and students can look for assistance here.

What is the full form of CFT?

The CFT Full Form is a particular kind of test which is used to detect antibodies, and it is one of the most important testing procedures. The Full Form Of CFT is the Complement Fixation Test. All the details of the CFT Full Form can be found on the Extramarks website. Extramarks has recently released a mobile application. All the details have been compiled by experts who have had years of relevant experience, and therefore students can use the article for a brief revision as well.

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Principles and Process of CFT

Understanding the principles of the test is very important for students because this is how students can get better at the test and then analyse the reports. Certain antibodies in the serum do not form any precipitation that can be visually analysed when it is made to react with the antigen and in the test, it is this particular antibody that is quantified. This is the primary reason why it is very important to utilise complements to have fruitful serum testing. Complements abound in serums that are general and normal, and they are composed of 9 essential protein elements. 

The CFT can help find any Ag-Ab complexes. Although these complements cannot under any condition bind free all the antibodies. Since the system that has been designed does not give any way of visually determining the results, therefore an indicator-based testing system has been introduced in it. 

The indicator system has been coated with RBC sheep and then some are covered with anti-sheep ones. The entire system is deactivated by heating the system to 56 degrees Celsius and that has to be done for 30 minutes. 

This test is primarily used to determine if the complex has any antibodies. CFT Full Form is a type of blood test in which a particular serum is used to identify a particular kind of antigen. The CFT Full Form has forever changed the world, with its divine repercussions.

Advantages of CFT

The CFT Full Form altered the course of the world greatly. One of the biggest pros of the CFT Full Form is how it can aid in the simultaneous detection of a huge proportion of viral or bacterial infections. The other pro of the CFT Full Form is that it helps reduce the cost of testing for both the patient as well as the practitioners.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Is The Full Form Of CFT?

The CFT Full Form is the Complement Fixation Test.

2. Is the CFT Full Form important?

Yes, the CFT Full Form is very important. It stands for the Complement Fixation Test.