NCERT Books Class 11 History

NCERT Book Class 11 History 

The Class 11 History covers all of the problems from the NCERT Class 11 books as well as a wide range of concepts and an introduction to the subject.

In order to prepare for the Class 9 through 12 exams, NCERT Books are essential. It is crucial for students to use NCERT books in accordance with the CBSE recommended syllabus and paper format whether they are taking ordinary unit tests or final board exams.

The Introduction to Psychology NCERT Book is available for direct download below in both, combined (complete book) and standalone chapter-by-chapter PDF formats. These files are completely free to download without the need for a login.

CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for History Free Download from Extramarks 

There is nothing to worry about if you are a Class 11 student and do not have the hard copy of your History textbook with you. On the Extramarks website and mobile application, you may get the NCERT History Book for Class 11 in a PDF format. The soft copy of the NCERT textbook for History Class 11 is available for use to anyone who needs it, including teachers, parents and students. These NCERT books were created in accordance with CBSE curriculum standards. The writing in these books is very clear and simple, making it simple for students to read and comprehend. The inclusion of pictures and diagrams in the books makes them more engaging for the students.

NCERT Book for Class 11 History

History textbooks for Class 11 are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The NCERT Class 11th History textbooks are renowned for their extensively reviewed and updated curriculum. The CBSE curriculum and current exam patterns constitute the foundation of the NCERT History Books. When it comes to publishing study materials for students, NCERT has a solid reputation. NCERT continuously updates its history textbooks with the aid of the most recent year’s exam questions. NCERT history textbooks for Class 11 are renowned for their presentation. These books can be used to study for many boards’ normal curricula as well as for candidates taking a variety of competitive exams, including the UPSC, Staff Selection Commission, PSU’s, Railways and PSC Exams.

NCERT Books for Class 11

NCERT Solutions for Class 11

Importance of the NCERT Books

For CBSE board students, NCERT texts are seen as their main sources of support. According to the curriculum, these books are now regarded as a requirement for many students in state boards besides CBSE. The National Council of Educational Research and Training, or NCERT is an independent body that seeks to offer the best education possible to all children in India.

For all students in Class 11, NCERT textbooks are regarded as the greatest study tools. These are chosen by highly competent subject matter experts after thorough investigation and analysis.

The students begin their final History examination preparation and attempt to get in the zone, but it is a difficult assignment because they struggle so much with taking the first step. Most students were in a bind because they didn’t know how to study or, more frequently, which book to use to get the best grades. One of the most trusted sources is, of course, the NCERT books. These are the books that CBSE strongly recommends because they provide in-depth concepts and knowledge that completely cover the syllabus. If you want to get good marks in your final exams, you should check the NCERT accountancy book for Class 11.

From elementary to senior secondary level students, NCERT texts are regarded as the foundation of every CBSE student. These books were created by teachers and subject matter specialists with extensive knowledge and dedication in the relevant fields.

NCERT History Material on Extramarks

Since students are expected to memorise all the significant events as well as the dates on which they occurred, history as a subject requires a lot of retention capacity. This is made simpler with the aid of NCERT because all the significant dates and the order in which events occur are given in one place for students to learn and retain till the end of the exam. Additionally, it offers them crucial long and short questions and answers for their records. By paying attention to the solutions offered by the questions themselves, these can be prepared quickly.

For the purpose of simplifying the learning process for students, CBSE has recommended the NCERT book. Students learn a variety of facts through its clear writing and extremely detailed contents that, if organised strategically, can result in a greater understanding of the subject. By using this book as a guide, students can access several solution papers created by subject-matter experts, enabling them to answer the problems with ease.

It is crucial that all students have access to the book. If someone can’t afford to buy a hard copy, they can simply access it whenever they need it by downloading a soft copy from their official website. Students can get the materials for free and don’t have to pay anything at all to do so. This makes NCERT textbooks more approachable for students, and doing so is quite beneficial for them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is History a scoring subject?

If you thoroughly analyse and understand the subject’s contents before appearing for the exam, history is a subject that will earn you great marks. All you need to have is interest and a little bit of curiosity. You can learn a lot about the history of India and the world by exhibiting interest in this subject.

2. Is History an optional subject in CBSE Class 11?

When deciding which subjects to take in Class 11, students have many alternatives. Many schools offer History as an optional subject. In order to maximise their long-term benefits, students are recommended to make a firm decision about which subject to pursue. Given its central role in the Humanities Stream, History has a larger range of applications and preferences. In the long run, students will gain from engaging in this. It’s a big effort to choose the right subjects for Class 11. So it’s strongly advised to consult several elders before making a decision.

3. Are NCERT solutions helpful for students?

Subject specialists have assembled the contents of the NCERT Solutions for all of the disciplines recommended by the CBSE after conducting in-depth study on the subject. This gives students a general understanding of how to structure their responses and the crucial terms that should be used. Additionally, it gives readers a comprehensive understanding of the chapters’ contents and gets them ready for a later stage performance. The fact that these answers are real and accurate will enable students to pass the test with ease.

4. How can one score well in Class 12 examination?

Students are recommended to begin their preparation as soon as possible in order to ace the board exam. They will be able to quickly finish the complete syllabus and have plenty of time for review as a result. Establishing a good routine will also enable students to complete their coursework without difficulty and on time. Each specific subject should receive an hour of attention. Students that use this tactical strategy will be able to ace the test and get the outcomes they want.

5. How useful are the sample papers?

The advantage of the sample papers is that they help students become accustomed to various critical issues and how to approach them. These papers are available to students at no cost and can be accessed whenever you like. Extramarks  (app) ensures that the questions are advantageous to students in every manner and encourages them to consider alternative solutions as they attempt to solve them. They have been authentically assembled by subject matter specialists. Students can heavily rely on them.

6. What are the advantages of the NCERT Class 11 History textbook for students?

Some of the advantages of NCERT Class 11 History textbook are as follows:

  • When preparing the final exam questions, giving homework or instructing in class, teachers consult the NCERT History textbooks.
  • Since the majority of the exam questions are based on the subjects covered in these books, they serve as guides for students.
  • NCERT books are regarded as the standard sources for final exam preparation because they include exercise questions for students to practise.
  • Students can improve their knowledge of the topics by using NCERT books. NCERT books are the best for learning the fundamentals of history for various government exams because they are devoid of errors and offer thorough knowledge.