Zinc Bromide Formula

Zinc Bromide Formula

Zinc Bromide Formula is composed of the elements zinc and bromine. Zinc is a silver-gray, brittle metal in group 12 of the periodic table. First element of group 12. Its atomic number is 30 and is represented by the symbol Zn. Zinc is one of the widely used metals. Bromine is a volatile reddish-brown liquid at room temperature that readily evaporates to form a similarly coloured vapour. It is in group 17 of the periodic table. Bromine has an atomic number of 35 and is represented by the symbol Br.

Zinc Bromide Formula is an inorganic, non-flammable compound used as a Lewis acid in organic chemistry. Its chemical formula is ZnBr2. Zinc bromide is a hygroscopic compound, readily soluble in water and formed as ZnBr2 dihydrate. 2H2O. It is a colorless salt that dissolves in water to form an acidic solution. Zinc Bromide Formula is also soluble in organic solvents. The IUPAC name for ZnBr2 is zinc bromide. Other names for zinc bromide are zinc(II) bromide, zinc dibromide. Structure of Zinc Bromide

Preparation of Zinc Bromide

Zinc Bromide Formula is made by treating zinc oxide (or) zinc metal with hydrobromic acid.

 ZnO + 2HBr + H2O → ZnBr2 2H2O

Zn + 2HBr → ZnBr2 + H2

The reaction of zinc oxide with hydrobromic acid gives the dihydrate ZnBr2 2H2O. This compound can be dehydrated to anhydride with CO2 at elevated temperatures.

Structure of zinc bromide

The structure of Zinc Bromide Formula (ZnBr2) is similar to that of zinc iodide (ZnI2). Here Zn has a charge of +2 and each bromide ion has a charge of -1.

Properties of Zinc Bromide

  • Chemical formula- ZnBr2
  •  Looks- white crystalline powder
  •  molecular weight- 225.188 grams/mole
  •  melting point- 394 degrees
  • boiling point- 697 degrees
  •  Solubility- Soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, tetrahydrofuran
  •  Density- 4.20g/cc

Uses of Zinc Bromide

Zinc Bromide Formula is used as the electrolyte in zinc bromide batteries. In organic chemistry, zinc bromide is used as a Lewis acid. In oil and gas wells, solutions containing zinc bromide (ZnBr2) are used to replace drilling mud during the transition from drilling to completion. Used as transparent film protection against radiation. 

Sample Questions

Question 1: What happens when zinc bromide is dissolved in water?

 Answer: Zinc bromide is an acidic inorganic salt that is soluble in water. After dissolving in water, the solution contains moderate concentrations of hydrogen ions and has a pH of less than 7. This solution is used to neutralize the base.

Question 2: Is zinc bromide harmful to health?

Answer: Yes, zinc bromide is harmful to your health. Contact causes skin and eye irritation and burns, and inhalation irritates the nose and throat and causes coughing.

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