ITP Full Form

ITP Full Form

The ITP Full Form is  Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. It can also be referred to as “Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura.” This is a very serious condition in which the person’s blood causes a fatal decrease in the number of platelets in the patient’s bloodstream. This happens often when the patient’s immune system gets confused or is being confused and it attacks the platelets of the body it itself is a part of. Therefore a person who has the condition of the ITP Full Form is very vulnerable to getting bruised easily and bleeding easily. This article successfully explains What Is The Full Form Of ITP.

What is the full form of ITP?

The ITP Full Form is Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. It can also be referred to as “immune thrombocytopenic purpura.” Students can find all the information regarding the ITP Full Form on the Extramarks website. All the information that students can access on the Extramarks website is provided by top educators who have been a part of Extramarks for a very long time. These teachers are highly qualified, and they have been teaching students for a long time. These teachers have paid attention to all the different kinds of struggles that students face, so they have put all the information about the Bmd Full Form here.

This information can be accessed by anyone through the Extramarks website. Recently, Extramarks has released their mobile application, and students can access all the information about the ITP Full Form there as well. Before all the information is made public, it is extensively checked to remove any errors. Therefore, the information on the website is accurate.

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Types of ITP

There are two different access to ITP Full Form, chronic ITP and Acute ITP.

Chronic ITP

This condition is a long-lasting condition. This situation can persist for six months or more. This is an occurrence that can be seen most often in adults, especially women. 

Acute ITP

This is a short-term ITP Full Form. This condition remains and affects the patient for less than 6 months. This primarily attacks children who are young and whose bones are growing.

Symptoms of ITP

There are discernible symptoms of the ITP Full Form.

1. Severe bleeding than normal can be observed in patients

2. Bruises on the skin due to under-skin bleeding

3.  Blood in the feces or urine

4. When the Gums of the patient start bleeding

5. Excessive menstrual bleeding in the case of menstruators. 

Diagnosis and treatment for ITP

There are various different kinds of situations that are health-related and can cause a decline in the number of platelets. The ITP Full Form, therefore, has to be checked all the time. The examiner can check for physical symptoms and allow the patient to go through the test.

CBC (Complete blood count)

This is a type of blood test that is used to calculate the number of platelets and blood cells. The right count of RBC and WBC is a very common occurrence for a person whose blood sample is taken, the patient who went through the Full Form Of ITP.

Bone marrow examination

This test is carried out to check whether the marrow of the bone has enough platelets for its function or not. This test is specifically done when the patient has low platelets. 

Treatment for the ITP

It depends on how often a person bleeds and the number of platelets, and based on that, the treatments are provided.

The drug given to the patient focuses on increasing the total number of platelets.

Acute ITP often gets cured within a few weeks or even months.

Drugs are sometimes used as the first thing done and administered in treatment.

Besides regularly monitoring the platelet levels with medication, no further treatment is required for mild symptoms of ITP.

The total number of medicines can be decreased as the platelet count increases.

In bad and severe cases of ITP, the spleen may be extracted.